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  1. Hello, Few days ago my interior was changed from the Zanchudo ATC interior to a drug house? Canadian assisted me with remapping it but the elevator TP is no longer their. If it's possible may I have someone look into this please and make sure that the mapping is at the correct TP spot and virtual world (( not sure how mapping works )). Also with regards to the bug, the TP ending spot isn't infront of the correct door. Could we also have that fixed as well please? Thank you! Kind Regards, @TheCHcuky
  2. Props to @spawn. @HaveADream for helping push my faction idea through and remaining professional during the entire process.
  3. Archived please, suggestion was already implemented. Thank you ?
  4. On behalf of the Suggestion Team we are pleased to say that your suggestion has been SUPPORTED by another!!
  5. I think yesterday was really interesting especially around the vinewood area. I saw a lot of places booming with customers, groups of friends in numerous places it actually felt like a city with a lot of traffic and foot traffic. I see really good things to come about with the server specially if we can reach 1,000 players!!!
  6. Profile pic updated. ❤️ this one of LAX ? 

  7. If accepted I’ll be trying to jump start the LSIA faction. I have yet to post about it publicly until now as I am highly curious to get everyone’s take on such a faction. First and foremost the airport will not be used internationally, only domestically around the San Andreas area. As I work at an airport in real life as a line service tech as well as an ATC graduate I would like to make the LSIA area come to life. 1. Have controllers active during peek hours to control the airport environment. 2. Give players the opportunity to purchase hangers as well as a l
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