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  1. There is already a bank account for business'. Just need to make sure you will be able to /banktransfer to the business bank account with the update.
  2. That mentioned anywhere? Cause if its already gonna happen that would be great. I talked to a few devs, but was unable to find anything out and they suggested I suggest it here.
  3. Short description: Allowing players to /banktransfer to a business bank account. Detailed description: Not really need a lot of details for this suggestion, but simply allow it for players to be able to /banktransfer to a business's bank account, just like in real life. Most people send money to business accounts, or write checks in the business's name. This will allow players to donate or pay to a business, without having to pay the player directly, who would then have to deposit it. Commands to add: /banktransfer (business name or abbreviation) Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? I believe it would help a lot of business's out by making it easier for people to pay their business's directly, while also keeping the transaction logged in their bank account logs from the business script. Additional information: I am making this suggestion based off of my experience as being the Union President for the LSPD. Members are expected to pay membership dues a month, and this suggestion would allow them to /banktransfer lsppl $$$, instead of paying a member of the union to deposit it themselves. When you have over 50 members, it makes it hard to keep track of. With this suggestion it would not only log in in the business bank logs, but make it easier overall for everyone who needs to pay or donate to a business.
  4. Username: MysteriousOne Comment: What is Gruppe six? ** Comment would be posted utilizing a VPN **
  5. Hey man, add me on discord. Ill give you a hand with starting out and walking you through everything. Reagan#6897.
  6. I totally support this. As someone who has roleplayed a ton with aviation in the past, this would be something I would get into. I know @Griz would prolly be interested in this as well. A good suggestion, +1.
  7. Reagan

    Fire Modes

    All for this. Would be a great addition to realism.
  8. Not saying it is? The boat can be unregistered if need be.
  9. The boat is worth $444,000 new. And the boat is practically brand new. Only seven miles on it. And its been kept clean, maintenance up to date, and in near perfect condition.
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