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  1. So you have discovered this topic…welcome Now, some of you are probably wondering what this suggestion is about. If the title in itself isn’t clear enough, let me explain. So, I’ve been seeing quite a lot of responses in reports and let me tell you; some of these defenses and excuses are one of the worst I’ve seen. So for a proper solution, I give this idea in to allow players a chance to have someone defend them if they give them the proper information to carry it through. Perhaps the accusing side can have their own lawyer, even. Payments can be done via Panda Points if you please. That is all I have to say. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’ll be listening.
  2. “Why’d he say fuck me for??”
  3. I love how whenever there’s discussions like these, there’s always people arguing with each other
  4. When tf did they add a swearing filter? 💀💀💀 +1’ing this
  5. Vehicle has been sold, this can be L/A
  6. I need this car gone by tomorrow since I'll be out of town myself after tomorrow (( Refunding my PC to find a better one ))
  7. For Sale Übermacht Vorstand Reliable Speedy Need this car gone, it's had visual modifications done to it as well as performance enhancements. Gallery Exterior Exterior Flawless engine that performs good as new Starting Bid: $120,000 Buyout: $160,000 (( OOC Info ))
  8. I am also looking for an Annis Mesa, whoever has any of the four cars, send your offer down below!
  9. As you can see, I am buying any of the three cars up on the title. Condition doesn't matter I have a budget of $70,000 Leave your offers down below
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