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  1. Introduction Hardest part of writing any story is not knowing where to begin… But if you want the whole picture, we'll start with my old man. Tyrone Bishop. Everyone on the streets called him Aces, because the guy had what some might call dumb luck. He was smarter than your average street cat, even went to college for a year. Sure, he dropped out, but that's beside the point. Most kids where I come from are lucky if they graduate High School. He knew something about the art of the deal. He knew what a good investment was, versus a poor one. He knew what gangs were going to take the streets, and sometimes he'd pit them against each other just to get ahead in his own ambitions. He knew people. He knew what they wanted, how to get what they wanted, and ultimately how to leverage them to get the things HE wanted. He was a master manipulator. I guess you could say my old man was so good at fucking other people over that eventually he had all of Southside after him wanting to get a piece of Ol' Tyrone. Long story short, Tyrone was gunned down in the front yard when I was seven years old. Finally made a bet he couldn't cash out on. And that was a memory that I'll never be able to get out of my head. I ran to the basement like he always said, staying low on the ground like moms taught me just as we heard the weekly fireworks show begin. This was Davis, so at this point in my life this was just a reflex. About as normal to me, as it is for good folk to go to church on Sunday. It was routine. And after ten minutes of things going quiet, I ran upstairs to hear my moms screaming. I ran outside, and the previously undefeated Tyrone Bishop was splayed out on our front yard, turned to Swiss cheese. Wasn't the first body I had ever seen. Usually, though, they had a tarp over them, and a police permitter between us. This was the first one I had seen up close. And it still haunts me. I still remember everything about that moment, to this day. The nasty meticulous details of what it looked like to see my old man's disfigured face, and his brain matter leaking out beneath him. I think if anything it spoke to me of my mortality. You see your parents as these hero figures. Or maybe, you see them as villains. Tyrone, I saw as a little bit of both. No matter the case, I always thought Tyrone was untouchable. He got away with so much shit for the longest time. He had all of Grove at his back. People that respected him and protected him. But sure enough, he bled just like everyone else. And I learned in that moment, at seven years old, I felt it at my very core... that I was going to die young. I stopped thinking about comic books, and action figures, and playing in the park like a normal kid. From that moment on, I spent every day looking over my shoulder. Waiting for the next young blood with a gun to send lead my way and end me. Everyone thinks they're the one that's going to avoid trouble. Especially if they haven't found it yet. But I've learned growing up in Grove that if you don't go looking for trouble, trouble will still come looking for you. It's a tale as old as time. The cops didn't come to help us growing up. They were the enemy. White girl goes missing from a nice neighborhood and the Amber alerts go up, and you see it all over the news. Black girl goes missing in Grove, or is found dead in a street alley? You'll never hear about it. Hell, most times, you'll be waiting hours just to see a cruiser roll up. We didn't believe in law and order, because we've never tasted it a day in our life. We looked to gang life to be protected. To have people that had our backs and took care of each other. People wonder what it is that is attracting the kids to the violence, and how this self-perpetuating cycle all starts? It starts with who you can trust. And if history had taught us anything, the White Man didn't give two shits about the hood nigga. For anyone reading this, you likely know, or will soon learn on these very pages that I made a career out of law enforcement. So, am I an Uncle Tom that got brainwashed by the system? Am I a sellout who betrayed my people? Did I renounce old truths to live a new lie? Maybe my truth is different from your truth. Or maybe, my experiences have opened up my mind to new understandings. The Journey has been a wild one. And if you want to know what changed, continue reading. Maybe you will learn a thing or two. Maybe you will teach me a thing or two. But the important part is that we are all having the conversation.
  2. As an LEO roleplayer, I sometimes get overwhelmed by the fact that we're only about 20 people online at most at times, trying to manage 5 shootouts going on at the same time, several crime scenes, trying to manage scenarios where large fights break out and keep the flow of RP going while dealing with all this chaos. And then I think about the fact that we have maybe 15 people managing all the people on the server, every dispute, argument, cluster fuck scenario that goes out of hand, on top of all the trolls just coming in to dick around and not actually roleplay --- it puts in perspective just how much the Admins have to put up with, and when you consider they're probably not getting paid? Also probably trying to squeeze in a little bit of time here and there to just enjoy the game -- really makes you think twice about talking them down on the long wait times. Listen, best course of action is to put a report on the forum, and just go with the flow of RP and the turn of events. You get DM'ed? So be it. Roleplay it out. Document your evidence. Put it in a post here on the forum. And sooner or later, that will get a resolution. We all just need to be patient and have realistic expectations on the extreme demand that is being carried on the shoulders of our admins.
  3. This is actually a fantastic suggestion. Even highlight isn't a perfect system, because if there is someone talking to you that you don't have highlight on, they easily get lost in the way. Automatically sending highlighted text to the player that is the target of /lowto solves this problem. Honestly, I don't get why people are sayings its unnecessary, it literally is solving a problem that currently exists, without causing any additional problems of its own.
