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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, so I am making this showcase with pictures of aircrafts around Los Santos. Sometimes it's not just about driving, we should enjoy the flying experience as I do everyday, around these flying toys. Enjoy! Feel free to post your own shots as well. Gallery Planes: Helicopters: Seaplane:
  2. Nicolas Zeltmann was born on 22/JUNE/1988 in Munich the capital of the state of Bavaria in the Federal Republic of Germany. His father Harald Zeltmann was a pilot who worked for the company Airbus at Munich airport, his mother Gloria Zeltmann was a stewardess for the same company. His parents met during a long-haul flight, Gloria was a native of Spain who had been living and working in Germany for ten years. Nicolas is an only child however he has several cousins spread all over the globe.One of them, by chance as it later turns out, lives in Los Santos under the name Vega Johnson. At the age of 19, Nicolas was urged by his father to pursue a career in the airline industry. He eventually became a pilot for a small private company that shipped much needed aircraft to nearby European countries. On one tour, he met Vanessa at the airport in Bern, Switzerland. The two fell in love after weeks of writing back and forth and decided to move in together in Munich. As it happened, the search for a job for Vanessa was in vain, she extended the search to the USA and finally found it. Their new job was to take them to a small town in the north-east of the USA. Nicolas, who followed Vanessa to the USA because of love, was neither enthusiastic about the people nor the country, as he considered the American people to be below average in stupidity and the political system to be outdated. Since the local need for pilots was met, the months passed without employment for Nicolas. The two lived only on the income Vanessa earned and the support of Nicolas' family from Germany. One bleak day Nicolas read an article about the pilot shortage in Los Santos, he did not hesitate to talk to Vanessa, who agreed that he should try to get a job there. So he traveled to Los Santos without much baggage, full of hope he set out to find a new job. However, when it was made clear to him that his German pilot's license had no value in Los Santos, he fell into a depression and was about to hang up the project USA on the nail. Only a lucky coincidence saved the dream of the young couple. Carlo Zeltmann, Nicola's father's uncle, was a senior Wehrmacht general in World War II. He fled to Argentina at the end of the war and ran a cattle farm there. Carlo had no wife or children and when he died he bequeathed his estate, which included the cattle ranch and $1 million in liquid assets, to Harald Zeltmann and his son Nicolas. When Nicolas received the inheritance, he didn't hesitate to buy an apartment in La Puerta, Los Santos, for himself and Vanessa, who still worked in the small town. With financial security behind him, Nicolas enrolled in a flight school in Sandy Shores and is currently living in his apartment without Vanessa until she decides to move to Los Santos as well when her employment contract in her new home expires.
  3. Short description: Having both "LS GROUND" and "LS TOWER" active at LSIA who are just in-charge of that sector. Investigating Pilot Deviation reports, and enforcing aviation regulations alongside the other government factions. Investigate crashes. Detailed description: Adding an ATC faction in LSIA with a working tower building to see the entire airport grounds and aircraft who are approaching the airport. Enforcing proper phraseology when entering / exiting / engine start up / departing / taxing / holding short etc. You may say whats the point aviation traffic is on a low. Adding this I think will greatly improve it as well as add another interesting job with all the others!! ATC can also publish charts for anyone who wants to start RPing IFR instead of VFR flights. Proposing teamspeak to be used for radio comms as well as a third party program to get a map of all the air traffic to which you can see where they are in respect to the GTA World map. Commands to add: /transponder on | /transponder off | /ident (( blimp will flash for all active controllers )) | /atcduty on/off | /lsia atis (( ATC can type of a full atis report so pilots can get all the airport info )). Items to add: Adding FAR [Federal Aviation Reg's, and making an AIM or Aeronautical Information Manual for all to view]. How would your suggestion improve the server?: Pilots will have more immersion now that their is someone on the other end of the radio. Additional information: I think aviation RP will greatly improve if we add this into the server because of ATC. Their will now be a voice that pilots will have to speak to as well as published procedures to follow when approaching and leaving the LS Sector. Lets make aviation RP Heavy!!!!! Immersion will increase!! Added FAR's Example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kEV595owr8ZgdLKJ5JrIWiWPZqU7EdPLTi6NI_odruo/edit?usp=sharing Added ATC manual draft v1 https://docs.google.com/document/u/2/d/1aC1ENBMitET8EyOPXmVieOq2ZsLpn0tw2RAbu_py9LQ/mobilebasic
  4. ATC User Interface Wheel Short description: Add a wheel for ATC Comms Detailed description: See below Commands to add: Items to add: User Interface Wheel same as animations How would your suggestion improve the server?: Would improve flying safety and user experience overall Additional information: Aviation RP has really "taken off" as of late and one issue I've run into while flying is that I just don't have the ability to type fast enough to get a long ATC message over the comms while maintaining control of my aircraft! Other, faster typers may not have as much of an issue with this but I know it would be a welcomed change if we could revamp the ATC/Comm system to a faster and safer method. First and foremost I'd request that we make an exception to the "no bind" rule for pilots (anyone in an aircraft, really, so that you could be a pilot in training or a co-pilot). This would be the fastest and safest way to communicate, I believe. However, if this weren't possible (and, even if it were, really) there's another alternative that could serve as a neat and effective middle ground: The ATC UI Wheel. The wheel would be exactly like the wheel you use for animations, and just as customizable, but for the purpose of constructing a message quickly and safely, minimizing the time away from the controls. Let me explain: https://imgur.com/CTOM5Pq So, looking at the picture we can see how this would work (don't think to much about the specifics of the example, it's just for proof of concept) 1. You'd choose if you're taking off, landing, or performing some other maneuver, perhaps ascending or descending, etc. 2. Say you choose to take off, the second wheel would come up with the list of airports and helipads (that you could customize based on your preferences, just like animations), in this example, LSIA. 3. The third wheel would come up listing the possible runways or helipads that are available for takeoff (or landing if you'd be landing) So on until you have constructed the full message as required. The code required to implement this would look at the information about the aircraft itself (like the N number) and add that into the message appropriately. At each step you'd have a 'back' option and at the end of an acceptable message you'd have a 'send' option where the code would construct the message based off your input and send it off. It sounds complicated perhaps but really it's just clicking through a small number options like a flowchart instead of having to type it all out and lose control. This would conceivably be able to handle most of the common calls one would perform while flying, with only a small number of outliers remaining. Once the pilot gets familiar with their own personalized layout they'd be able to use it much more effectively, safely, and quickly than typing it all out. Plus it would guarantee they don't forget information and that it's all in the right order. EDIT: Added the template that I forgot (sorry!)
  5. Jack Clyde Date of Birth: 29/SEP/1988 Height: 6' 2" Weight: 182 lbs. Total flight hours: 850 Youth, early life, becoming an adult. Holidays on the Bahamas. Congo bush-pilot, hostage incident and lessons to be learned. Return to Los Santos, employment and prospects. Background Music Character-Screenshots Notice If you want to support aviation-roleplay on this server please check these two threads out. Many thanks to both creators.
  6. Short description: Add the Western Mallard, aka the Stunt plane from GTA Online/Singleplayer Detailed description: The stunt plane is somewhat missing from the very small selection of Aviation options. I don't know why it's a simple one-seater that more importantly gives the option of doing airshows. Unlike most of the other aircraft in the very small selection of GTAW. It's the only airplane built for it. And I personally think it would be a fun addition for the sports community on the server. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: The Western Mallard How would your suggestion improve the server? Adds the possibility of airshows to be a thing. That's about it. Additional information: Yeah, this suggestion is a tad bit un-needed. And maybe a handful of players would be affected by it if it were to be added. But if even one airshow is done for the server, I think it would be a positive addition. Besides, it should just be a single airplane added to a dealer. It can't be too difficult. I hope. @Griz
  7. KSS

