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  1. What if we gave out some of these rarer, 1:600 cars to IC dealerships, let them choose the price, and give a basic bottom line of 'Try to make sure you're selling it to someone who could realistically house and manage said vehicle'. It's a thing @ChromaticDeath did with one of his character's antique vehicles. Checking that there's proper storage space, that the person buying it isn't living in some 40k apartment, and that they have the capability to provide the vehicle with maintenance either themselves, or have the available wages to pay for it. It's less quality controlled, most certainly, but it's not like there'd be 20 of these. Giving 1-2 of these cars out to high-end dealerships can only end so poorly, and seems like a rather interesting opportunity, as long as it's more than walking inside and paying for the car.
  2. Where does the continuity team stand on the topic of Roe V. Wade? Where and in one side of the argument is women's choice, supported by the fact that many pregnancies are a result of non-consensual sex, it seems like a very bumpy road in a server where all mentions of rape are banned. It feels inevitable that there WILL be a response, and that the response will have to use these talking points, because it will, inevitably, probably be a part of any IC legislation. I feel that in light of banning mentions of the Ukrainian war, and this is not to say that the situation in Ukraine is less or more important, events of similar scale with similar effects on player's escapism and enjoyment should be considered. I don't know a whole lot of women who want to look at the news then get on GTA and have to deal with the same shit ingame as they do IRL, just as I don't know many Russo/Ukrainian americans who wish to hear of the war IC, in their escapism.
  3. Contact via email, [email protected] ((forum PM)) Accepting just about whatever you wanna sell yours for.
  4. Username: moscow Comment: Seperation of church and state until it comes to controlling others. Three steps backwards. A disgrace of a republican party, it's a shame I call some of them friends.
  5. Kari

    Never knew you, but still heard about how much people liked you. Rest well.

  6. 8. whole. points.
  7. new pfp is mid 

    1. joshua


      oh god wtf i didnt mean to actually change it i was just seeing how the cropping was im gonnag e tbanned

  8. I wanna go live in a random shack in a forest and cook coffee over a fire after consuming that morning's hunt; fuck yeah.
  9. Is there a chance of using Panda Points to reward players who invested time into voided situations? Say, cops who sat outside a house for a few hours or ppl involved in a drive-by that was ruled as DM but still had to roleplay those injuries? Might be a cool way to make ppl's time feel more important!
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