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  1. FullyCanadian

    Thing about NPCs is that they ruin RP scenarios. Say you crash into one, in the context of the server you should RP that but then.. by yourself? They're just gonna drive off. They do make the world feel alive though so it's a tough issue.
  2. Honestly, it's been this way for as long as I can remember. The only viable solutions are speed cameras at major intersections or NPCs on the roads. Out of those two, speed cameras are probably the best option. NPCs have a lot of pros and cons and NPCs aren't great for roleplay. I.e. you smash into an npc and then it just drives off, should you sit there and rp it yourself? My personal opinion, as a member of PD, I' tired of our scenes being plowed through because of people driving 120 through the city. It's not an IC issue at that point, it's just unrealistic. As well in terms of vehicle pursuits, I don't find it super enjoyable to drive like it's an F1 Grand Prix. That's something that can only be fixed with NPCs though which aren't an amazing idea in my opinion.
  3. FullyCanadian

    As the officer who arrested you, just so you're aware. It's out of my hands what happens here. I explained the court system very clearly to you and you claimed to understand. I asked again, you confirmed that you wanted to plead not guilty. The District Attorney's office is who prosecutes offenders. I filed all your proper paperwork and did everything I'm supposed to. I wasn't even the officer with the probable cause for the arrest, I just processed you. You've already made a complaint on me on an OOC level within PD but if you feel that my RP was that awful, you're very much welcome to file a formal roleplay quality report with the server. In my personal opinion, it's a little bold to call my roleplay bad when I was very patient with you and helped you out with the roleplay since you were clearly new to the server (i.e. didn't know how to use /do), but it is what it is. I'm sorry that you feel that you had a bad experience with me, but I believe that I made the entire system very clear to you on how it works. I'll post the chatlogs for you so you can re-read them and re-familiarize yourself with our conversation:
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    Bid withdrawn.
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    Name: James Wilson Phone number: 4968270 Bid: $280,000