  4. Rest in Peace Patty! Thank you for your service to this community and our faction. Fly high my guy.

  5. I hear you, but I would almost rather players deal with those hurdles than the lack of meaningful hurdles currently imposed. At least if we're jailing 10 assholes for committing murder from the same gang, it's more believable than 1 asshole coming back for murder 10 separate times. Even better. Adopt the RICO act, where gang leadership can be held accountable for the crimes of their underlings as exists in the real world. Not only would crime drop drastically, hopefully gang recruitment standards would rise in the process. But this is a song sung by many a choir since the days of ancient LS-RP in SAMP... This is to say that there is no perfect system... but maybe a greater extension on prison bids is a start in the right direction for violent crime. Or maybe barring a character account from creating a character in the same faction until the other account that is imprisoned has been inactive for more than 60 or 90 days. Just some thoughts.
  6. RDR2MP is vaporware at this point.... But if it ever did release I'd be there. I've already had a blast in the voice RP server there at Wild West RP on RedM, but if it had GTAWs text rp and quality, features I'd be in it in a heart beat. And I think the size works well here. The sparseness of the frontier works in favor of the vastness, and rp would naturally be more centralized to social hubs and city life, whereas your more lawless or homesteaders and frontiersman life would risk the dangers of the open frontier.
  7. I've always personally felt that violent crime should result in prison sentences to match the crime. A murder charge should basically be a CK --- with the benefit of getting to play your character in the prison system for the rest of the characters life unless you choose to create a new character. And stage breakouts or parole board as the only way to make it out. I know it's not a popular opinion, but without real risk involved there just isn't anything keeping people from realistically fearing engagements and making criminal roleplay less menial stupidity and more well thought out and organized crime. Just my two cents.
  8. 2001 SAN ANDREAS AVE - SUITE 15 LOS SANTOS, SA PH:2982523 https://www.artemis-security.info/ We're hiring! Apply on our website, today! PRIVATE INVESTIGATION AND SECURITY PROFESSIONALS "Information Is Empowerment." In a world where knowledge is the ultimate currency to success, the ARTEMIS group aspires to expand their client's capacity for obtaining information as well as protecting their own information. Whether it is suspicions of a domestic affair, information gathering on a new employee, or knowing the corporate agenda of your competitors, the ARTEMIS group boasts a powerful toolset for obtaining the information you need. We will help you make productive and efficient decisions to prosper life and business, and to keep you and your affairs in safe hands. When under a contract with ARTEMIS you are guaranteed a level of professionalism and expertise that is common only among the most esteemed law enforcement agencies around the country. Our agents are put through intense and demanding training. But their growth does not stop at graduation. They will continue to learn daily through ongoing classes and drills post-graduation. This allows them to keep their sharp edge but to also be kept up to date with both company and legal policy. BY SOLDIERS, FOR SOLDIERS The leadership at Artemis has a passion for finding new purpose to former military personnel looking to assimilate back into civilian life. The ARTEMIS group sponsors and donates to various organizations targeting the prosperity of veteran life after military service. We aim to be a part of the solution to big problems that exist in the lives of Veterans across the country. Issues such as mental health awareness, healthcare and rehabilitation, employment opportunities and financial prosperity are things we want to resolve for our warriors of America. We believe our veterans have sacrificed much for our nation and it is time for our nation to reward these remarkable men and women for their sacrifices. ARTEMIS is not just a business organization. We are a family of warfighters. We will lift each other up as we set our eyes on the next mission; HOME, COMMUNITY, FRATERNITY. PRIVATE INVESTIGATION Are you experiencing doubt and suspicion on the Homefront? Need to do your due diligence on a potential employee, business partner, or associate? Have you lost someone to a violent crime in an unresolved criminal case that remains cold with the local authorities? Has a loved one gone missing? No matter what your need for information might be, the ARTEMIS group offers a wide variety of packages in the Information Gathering Department. Using the best technologies available, and the best skillsets and minds of the criminal investigation world, ARTEMIS will give you the results you need and the peace of mind that the decisions you will be making will be made with the best information available. The ARTEMIS Group will often work in tandem with local authorities to make sure that assets and lives that have been taken or compromised by criminal activity are recovered and the perpetrators of these crimes bare the full weight of responsibility for their actions in a court of law. INFORMATION SECURITY, PHYSICAL SECURITY, AND SECURITY CONSULTING The ARTEMIS Group provides a vast array of security services for both the small local business, as well as enterprises that operate on a global level. We provide protection services to VIPs, celebrities, politicians, and individuals who constantly have a need for the best guarantee of safety that money can buy. Not only do we offer our own inhouse resources for surveillance and security on contract, but we provide consultation services to help businesses of all kind develop their own security plans. We can train your local security staff to be the best. We cross train with other firms and in some cases law enforcement agencies to ensure that the cooperation between private sector and government endures and is efficient and productive. We hold security seminars for both workplace and employee protection. And our cyber security professionals are among some of the best in San Andreas. Just as we intend to keep your physical assets secure, we will also protect our clients from cyber-attacks that will compromise your data. Every customer has a different need. Every situation requires a different approach. Whether it is the goal to have high profile security with a high visible presence, or to have discrete 'under cover' security that are out of sight and out of mind, the ARTEMIS group provides flexibility against otherwise stiff competition. You give us a goal, we adapt, overcome, and achieve. ASSET COLLECTION, REPOSSESSION, AND SURVEILLANCE If you are under suspicion that your business or personal assets may be personally compromised and do not have the means to collect these assets for fear of safety we offer repossession services and work with many manufacturers to provide tracking and surveillance measures on both voluntary personnel and physical assets. This includes vehicles and property. ARTEMIS works hand in hand with local auto groups, providing state of the art security for your home and your vehicles. ARTEMIS will provide you peace of mind that someone is watching your back and looking out for you and your affairs.
