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  1. lambchops

    This has gotten out of hand. People are obviously not being very respectful to each other and this topic is going to require some cleaning up before we open it again. If we find out you're stirring up shit on a discussion topic you will be punished.
  2. lambchops

    Thanks! Messages like this one make it worth it for sure.
  3. lambchops

    Two, two days.
  4. lambchops

    A mod is in the works to be a reskin of the Police Maverick. It will look like the helicopter Dios posted.
  5. lambchops

    Only if you can stand losing again.
  6. lambchops

    We will not be roleplaying this for obvious reasons.
  7. lambchops

    This is the kind of behavior we will never allow on the server, for it defeats a lot of aspects of realistic roleplay. Not only would landing and taking off in a location like that be extremely hard for an average pilot to pull off, the helicopter would also stand out like a sore tooth if parked over there realistically. One also has to realize that a helicopter realistically takes way longer to start up and prepare for flight than what is seen here, an aspect of roleplay we do take into account. TL-DR: If you think this would even be remotely realistic you may want to hold off on roleplaying with aircraft.
  8. lambchops

    I am not a current member of the LSPD, but I have some experience with them and can thus confidently say this: 1. Police helicopters indeed do patrol to scare off potential crime and respond to developing situations at a moment's notice. This is realistic within the scope of what they aim to portray, and is done in real life. Even way smaller departments manage to do this. 2. The LSPD does not trace every evading suspect, they usually place warrants if you get away and they know who you are. 3. The MDC is not over powered. Every individual's page starts void of information and law enforcement factions have to build it up using information found (a mugshot, phone numbers, etc.) If you register a vehicle it gets linked to you however, as the DMV passes that information on. On an unrelated closing note: Do not make me lock this thread. I will not tolerate unfound accusations of lies or personal lash-outs. Keep this thread civil.
  9. lambchops

    In my personal opinion anyone found not roleplaying the effects of alcohol is violating powergaming related rules and should thus be punished accordingly. That being said, it is a hard thing to prove and/or report. As such it may be handy to have a more solid feature in place that discourages people from driving drunk like there are no consequences and explore different routes to get home.
  10. lambchops

    how much did owen pay you to post that? Great work though, guys!
  11. lambchops

  12. lambchops

  13. lambchops

  14. lambchops