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  1. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware of how the US operates when it comes to health care - and I agree that there should be medical fees for treatment in game. However, it isn't up to the player to make up a list of fees plucked from a few quick searches to /charity and try sue back from the other person - that is, by definition, powergaming. If you want to discuss the implementation of medical fees and how it should work, feel free to make a suggestion for it.
  2. That is powergaming. You can't NPC surgery and make up a bunch of fees to /charity, only to sue the other person for it. If this were allowed, the only thing it would inspire is for more lawyers to start concocting ridiculous lists of medical bills drawn from the internet just to bankrupt another player in petty lawsuits. For arguments sake, considering it isn't mentioned or covered anywhere by the continuity team, medical care is free IC until the server management team decides otherwise.
  3. It just feels like the lazy option, especially when you've got so many great features in place that allow you to create a unique character - that's my two cents on it. Not to say that I judge people for using a ped skin, unless it's an obviously trolly skin. I can't say I've ever seen people treated different for using ped skins either.
  4. There's also more to criminal roleplay than jumping in a car with the squad and heading out to hit licks day in day out. If your character has been to jail multiple times and is nearing the point where they're looking at life in prison, that's an IC problem with an IC solution; get somebody else to do what you need them to do or be smart about it and not get caught.
  5. At the end of the day, it is a game - but it also isn't a cops and robbers server. Poorly portrayed characters that exist to steal and kill will ultimately be the biggest victims of this system, as well as those who go to jail on a daily basis. The proposed system introduces a far more detrimental consequence to those who needlessly escalate crimes (e.g. petty thieves suddenly becoming murderers over a small amount of money, or guns being pulled in brawls, murder over verbal altercations, etc etc). People become way too attached to their characters. You definitely shouldn't see it as "50 hours" down the drain, because ultimately your roleplay has led to those sanctions being imposed on your character. The only draw backs I can see, as some people have covered already, are the additional strain on PD/SD with paperwork, which is already pretty cumbersome, and the fact people are more likely to shoot their way out of jail sentences - which again adds more strain to PD/SD who wish to pursue a CK and the admin team that deals with it thereafter. On the other hand, I do fear that it puts an awful lot more power in the hands of law enforcement.
  6. This won't be happening. Players who are admin-jailed are intentionally segregated from the rest of the server so that they can take the time away from the game to read up on the rules that they breached. Slapping them in a cell with other people and letting them roleplay something that is inherently OOC won't be something that we'll ever be interested in doing as it would be counterintuitive to the purpose of an admin-jail sanction.
  7. Completely down to how you portray your character and their circumstances. LS is basically the equivalent of LA and that's how I base my character's income as opposed to the actual script payments they receive when I portray my characters; Police jobs in that region are some of the highest paid in law enforcement in the country, but I imagine the cost of living there is ultimately higher as well. A single man living on his own in a flat with no obligations would be able to live comfortably on a salary like the above without having to worry about taking up a second job. Where as John Doe with his house, a wife and 3 kids to feed may struggle depending on his circumstances. It's generally frowned upon to have multiple jobs that your character bounces between with no logical explanation, so it's entirely down to how you portray it and how well you do it. EDIT: just to add to this, something I'd consider illogical and poor portrayal would be if Joe Bloggs was a police officer and working at a garage simultaneously, yet he owns three sports cars and a big house in Mirror Park. It doesn't make sense. If you're going to roleplay taking up a second job because your character is struggling financially, you'd need to convey that. It would be different if Joe Bloggs was working a part time job like security at a club during the evenings because he needs the money, he drives a beater and lives in a cheap apartment - I don't think anyone would argue with you there.
  8. The rules are pretty clear. You aren't protected when it comes to drugs/weapon deals.
  9. You'll be fine, assuming you don't modify the game at all. You get a warning when you try connect to say that it has detected modified files - which I've had before by launching with OpenIV mods enabled. I can connect fine to GTA Online without it enabled and I haven't been banned.
  10. I'm seeing misinformation and baseless accusations being tossed around, so I'm going to be stepping in and locking this thread for the time being. Character portrayal will always be emphasized and there are steps in place that a player may pursue if they find someone isn't adequately portraying their character to the point that it's detrimental to those around them. Somebody already linked it, but I'll link it again: The server will never be 1:1 with real life because it's simply not feasible. The economy is a great example of that - it will never be possible to replicate a real economy, with the expenditures that come with it, and thus we need to work with what we have. Players are given a lot of freedom on the basis that they will be responsible. It's very true that I could make a character and roleplay as, for example, an apprentice mechanic - and then make a fortune in just a week - to the point that I could, through the script, purchase a high-end sports car. But do I take the number in the top right of my screen as an accurate representation of my character's wealth? Absolutely not, because I appreciate that in a real life setting - there's no possible way that my character, an apprentice no less, would be able to accrue enough wealth in just a week of legitimate grafting to purchase a high-end sports car. I could buy it, but I choose not to in favour of adequately portraying my character. You are welcome to roleplay whatever you like, but what you choose to do must make sense and have some explanation behind it. You're supposed to be portraying a character, which requires some thought. KV has answered virtually all of the concerns listed in the original post very well;
  11. Enough with the bickering / back and forths. Cleaning up the thread.
  12. Yeah, that's not going to happen. At the end of the day, this is a game that caters to the needs of everybody who's roleplaying on the server - not just yours. You can't honestly expect the people that are roleplaying as criminals to spend ridiculous amount of time behind bars. Same goes for people who are critically injured - you can't expect them to spend what could potentially be months of rehabilitation sitting around in the hospital. Yes, we're trying to be as realistic as possible - but we can't be exactly 1:1 with real life. It simply isn't possible. We aren't going to be putting arbitrary restrictions on people that prevent them from aging their characters up within reason. For example, if someone goes to jail for a felony that would realistically be a multiple year sentence, then they're welcome to age their character up as necessary; that would be the sensible thing to do. The other examples you gave, I can't see how they're detrimental to your roleplay. If someone has abruptly aged their character up for no logical reason, then you're welcome to submit a report to Player Management - who will look into it and take necessary action.
  13. And what exactly is the alternative? Do you expect your friend who goes to prison for "10 years" to actually be there for 10 years?
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