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  1. @St3fan[NL]You made a clever comment on the last suggestion for this but didn't actually do anything about it.
  2. Yes, but actually no. Not how it works.
  3. Muscle cars doing wheelies aren't a tuning option. You can't enable it. Every single vehicle under the Muscle class can do it, as enabled by Rockstar in the Arena Wars update. It's not something that can be turned off.
  4. Why do you want to add a federal agency to just one state? That’s silly. It’s like adding the FBI or CIA.
  5. If it's a script limitation then they need to re-write the script so it isn't shit. There's no reason for it not to be there.
  6. Automatic Tec-9's are as much a unicorn gun as Glock 18's are. There's nothing wrong with roleplaying the hunting rifle as a Mosin Nagant.
  7. I did. You didn't like how I said it.
  8. Yes. Absolutely yes. Always yes. that is one line to fix.
  9. and how do you expect anyone to know who anyone is? Know whos talking? Know whos breaking rules? nametags are neccessary, always will be.
  10. no thank you this isnt fivem theres nothing immersive about AI peds for actual roleplay.
  11. Clearly you have not tested the mods yourself. I did not make those statements out of my own personal vendetta against japanese car mods. I made those statements as a previous member of the GTAW modding team. The mods, as aforementioned, are garbage in quality. Or have underlying issues.
  12. May this suggestion bring peace and prosperity.
  13. OP means actual parts that, I assume, could be put on a different car
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