  9. A lot of stuff to add - so the full command list and item list is incomplete and a total works in progress, but wanted to let people chime in on this as I update it and clean it up. Let me know what you think! Short description: An expansion to the current device system in game that offers a wide variety of legal devices to be used and purchased by businesses and to be manufactured by approved businesses and organizations. Detailed description: This is an overhaul to the current device system in game that will add a series of objects, and provide customizable surveillance options to enhance security features for security based businesses, as well as offer some small security options for all businesses. Commands to add: /deployterminal <inventoryID> <serverID> <serverpassword> This command checks three points of reference. It is asking for a relevant inventory ID object that will successfully allow the creation of a terminal (inventory item is called terminal, go figure) It then searches the server array of active server objects in world for the unique ID. This is what links your terminal to your server you have placed in world. <server password> is the password that you created or have currently assigned to the server object. It checks the serverID (unique server identifier) for its password property and makes sure that the command you entered in here has the correct password. If the string for server password entered in this command does not match the string for serverPassword assigned to the Unique Server ID, then deploying the terminal will fail.... or, if its not much work, it will succeed, but linking to the server will fail. This deploys a new persistent marker in world and can only be deployed if the prerequisite required item is found in the player's inventory. This marker represents a physical object, and thusly this marker can be seen by all players. It is recommended that this marker be placed by a relevant furniture object in a player's property (a PC, laptop, tablet, etc. Some type of user interface device that is capable of accessing a server/network.) Terminal commands that can be used at the location of the terminal marker. /tdevicelist <terminalID> <serverpassword> - Lists the device IDs linked to the attached server along with their description parameters. Calling this command runs a conditional check on whether the player is within 5 meters of the relevant terminal world object, if not - returns error: You are not in range of this terminal. Ex: /tdevicelist 121 [email protected]0rd case - password does not match password of the server that is linked to this terminal - You entered the incorrect password and are unable to sign in to the terminal. case - password matches the password of the linked server. You have successfully logged in to the terminal. The following devices are synced to the server: Device Type: <camera> - Camera ID <ID: 423> - Device Description (created when player deploys device): Restaraunt Name - Lobby Entrance. Device Type: <alarm> - Alarm ID <ID:13> - Device Description (created when player deploys device): Restaurant Name - Anti-Burglary Alarm Device Type: <wire> - Wire ID <ID: 131> - Device Description: Brandon's Wire - Undercover Device Type: < camera> - Camera ID <ID: 177> - Device Description: Restaurant Name - Alley Entrance /deployserver <password> (The password section of this command can be anything you like within 16 characters. When you use the deployserver command, you are actually creating a password for the newly deployed server in tandem with creating the server object in world.) This deploys a new persistent marker in world and acts as a 'large' container, or an array of linked device IDs. A device object, such as a bug, wire, or any of the new surveillance objects mentioned in this suggestion thread can now be linked to a single server or several servers. It extends the accessibility of these device's functions to any terminal or device that is connected to the server. Each server object in game consists of the following properties: ID: This is a unique SERVER ID, every in world server is provided the lowest ID available - these IDs become available if the server is destroyed. The relevant inventory object is required in order to place a server marker in world. Linked: This is an array of terminal unique IDs that have been successfully linked to this server. Terminals can be unlinked from the server (Master) by entering the following command at any attached server terminal /unlinkterminal <server ID> <terminal ID> <server Password> Or, if in immediate proximity of the server (within 5 meters of the server marker) using the /resetserver command: WARNING: ANYONE CAN USE THE RESET SERVER COMMAND! STORE YOUR SERVERS IN SECURE LOCATIONS WITH LIMITED ACCESS! THE RESET SERVER COMMAND WILL DO THE FOLLOWING: Unlink ALL TERMINALS and remove them from the TERMINALs array of the Server OBJECT, as well as Unlink ALL DEVICES and remove them from the Devices array of the Server Object. It essentially makes it so no terminals are now connected to the server and no devices are connected in the event that a server is hacked. Items to add: How would your suggestion improve the server? Additional information:
  10. You know, what this really gets me excited for is RageMP finishing their plugin for RDR2. Imagine having that player count in RDR2? There'd be no need for NPCs because you'd have enough of a playerbase to populate the entire game world. RedM just isn't hitting the right mark yet. I really hope we'll see a community as dedicated to RDR2 as GTA:World is to GTA Roleplay. And the RageMP team dedicating themselves to making the best out of RDR2MP as they have with RageMP.
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