    Los Santos Air

    Website Still under construction
  8. Silen

    Laspada Air

    Laspada Air Laspada Air operates in the field of aviation, offering its services to low and high class citizens alike. It provides the means for aerial transportation and recreational activities, with affordable prices to cater to the widest range of customers. In a busy state such as San Andreas, the aeronautical market grows everyday, and Laspada Air is ready to meet its requirements. Founded in 2018 by pilot Gabriel Laspada, this new business places at its core efficiency, professionalism and safety, to guarantee each customer the best experience achievable. Services Transportation Laspada Air will transport you from and to any place, provided there is a large enough and clear area for a helicopter to land, and provided such area does not endanger the public in any way. Transportation of light goods is also a possibility, while maintaining the same criteria. Air Tours If you're bored, and not sure what to do; if you'd just like to try something different for once, or if you would like to see more of the State of San Andreas, the air tour is perfect for you. We will fly you through the main locations of either Los Santos or Blaine County, where you will be able to admire the most beautiful landscapes or artificial works. Custom destinations are always a possibility that may be arranged. Skydiving If you have previous experience with skydiving, we will transport you to a location and altitude of your choice. Be aware though that we have not employed an instructor. We merely provide the means and equipment for the sport. Previous experience is required, as we are not held responsible for any outcome of the jump. Parachutes are provided. Prices Transportation - $1000 (Pay per flight, takeoff and landing) Air Tour - $2500 Skydive - $1500 Skydiving course - $2000 (In partnership with Los Santos Adventures) Contact Ph: 755-9729 Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
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