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  1. FullyCanadian

    Chickenrappa is unable to post his side of the report on this forum for some reason and has sent me his side to be posted on his behalf. Part 1: "I was there in Rancho looking for somebody, but I was wearing a new outfit, with no tattoos visible, wearing a balaclava and a motorcycle full size blacked out helmet. I was about to turn around and drive off when I noticed more people arrive but when I was typing my character got off the bike, and before I even could reply in /b saying it was a missclick, I got shot i tried to scroll my knife as a last ditch effort because it's a small weapon to try to defend myself, but got shot instead, so i wasn't armed, robbing them or doing anything to them, i wasn't identified as who i was So I'd like to know how I was identified when I had no tattoos visible, and was asked nothing. Does Jamestown shoot everyone who gets off a bike for no reason?" Part 2: "https://imgur.com/a/dnXbKLy basically, I was reinvolved into the situation by Wade Collins, who is a higher ranked member in the faction he told me that jamestown had shot at him so i was then at that point reinvolved and then the AB later on that night had called everyone to attack jamestown which then required my character to act, because I was reinvolved into the fight by Wade, and called upon by faction leadership" I will be posting my verdict within 24 hours. @OrosOros if you have anything to add to the report, now would be the time to do so.
  2. FullyCanadian

    I will be taking this report. @chickenrappa has 48 hours to reply and give his side.
  3. FullyCanadian

    Closing this report. This report will have to be handled in the form of a staff report to @Ethanol for the time being.
  4. FullyCanadian

    Congrats everybody!!
  5. FullyCanadian

    After reviewing the evidence in this report it's a valid reason to kill someone for rape as it's a severe event in someone's life and can have very negative affects on an individual's mental health therefore they weren't pushing it by PKing you. If you think that the roleplay was supbar and it didn't match the character then you're welcome to submit a Roleplay Quality Report. Concluded.
  6. FullyCanadian

    Moved to Ethanol's section. @Ethanol
  7. FullyCanadian

    Moved to the Testers section. @Franelli
  8. FullyCanadian

    Moved to the proper section. @Franelli
  9. FullyCanadian

    I'll be handling. If you two have anything to add to this report I'll give it 24 hours before I give my verdict.
  10. FullyCanadian

    Alright. After looking through what we've got there isn't a lot for me to go off of. Martin Murphy says he was paranoid, fair enough. His friend calls into the police that he's in danger after not receiving a response. Since there's essentially no evidence from either party I can't punish anyone off this report. There wasn't anything incriminating via the logs neither. The roleplay seems to be valid therefore nobody will be punished. Concluded.
  11. FullyCanadian

  12. FullyCanadian

  13. FullyCanadian

    I'll be handling this. @Edwards you have 48 hours to give your side. Please no arguing, keep it civil.
  14. FullyCanadian

    Alright. Triple-J, you understand that you should be roleplaying it so I hope that you'll remember to start roleplaying it for the future but if you just decided to change doors to break into then that's fine as long as it's roleplayed one way or another. All parties seem to be happy with the outcome of the roleplay so there's no reason to keep this report up any longer. Concluded.
  15. FullyCanadian

    I'll be handling this report. @Triple-J please respond to this report within 48 hours.