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  1. Could I get a show of hands (( React to this post here )) on how many of you would be applying for the faction once our first application wave is opened? Curious to know how many we can get in this first application wave. Est. time for first recruitment wave should be around mid- Octoberish.
  2. Hello, Few days ago my interior was changed from the Zanchudo ATC interior to a drug house? Canadian assisted me with remapping it but the elevator TP is no longer their. If it's possible may I have someone look into this please and make sure that the mapping is at the correct TP spot and virtual world (( not sure how mapping works )). Also with regards to the bug, the TP ending spot isn't infront of the correct door. Could we also have that fixed as well please? Thank you! Kind Regards, @TheCHcuky
  3. Props to @spawn. @HaveADream for helping push my faction idea through and remaining professional during the entire process.
  4. Thank you everyone for the support / feed back. To assist faction management in the upcoming discussion I want to get a community wide opinion about adding the teamspeak aspect of air traffic control. In my opinion I think this would be a good option given that pilots could fly and talk at the same time while instead of typing while diving to their death. With that main reason in mind this would avoid a lot of unintentional crashes / voided Role plays. Comparing this idea to LEO role play I specifically had an interest back in my LSRP days because of the TAC channels / situ
  5. Perhaps we could propose a thing where once you enter the tower environment / ground you need to use teamspeak. Seems very interesting!!
  6. Then it seems to me that aircraft prices need to change. I would suggest using this as a template of all the prices. Obviously not all the aircraft on this list will be implemented, but at least the prices seem reasonable. It took me a while to get up to 300K and that's just to get a plane, not go through the training process which is the other issue. If their is someone on the other end of the radio then it will create a challenge and make it a bit more interesting for the pilots as now they have to follow a set procedure as well as understand the set procedure. Template: https:/
  7. I have a work around with this as I've seen that typing can become a disaster with flying. Pilots who want to fly solo could have their initial call out pre-typed and copied then all other responses will just have to be their call-sign once ATC gives them instructions until they are on the ground and safe. Ex: This message would be copied already. Pilot: Los Santos Tower, 3144 Victor, with you one-zero miles north to land, we have information Alpha. ATC: 3144 Victor, Los Santos Tower, make straight in runway 2-4 report 5 mile final. Pil
  8. I'll be honest and not sugar coat it @Fergie. From what I witness so far in the server the answer is simply no. I think starting up this legal faction would have a signifiant impact on the aviation role-play and more people would be interested in flying if their is someone on the other end of the atc frequency. Think of it like having the LSPD without any suspects or crime shortage. In addition, to starting up the LSAA A few things I think need to occur in addition to assist in improving aviation RP. 1) Aircraft prices. So far a Lear Jet and a Mammatus are around the same price of
  9. Archived please, suggestion was already implemented. Thank you ?
  10. On behalf of the Suggestion Team we are pleased to say that your suggestion has been SUPPORTED by another!!
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