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  1. ((On hold by Property Management. Please bear with us and do not sell/trade this property until further notice.))
  2. 1) ROE is basically a means of taking steps towards initiating a CK war. Conflicts must still abide by the ROE. 2) Not really sure what you mean here, if your faction is "at war" then I'd assume you'd know who youre in a conflict with, right? If someone in your faction brought on the conflict themselves, it doesn't make you immune to getting attacked by the rival faction if their reasoning is justified. 3) If someone has been PKed, no they shouldn't be targeted again. But yes, if there is a completely valid reason to target faction members based on affiliation then you can get attacked. 4) That can only be done through a CK war.
  3. Assuming that if you don't have a business script, the money would still go to your property cashbox? Either way I'd like to see this added. It's more or less an IC issue if your managers are dipping into your profits, handle that accordingly.
  4. Melee weapon supplier has been a thing, and if you have a valid and realistic reason to apply for it I'd say go for it next time the supplier applications open up. Personally, I don't think all of the other melee weapons should be held behind the supplier role though, or even behind this system. I agree that wrenches, hammers, flashlights, bats, crowbars, switchblades, knives, golf clubs, pool cues and broken bottles should be easily obtainable while the rest could be reserved for supplier positions or something similar, some of which you should be able to just purchase from specific stores.
  5. Great stuff as always. The Tug Boat looks perfect
  6. ((This is on hold by PM, the owner will be contacted about this privately soon))
  7. Thought I'd make a thread to post some of my recent/favorite interiors that I've mapped. A couple of these were mapped for leased businesses, others are properties I helped map or properties I once owned on an old character. Rex's Diner Rancho Youth & Boxing Gym Rancho House 1 Rancho House 2 La Vida Rancho 24/7 Smoke Shop
  8. Doesn't look like you've taken any yet, but you may not accept private bids. Please turn them away, and direct people to post bids directly on the listing here))
  9. Due to the circumstances of the CK war, I believe this is the end for JTM due to several deaths, and arrests of various leadership in-character although this wasn't the ending I quite expected. I wanted to leave the faction thread open so that more members could post their endings, but you'll likely see those in the various member's character threads instead. The faction has finally come to an end, although many members still exist within the world. I wanna thank everyone who has collaborated with this faction to create some really enjoyable RP, and an environment I've enjoyed logging into almost everyday for the past year and a half. I honestly didn't expect this faction to last this long and it took some turns in development which I never asked for, or wanted, a bunch of bumps in the road, but we just decided to roll with it regardless so that we could keep consistent. I've made some great friends during my time RPing within JTM, and I can't wait to move onto new concepts. It's a shame that it's had to come to an end like this, but all great things have to come to an end sometime. ❤️
  10. ((Do not accept bids that are sent privately, all bids must remain on this advertisement page as is stated in the forum advertisement rules @Jovis ))
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