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  1. Reservations. They aren't food.
  2. the modder retextured it to be a non gold version of the regular double-action revolver. It isn't retextured to be any specific gun. Infact, the gun itself is based on the 1892, as this is the same double action that's in Red Dead Redemption 2, based in 1899. 18 years before 1917.
  3. the endurance pistol isn't a 1911, it's a browning hi power. the mod itself explains this in the description. the reason the heavy pistol isnt available to civilians is because its powerful. the reason the heavy pistol is powerful is because pd swat wants powerful toys so everyone else can suffer. solution, stop catering to one faction and put the gun into civilian circulation. i dont see any immediate faults with the ppk, but its not a lore gun so i dont like it. These revolvers have a stupidly large file size for a handgun. I know for a fact that a member of the mo
  4. That's not what was said. The map of Los Santos is the map of Los Santos. You can't add California or Los Angeles places to it.
  5. They asked for LS, not LA. If it's not in LS, it's not in LS.
  6. 1.1 didn't break anything. It just disabled it via encryption of the servers dlcpacks.
  7. Yes. That's not how the game works. The current 10 categories are not provided by the script, but infact GTA 5 itself. To create sub-categories would require a LOT of work, where its really unneeded.
  8. Because the entire point of 1.1 isn't to appease gang roleplayers with new clothes. It's a step forward towards a better server.
  9. If you think clientside are the only thing gang rp had then you need to take a look around outside of your circle. Remember when weed was being decriminalized, but that was veto'd in favour of gang rpers? Remember when the select-fire script came out, including the added ability for specific criminal roleplayers to convert semi-automatic firearms into select-fire? The upcoming graffiti script. And more. And let's not forget that 1.1 is the only thing stopping your mods being serverside instead of clientside.
  10. Please do bare in mind, the 5721 unique files includes textures. Each individual article of clothing can have anywhere from 1 to 24 different texture files. I suppose you're not aware that 0.3.7 is blocking these mods being serverside instead of clientside?
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