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  1. Buy cigarettes if you want to animate smoking... not that hard... If they remove this restriction, goodbye cigarette economy.
  2. And let us choose if we want to use CEF or not altogether (like a setting that we can turn on/off) to automatically have the classic menus instead of the CEF windows. +1
  3. This. People are going to clubs, drinking like there's no tomorrow and then getting back on the road like nothing happened. It really is unrealistic.
  4. Wanna be a bus driver? There's a faction for that. And it's active!
  5. Not a bad idea, but lmao at first the formatting of your thread scared me.
  6. Yes. Makes sense that you should be able to set a high mileage for an old beater car you magically obtained off a dealership with 0 miles.
  7. Fernando

    Remove /Taxi

    Yes, it's a lot of pain.
  8. You have a strong point here.
  9. Fernando

    Remove /Taxi

    New problem is that now people click the Taxi app to see what it does and it immediately calls a taxi. There should be a confirmation box!
  10. Very good idea, full support!
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