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  1. It's the new dealership, mechanics garage, mining get-rich-quick. Slightly more risk, granted, but ludicrous to the economy if left unchecked.
  2. You need to buy back the freemode male or freemode female skin. THAT is what has the clothes.
  3. I know this is a troll topic, but I actually want to ask. What does everyone consider to be a ricer? I feel like a lot of people associate this word incorrectly.
  4. Cayo Perico may finally be something that can force players to utilize boat and aviation companies. Import/Export of goods and vehicles from Cayo Perico to San Andreas. The island is not going to be so large that players will be spread thin. If we are so lucky that there is commercial and residential buildings, they will all likely be within close proximity, with only the farmlands, dockyard, airfield and villas being spread further apart which, again, doesn't really make a difference. The only issue I see is the matter of law enforcement and emergency rescue presence on the island. If the map provides us with everything we need, then everything else is fine. But it is the government department presence that concerns me. Could new departments be formed? Yes. Is it a bad idea? Probably. So if we use current departments, they will definitely be spread thin.
  5. Obviously if it turns out to be something completely different, it should be treated as something completely different. But there’s a high chance it is based off one of the Californian islands
  6. I don't think it's the people that erp that wanted the snow gone bro
  7. Tez and Yans credibility does not come from speculation. This, this is nothing more than speculation.
  8. Yan doesn't work for Rockstar. He's not a journalist. He's purely speculating.
  9. Great! So we're in agreement. have a nice day. Personally, I don't think Cayo Perico should be a tourist spot so any mention of that I kind of just blank. Should the island provide enough buildings for commercial and residential, it should just be another place people can live. can people go there for a vacation? Sure. But it should NOT be something thats, like, forced or encouraged.
  10. Well its been mentioned multiple times during both Cayo Perico threads. It's not a matter of me just disagreeing. It's a matter of how stupid that would be. The Hawaiian islands have a very different climate to the California area. Also, you know, Santa Catalina exists.
  11. It’s called Cayo Perico, and a little more than just a possibility.
  12. Why are you even considering the possibility that we role play Cayo Perico as Hawaii? we should role play Cayo Perico as..... Cayo Perico. Big difference between two parts of California and the distance from California to Hawaii bro.
  13. Ah yes Hawaii. Well known for its single island. Also known to be within shouting distance from the coast of California.
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