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  1. FullyCanadian

    Hey! Send me an email regarding what you're looking for and I may be able to assist you. [email protected] (( Forum PM )) Regards, Liam Pelletier
  2. FullyCanadian

    Selling an Obey 8F Drafter. It is in good condition and has around 400 miles on it. It has received aftermarket performance modifications and a lowered suspension. Though, the garage was willing to lower it more so if you're into that it can go lower. I am the original owner and it has not gone through anyone else. Looking for offers.
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    Locked for the time being. Will be unlocked tomorrow.
  6. FullyCanadian

    (( L&A ))
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    (( The topic is locked as comments would not be enabled anywhere on the site. ))
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    Congrats everyone and welcome to the new Support!
  12. FullyCanadian

    Congrats!! Also welcome back to @Optimus Dime I suppose
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    Congrats guys and welcome to the new Support members!