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  1. I'm not saying it's bad that M characters are using the bmx bike. I'm just pointing out the fact that the other 3 bikes in the bike store are almost never used. When was the last time you saw someone buying one of those mountain bikes and going for biking trips? Or buying the race bikes and going on long trips on the highway? It never happens. Everyone uses the BMX, It's the most popular bike on the server. The BMX bike is NOT underrated if it's the most used bike on the server. That's the complete opposite definition of underrated.
  2. Easily the most overused bike in the game tho Every single gangster and M character on the server uses it. I constantly see them randomly laying around. Nobody uses the other bikes in the game, ever.
  3. Genuinely can't tell if it's doing anything or not. I tried stress testing it earlier today in a very highly populated area (like large PD scene levels of highly populated) and it didn't really seem to do much. Still had textures disappearing. This could mean two things. Either the 'improvement' is placebo and it just looks like it's an improvement without actually being an improvement OR there's a limit as to how much this fixes texture loss until it can't fix it any more. And the limit seems to be, large PD scenes where there's over 30 vehicles in one spot. Sidenote: I am using other mods to improve textures and stuff, so maybe that's why it's not as effective for me. The good part is that this doesn't seem to have any negative effects on the game. No fps drops or anything like that. So even if this doesn't help, it's not going to affect your game in a bad way. Best to just install it just in case it actually is doing something but isn't obvious to tell.
  4. Going to have to try this out later. Since I'm too stubborn to lower my texture quality but also hate texture loss at the same time.
  5. Sure, but make the removal reason as vague as possible. Just like actual Facebook where it just tells you that your post doesn't follow community guidelines and doesn't give you an actual exact reasoning.
  6. This is why me personally, I describe the scent of the perfume, rather than just the perfume name. I don't expect everyone to know what a certain perfume brand is supposed to smell like. But I do expect the average person to know what roses or lavender smell like, for example. If the actual scent is described in a way that everyone can understand, that's okay in my opinion. I do agree it becomes a problem when people don't describe the actual scent and just list out the name of the perfume and expect people to know what it smells like from the name alone.
  7. You can always just RP storing your bike in the trunk of your car, drive up to Paleto, then /fixveh your bike to begin your biking trip. There's no need to ride your bike the entire way for miles just to get to the mountains xD
  8. This is kinda specific. But, a normal looking Yosemite Rancher. Every single person that owns a Yosemite Rancher either has it looking like a rusty shitbox truck or they modify it to look like some military extreme offroad type truck. Just look up "Yosemite Rancher" in the vehicle (or archive in advertisements) section of the forums and you'll see what I mean. Everyone either has it looking like an old rusty truck or they have it modified to the extreme, there is no in between-stock-looking Yosemite Rancher. Personally, I'm one of the few people with a regular, normal looking Rancher and I'm happy with it. Overall, I feel like people modify their cars too much. Maybe it's just me, but for me, A stock car looks a lot better than one that has seen 20 mechanic visits with a few dozen aftermarket parts added to it. More people should embrace stock cars. When you buy a new car, stop bringing it to the mechanic instantly and getting all your modifications on it.
  9. Oh so you have to log out to see them. It's not that big of a deal honestly. It's not like the ads are interfering with your ability to use the forums or FB. Just ignore them. And do keep in mind that with the recent Panda Points system, Nervous might need some extra side money to make up for the less people buying world points. So I wouldn't necessarily call it greed.
  10. Vehicles have no rules against what they can be sold for. So yup, you can sell it for whatever price you want. The only thing to keep in mind is that... Not everyone will buy your vehicle at the price you want, obviously. If you ask for too much, there's a good chance no one will offer to buy your car, either that or they'll try to negotiate your price down.
  11. Forums and FB have ads now? I don't see any...
  12. Definitely one of the most interesting was about a year ago when my character's boyfriend angered a bunch of japanese gangsters in a spa and got us both killed for it. My first time getting PK'ed by another player, was very exciting xD
  13. That's kinda where you're wrong. The company I used to work for was basically bankrupt 24/7. Trucking companies aren't as rich as you think. Truckers make a lot, but the company itself doesn't get much unless you're as big as Bluewater or IMEX and even then, most of the money the company makes go right back into the company to pay for fuel, maintenance, and insurance. There's not a lot of actual profit. The average business on the server makes more money per opening from entrance money alone than an entire trucking company makes in a week. Our company had to raise our commission rate to at least 95% at one point to compete with the other large companies on the server, any lower and no one would join us because other companies paid more and they were more popular anyways. At 95% commission rate, we were getting about 3-5 dollars per crate delivered. We were spending more money on gas alone than what we were making back from the drivers doing deliveries. Combine that with insurance and maintenance, we just didn't had the money to afford to pay drivers bonuses. Normally, we were supposed to pay out bonuses to truckers every week for good performance but that rarely happened because we'd go bankrupt. It got to the point where the HRs had to start donating their own money into the company so we could get by. Wasn't very fun. If the company can't afford to pay drivers bonuses for passive RP, then there's no incentive to do it. Personally, I have no problem with passive RP, I do it all the time. But for most players, they consider it boring and won't do it without a reward. True, we are on an RP server and people should be roleplaying without expecting money. But this is what we get for having a working economy on an RP server.
  14. 1) - What sort of business do you find yourself wanting more of on GTA World? Personally, I just want more unique item shops. Like just, stores that sell items. Guitar stores, flower stores, bookstores, shoe stores, maybe even souvenir shops. Just overall, stores that sell specific type of items. I'm not sure the best way to explain it, but you get what I mean. I feel like too many businesses on the server fall into 3 types of businesses: Bars, Clubs, or Restaurant (basically anywhere that serves food items, I'm counting as a restaurant here). I feel like we have enough of these 3 types of businesses and I would like to see more regular stores that sell unique items.
  15. Selling a tiny one bedroom house in Paleto Bay for 4 million dollars is perfectly acceptable.
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