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  1. Clever point to highlight.. The question to ask is, from where are we supposed to generate those smells if we weren't able to buy such perfumed products.. I can be motivated to do a /do, but it can't be enough since players aren't really familiar with how a smell system works, so I'm one hundred percent sure that one /do won't be enough unless if it was scripted with a special formatting. Add to that, it will be mainly considered as PG, in my opinion. I won't imagine having a fragrance if I didn't originally buy it somewhere. Other than that, imagine being able to smell a fire from a quite far range, instead of admins being forced to let all players know OOCly.. As I previously stated, the point is about using all your character's senses, if it's always at our choosing, no one will care about it, unless for critical roleplay situations. But again, thanks for your input!
  2. More comments on formatting rather than on the suggestion itself. That's proof that we're more attracted to the box instead of what's really inside the box. Marketing Goal Achieved, fixed it for you guys.. ?
  3. Well, what a surprise. God bless you^^.. I completely agree with you, but.. Not too sure if it's possible in another way, one more line in your chatbox can improve the whole roleplay experience after all.
  4. I'm trying to make it more attractive ?
  5. Short description: A new smell feature, to be implemented as a complete realistic system. New business type suggestion, offering a wide selection of fragrances. Detailed description: We will agree that the roleplay experience includes all of our characters' senses, except for the smell. It's rare to see a player stating the smell spreading out in a place. So why not have this new system, allowing us either to buy fragrances from specific stores (NEW BUSINESS TYPE SUGGESTION) or simply to smoke a cigarette, to automatically let your entourage know if your smell is pleasant or not. Whenever you [/useitem] a perfume, a cigarette, or whatever, a message can be submitted to characters within a determined range based on how strong is the smell (can be chosen from the variety of fragrances you buy from the store). A very small demonstration: (Please note that I used [/do] for demonstration purposes only, the formatting can be different, it will be up to the development team after all). To make it more realistic, a timer can be set after you use smelly products, so if you apply perfume on your body, the message would appear for maybe 3 hours or so. That way, we can assure continuous marketing for the suggested new type of businesses. This system can also be customized to include any flowers or any bad smells (i.e. trash, fart, etc..). Commands to add: The business script can have some more commands for fragrances. If not, the existing commands are completely enough, I'm referring to [/useitem]. Items to add: A new business script related to fragrances. Flower shops can be upgraded as well. How would your suggestion improve the server? An easy, realistic, and very unique system, we will be using all our character's senses. Additional information: Nothing to mention, thanks a lot!
  6. Short description: A queue of maybe fifteen advertisements to be posted every 3mins. Detailed description: Instead of racing each other and spam our screens while trying to post an /ad, /cad or /bad, a queue of 15 advertisements, for example, can be scripted to save and schedule the submitted ads every 3 minutes. The queue will never be full, because it will be continuously posting ads following the chronological order. Example, you post your standard [/ad *[4SALE] Whatever. Call or Text XXXX]. and you will get a message: Your advertisement will be posted, your position is #5. To cancel your ad type [/cancelad], or use [/modifyad] to edit your advertisement. To avoid a queue overload, three separate ones can be used for each type of advertisements, this will keep programming one ad per 3 mins for each type. Commands to add: No mandatory commands to add, unless if you guys need more moderation commands. A /cancelad or /modifyad can also be useful if someone wants to cancel their advertisement or if they made a typo/flip flop and want to modify it before posting. (In case they wanted to modify the ad, their position in the queue can be either maintained or not). Items to add: No items to add. How would your suggestion improve the server? Less spam, more organized advertisements and a fair chance for everyone. Additional information: Nothing to mention, thank you.
  7. Greetings, Short description: Show graphic notes instead of text while passing by an information marker. Detailed description: It would be amazing if an image (interface) would pop up as soon as we pass by an information marker, a very well designed sign for example, store banners, advertisements, or even under construction panels, etc... It can be using the same system as notes, but instead the trigger won't be the the same [/useitem], but instead, being next the marker will act the same way and show a note to nearby players. Commands to add: No commands needed. Items to add: No items to add. How would your suggestion improve the server? A more realistic way to customize static properties signs, this is going to bring an unique touch to all existing and upcoming properties. Additional information: I hope to see this in the future. Thanks a lot for your continuous efforts.
  8. Realistically you find a group of employees or a specific department in charge of these kind of interactions with DMV or any other services provider to manage all of the business's vehicles. The owner isn't always free nor is supposed to be there for these minor administrative duties. Supported. +1
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