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  1. Anselmi

    Yeah, that's not going to happen. At the end of the day, this is a game that caters to the needs of everybody who's roleplaying on the server - not just yours. You can't honestly expect the people that are roleplaying as criminals to spend ridiculous amount of time behind bars. Same goes for people who are critically injured - you can't expect them to spend what could potentially be months of rehabilitation sitting around in the hospital. Yes, we're trying to be as realistic as possible - but we can't be exactly 1:1 with real life. It simply isn't possible. We aren't going to be putting arbitrary restrictions on people that prevent them from aging their characters up within reason. For example, if someone goes to jail for a felony that would realistically be a multiple year sentence, then they're welcome to age their character up as necessary; that would be the sensible thing to do. The other examples you gave, I can't see how they're detrimental to your roleplay. If someone has abruptly aged their character up for no logical reason, then you're welcome to submit a report to Player Management - who will look into it and take necessary action.
  2. Anselmi

    And what exactly is the alternative? Do you expect your friend who goes to prison for "10 years" to actually be there for 10 years?
  3. Anselmi

    How is someone saying they've been studying for the past few years while on an OOC absence from the server detrimental to your roleplay exactly?
  4. Anselmi

    Ultimately, people should be picking a job that's relevant to their character. If the only intention is to grind it out for the cash, buy everything you want and then bail - then you're not roleplaying. Plain and simple. So yes, grinding out fishing, trucking, garbage collecting or whatever low-tier script job is available and then knocking around in a Cheetah "because I have made the cash for it" when it doesn't make any sense for your character to do so is inherently not endorsed. If you want to roleplay being wealthy you should at least concoct a story that makes sense, not just "I fished for 200 hours, my character can afford this fancy car now" - when realistically they wouldn't be able to.
  5. Anselmi

  6. Anselmi

    If you stopped shoehorning the fact that you're banned into every thread that you make then it likely wouldn't be an issue and you wouldn't receive backlash over it. Stop making new threads about it and wait for a response on your ban appeal. If you want to make suggestions to improve the server, go ahead and post them in the relevant area - ensure that you actually think out what you're suggesting and propose ways it can be implemented and work functionally on the server. It might be better if you wait to be unbanned before you start making suggestions, though. Locked.
  7. Anselmi

  8. Anselmi

    On that note, locked.
  9. Anselmi


    Unlocked. 👀
  10. Anselmi

    Are you logging in with the same username and password as your UCP account? EDIT: you can't get in game because you haven't been accepted yet. Go submit an application on the UCP: ucp.gta.world.
  11. Anselmi

    If only the rules were that black and white. More often than not, the question of whether or not a rule has been broken is ambiguous. The player allegedly breaking the rule may not even realise that they've done it until they're questioned about it and it's explained in detail to them where they went wrong. To tar these people under the same brush as someone who is out there blatantly breaking the rules wouldn't be fair. It's for that reason that there's a system of escalation in place, whereby if you break a rule - you receive a sanction that's suitable to what you did and the severity. If you break that rule again, you get a heftier sanction. It gets to the point where if the player clearly isn't receptive to feedback, and they break the same rules again and again, that they are deemed unfit and the last option is to ban them from the server. There doesn't need to be a rehabilitation program. If you can't play by the rules, then you simply can't play the game - that's all there is to it. Forcing people to fill out a survey does nothing. I've seen people who are great roleplayers - they just have a tough time following the rules; a questionnaire about roleplay would do nothing for them.
  12. Anselmi

  13. Anselmi

    This sums it up pretty well. All advertisements from reputable sources that you see in real life, be it the television, newspaper or the radio, are held to a strict standard. Someone, for example, trying to sell/buy weapons - absolutely would not be able to make an advert about it. It's immersion breaking and it shouldn't fall on the server's law enforcement to deal with it. I'd argue that not allowing such ads promotes more roleplay than it does to allow them. For example, if you're looking for a job - as Paddy outlined - the odds are you probably don't have the money to splash out on an city-wide advertisement. There's more roleplay to be had by hitting the road and handing out resumes, inquiring about work in open businesses, stores, etc. Hell, there's even a social media website you could use - people use it all the time to express that they're looking for work. You just need to get creative about it.
  14. Anselmi

    Moved to player support; this is an issue on your end, not the server.