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    The history of South Central alone should be enough for your PD character to at least RP fear and have caution when in the area, it's not a middle class suburb, it's an area that's been riddled with gang violence for decades. Just because the current factions that hold an area within south LS don't want to go out their way to shoot up cops for weak reasoning doesn't mean the history was never there. "Fear" doesn't need to be the shaking in your boots kind, you just simply need to acknowledge where you are, which its clear a lot skip over or they tend to use the typical excuse of "my characters been around gangs he isn't scared".
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    These are really well done. Good job homie
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    Doing the rounds
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    Unfortunately we will not be providing you with a balcony TP for this property. The chosen door is the entrance to what would be another apartment, regardless of if it's scripted in or not.
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