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  1. FullyCanadian

    Congrats guys and welcome to the new Support members!
  2. FullyCanadian

    This isn't real life. You don't see someone reaching. You can't see any of their behaviour. If they want you dead they have a gun in their hand and are already shooting within a second. And in case you didn't understand. This isn't real life. People come here to have fun and develop a character. Not lose all of that over a small situation. If they're reckless sure but you seemed to have missed my entire point. If police can be put into a situation where they are talking to someone and are shot within a matter of seconds because you can hit tab and a weapon appears in your hand then do you really think that they'll want to spend time developing a character?
  3. FullyCanadian

    No. I think that CKs should be more common than they are right now with reckless behaviour or intentionally getting yourself killed to avoid consequences. I agree with a CK in those circumstances but then it comes down to discussing what actually constitutes reckless behaviour? The reason I don't want to remove PKs is because of the long term effects. As an LEO RPer, I've been shot a number of times in situations I literally couldn't avoid. For example before I got staff, one time I was driving along Mirror Park Boulevard and I hear a bunch of shots go off and I see a drive-by. Before I can even react I was being shot at by people riding 4 deep in an SUV and then they chased me down in my last minute attempt to get away from the shooting and call it out. Could you argue this is DM? Sure. They never got punished though so I would've lost my character if PKs didn't exist. Let's take a look at another example. If I pull someone over, they give themselves a reason to shoot a cop or maybe they think they're being pulled over because of something they did. One time I was playing an illegal character and I had recently gotten into a fight over selling drugs, cops pulled me over and my character with all of the adrenaline going might've been all hyped up over that. I found out it was over a small traffic violation but my character wouldn't know that in the moment so it could be justified to shoot at the cops in that moment if it came down to it. Now an LEO who has pulled someone over for a traffic violation has lost over a year of development because the suspect thought they were in trouble for something much more serious. @Haitian pretty much hit the nail on the head on my thoughts on consequences. Almost anything will result in death. Way too common for any form of conflict to result in death. These are just some examples I can think of involving LEOs. There's a lot of situations for criminals / civilians where they can lose so much time put into development over petty stuff. The long term effects we're going to see over everyone being CKed is as follows: More admin reliance if you believe a death is unfair. Poor character development. Lack of motivation from players. I have personally witnessed countless situations where people have CKed their character when they weren't ready to and they ended up just losing all motivation on the server. Given, it was up to them but they jumped the gun a bit with a CK. Imagine if every death was a CK. People are just going to stop caring about developing characters and actually roleplaying in this real world because at any moment they can just lose it over something so silly. At the end of the day this is a game and we're here to create a story. All stories have to come to an end character wise but if we're forcing people to end their story short then they're not going to be satisfied with the ending. If this game was a 100% replica of real world we'd see much more law abiding citizens who are living average jobs and just living their lives. It's way too common on GTA:W for someone to turn to a life of crime or whatever the case might be because we come here to create interesting stories, not create a life that we could live in real life. I'll pretty much leave it at that. Tl;dr: This is going to kill motivation for people who lose everything that they've worked for character development wise and I can completely understand if PKs are removed why someone might not care about developing a character properly.
  4. FullyCanadian

    Congrats everyone.
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    @StoneFire Contact me privately with your details.
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    @StoneFire Willing to go for 80k?
  13. Looking to purchase a residential property out in the county, preferably Sandy Shores but any place will do. Please send pictures and the asking price. If desired you may send me a private EMAIL.
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    Very nice 👍