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  1. Nobody should try to justify a school shooting, but with some of the personalities in this community, if you leave it as an option someone will try to do it. I'm not trying to use it to stop the project from happening, I think it's a very interesting concept and I'm glad this problem has been tackled early so that server admins / IFM / LFM can help you guys with putting the necessary measures in place.
  2. I don't think making it a restricted crime zone with IC justification is appropriate. There should be a complete blanket ban on anyone attempting it, otherwise you'll try to have someone trying to justify a school shooting...no thank you.
  3. One thing I liked was the publishing of disciplinary history - although I can't for the life of me seem to be able to find them on the forums now. Do you guys have a specific part of the department that does them and is it done at the end of each month or is it just as and when a disciplinary is issued some list gets amended?
  4. Rest in peace man

  5. Reports over 250 words should automatically be closed with no action taken. I can't imagine admins want to pick up a 6500 word essay.
  6. With the current development effort being put into RageMP, which I'm assuming is just either none or negative at this point, the client for it probably isn't coming out. If RDW is to be a thing it's probably better on the RedM client, although it is in a very early stage of development with the majority of natives not having been decompiled.
  7. What defines one area of the map? The way this is written seems a little bit vague and open to rule 0 discrepancies, which will almost definitely result in people being punished for simply misunderstanding the rules and not being malicious.
  8. So it's not just me that thinks people that have been caught lying on a report and only get a warning / 30 minute admin jail is insane? Nice.
  9. Is it really AFKing or roleplaying on their own? Every time I've been shot on my chars it's actually been quite fun roleplaying the after effects. Surely there's stuff you can do?
  10. I think it's a fair point to raise that people's LEO experience is usually dictated by server events - your roleplay at these calls is generally started by other people doing something
  11. You can be as cautious as you want and still randomly get shot at within ten minutes of logging on, then be sidelined for the rest of the evening. If you're surviving your injuries and getting FD/PHMC RP, the situation is going to definitely be over by the time you're released anyway.
  12. Detailed Description Right now, tactical teams from PD/SD use snakecams as a method of gaining information prior to a breach. They're a little fibre optic camera that slips under a door frame and can be panned around. Right now, the way this works, is that a tactical team will designate someone to snakecam, who will then /pbreakin, enter the property after doorshouting (( snakecam don't shoot )) and hope the person inside reads the chat and doesn't just open fire. What I propose instead is a /snakecam script you can type at a property entrance, that would create a camera on the inside of the property (to get around GTA V rendering, TP the player just underneath the entrance and set them to be invisible. This camera can then be panned around with the arrow keys but not moved, effectively replicating what is seen. When a snakecam is active at the door, add a scene tag that's visible from say within, 5 metres ** small fibre optic camera visible under the door frame. ** or something similar. Relevant Commands/Items /snakecam - starts and stops the script. How will it benefit the server? No need for someone to enter the property and try to describe the property. More immersion for those involved and doesn't disrupt the flow of roleplay with someone shouting (( snakecam don't shoot )).
  13. I played MTG back in 2009? when it first released after Kevin's SAMP videos on NGG. Stopped playing after they moved to LV.
  14. Over the Christmas period there was an uptick in armed robberies where the person is kidnapped and taken out to the county. At one point I was responding to 1 or 2 a day for about a week, and then it's just gone quiet again.
  15. I don't know if I was just reading the rules wrong, but this makes sense to me tbh
  16. Pursuits are usually too dynamic and fast paced for an admin to respond during the course of the pursuit. Over the past two weeks, every report I've submitted during a pursuit has been handled after the pursuit was over.
  17. That's wild. Why would you risk a felony kidnapping charge over a robbery charge for a couple hundred bucks??
  18. Okay, is this a new meta? I've responded to two or three hostage situations over the Christmas period, and each time it was a robbery where they took their victim out into the county.
  19. These failed robbery videos are satisfying. Can we get a thread for them?
  20. Has anyone managed to get an S on Raid yet? Is it even possible?
  21. Shamelessly stolen from the RoN discord.
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