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    This sums it up pretty well. All advertisements from reputable sources that you see in real life, be it the television, newspaper or the radio, are held to a strict standard. Someone, for example, trying to sell/buy weapons - absolutely would not be able to make an advert about it. It's immersion breaking and it shouldn't fall on the server's law enforcement to deal with it. I'd argue that not allowing such ads promotes more roleplay than it does to allow them. For example, if you're looking for a job - as Paddy outlined - the odds are you probably don't have the money to splash out on an city-wide advertisement. There's more roleplay to be had by hitting the road and handing out resumes, inquiring about work in open businesses, stores, etc. Hell, there's even a social media website you could use - people use it all the time to express that they're looking for work. You just need to get creative about it.
  3. Anselmi

    Moved to player support; this is an issue on your end, not the server.
  4. This is all speculation. Once we launch and we get a feel for the traffic in and out of the prison, we can start to discuss how to make it a better experience for everybody involved. It's nothing to be getting all bent out of shape about before we've even launched and had the chance to experience it first hand - if it's a big problem like some people are making it out to be, then we can move forward with ideas to improve the situation.
  5. Anselmi

  6. Anselmi

    I was in the same boat back in May last year. I put off joining for the longest time because I came from LSRP, where there was a big stigma about the roleplay quality with regards to GTAW and GTA 5 in general. Lambchops and Rammstein convinced me to give it a go and I never looked back or regretted it. Initially, I was dreading having to grind some repetitive job to make a decent amount of cash just to get a basic car and a house, so you can imagine how overwhelmed with joy I was when I found out that you get $5,000 off the bat for the first 40 hours. That aside, I was impressed by the content on the server and the amount of updates that were being churned out - albeit the server crashes got a bit annoying. They aren't as bad as they used to be anymore. As for what can be improved, I'm struggling to come up with anything that hasn't already been covered in the suggestions area - there's a lot of great ideas in there that I'd like to see in the future.
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    @Mecovy still having issues?
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    Appears to have been solved - locked and archived.
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    Moved to the correct area. Have you done /setmainphone? Which phone did you buy? Contract or PAYG?