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  1. Not all servers run on the same framework and each servers Dev team codes differently. Install MSI Afterburner and limit the power to your GPU or a temp limit. No one knows what causes it but this is the way to get around the super high temps.
  2. Unless the entire cruise control system has been reworked since I last used it then this isnt possible, you ever seen a boat fly? Cause I have.
  3. Sounds cool in theory and accountability is always good, but at the same time this will also promote more friction between players as some people get extremely angry that the person they reported did not get punished in the manner they wanted and as such report the admin who dolled out the punishment. Of course I haven't been staff for a long time and can't speak for the current team, but there was a high amount of pettiness when I was an admin and I do believe that airing such things would only cause damage to both players and the staff as it creates an image that is presented to the community.
  4. That is usually the point of a ban, to force a dialogue between the admin and the player. In other cases it's simply the removal of a problematic person. In my personal experience warnings do very little to stop things. On the main point of the thread, no admin records should not be expunged after a certain point of time. If you had an offence a year ago and your behaviour changes drastically in that time it's not going to be used against you.
  5. I'd rather see those people just get ajailed or banned for mass DMing because a warning for that kind of offence is laughable.
  6. I'm no dev but from what I know of this they're just random instances created when the interiors are entered, the devs would then need to set it up to create another permanent instance for each and every camper, yacht or tug bought on the server which would create a whole lot more interiors. In short it requires a fair bit of work. But once again I am no dev.
  7. This was suggested a while back, pretty sure it's not possible as they're not counted as interiors like houses are. It's just a temporary interior.
  8. These boats cost roughly $900k upwards IRL, however the mod itself runs like absolute garbage as it's not made properly and just works like a reskin.
  9. Last time I experienced this, I ended up having to relaunch my client a handful of times. Problem turned out to be a connection issue down the line for me.
  10. Syrike

    Car Purgatory

    I fail to see why this should exist, asset transfers exist and all assets your character owns are IC. If you shouldn't ICly have them then you should have them you shouldn't be able to OOCly vault them like some kind of 4th dimensional commodity.
  11. Not unless there's a complete rework on the system. Gonna be a no from me because I don't want to see rubber banding bikes and flying motorcycles again. It wasn't lag then nor was it desync, it was purely how the script functions causing those issues.
  12. This is awfully off topic. @Bader.Is this still needed?
  13. You shouldn't experience many issues, You'll be able to participate in gunfights, car chases and everything legal as well without issue. The only issue that I can actually mention is the initial connection to the server which we have a thread about. All in all, no issues outside of connection issues sometimes.
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