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  1. @Flow I think the current system allows anyone with property key to use /givepropkey command, I've had one of my tenants give keys to his friends from the house, might wanna try and see if it's the same case with business properties.
  2. Well in the first place I didn't know that this topic will bring so much heat, and tought it would be a normal discussion. I posted the topic to get some opinions on the roleplay thats taking place in Vespucci but it turned out into a heated argument between illegal and legal roleplayers. Calling the police IG didn't really help because all the time I told them to send some units to patrol I was told "You are not the one telling us what to do". I get the Solid is willing to cooperate and I appreciate that, I'll inform him in the future if anything like this happens with evidence and names and we can figure it out without making much hastle as this thread made.
  3. It happened to me maybe two months ago, at the time my char owned a Paragon and I had no contact with the gang, they just randomly came up to me and started acting really aggresive, I tried to de-escalate things but somehow it got to the point where I got shot and put in the trunk of my Paragon, and the main reason I posted this topic now is that now I have tenants there and I've gotten texts from them that they are constantly getting attacked my some mexican dudes as soon as they go for a walk on the beach.
  4. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone and I'm not saying it was from your gang, but I'll hapily provide you info if it happens again to me or any of my friends/tenants so we can sort it out. I was talking about the general experience for living there and didn't know this topic will bring that much heat.
  5. Nobody said "I want the beach to be a romatic paradise", if you go back I said several times that I hate being attacked without a reason, I get it if I've done something wrong to be attacked by the gang, but getting PKed for just living there is straight up bullshit.
  6. The americans know it best, we europeans and rest of the world don't know shit, god I regret opening this thread, should've been just faction reports to IFM. And I'm here acting like an idiot trying to solve things.
  7. Alt account? Do you really think me and Marksman are the same person?
  8. I can't tell if you are trolling or serious now, why don't you just join a Cops VS Robbers server where all of Los Santos is a gangland and claim some turfs?
  9. Nobody wants you to move, but we want a more realistic RP from the gang side, since I now know you are in the leadership of Culver's I'll try my best to send you evidence if anything similar happens in the future and hope we can solve it and make it a better experience for the community. My intention wasn't to move gangs away from Vespucci, but now it's almost impossible to live in Vespucci without getting attacked at least once in a period of 2-4 days. Arent we all playing on the same server? Why does it matter where is someone from IRL, we are trying here to find a way to make it better for the community and remove the "bad apples" who ruin the whole experince on the server.
  10. This is true, that's what I was trying to say earlier but everyone got it wrong and understood that I don't want gangs to exist in Vespucci, I get it that there were gangs and there will be gangs in Vespucci, but a more realistic portrayal and better reasons to kill/rob someone from these members would be the thing we need to fix this issue. There are too many murders in a high risk area and this brings us 0 realism, but somehow illegal roleplayers approve this behavior.
  11. My char always carries a gun, but do you wanna know how many bullets I've used in the past two months, ZERO because I keep the gun for last resort as mentioned, I probably got more ammo and guns stolen from me than I've ever used. I agree that there are some Legal roleplayers with CCW that act like John Wick and think they can do anything with the gun, but also the Illegal roleplayers do the same, they use the gun more than they speak. So in the end we have a problem with both Legal and Illegal roleplayers and those player hopefully will reconsider the way they are using the guns.
  12. So what you are saying that is we need to make faction reports for every case when we get DMed or non realistically robbed by the gang members? If we start doing that IFM is going to be drowned in reports, I opened this discussion to see if we can solve the problem as a community, but no you all came here with your "Mallrats acting like superman and provoking gang members" when I said that none of that was the case for any of the attacks that I've withnessed or been part of. So as you say we are Mallrats, and what do we do about the wannabe gangsters who came into the server, bought guns with the starter money and act like it's a cops vs robbers server and anyone that gets inbetween them has to be shot down. The main reason of this discussion was to discuss and find a solution as a community, not argue who is wrong and who is right, it's as simple as this, We don't get into the business the gang members have and don't provoke them and they leave the locals alone in peace.
  13. Many of the illegal roleplayers that commented here got me wrong, I DO NOT want to remove the gangs from Vespucci or anywhere in Los Santos, I just want them to reconsider the way they roleplay because robbing me with a gun as soon as I park at my house just because I live there and drive a sports car isn't good enough reason. I've had some problems with the gangs around for basically nothing, I haven't even spoken to them let alone provoking them, because I roleplay fear of the gangs and don't want to have any problems with them. But my char is a legal PF and CCW holder and I carry a gun at all times, and I expect the kids who only have knuckle dusters on them to roleplay fear when I point the gun at them and not just charge me with the knuckle duster and start a fist fight. The thing is that most of the illegal roleplayers i've encountered around Vespucci act like they are made out of steel or wearing heavy body armor at all times, one time I shot a guy few times in the back and he kept running after trying to rob me in front of my house. So again I DO NOT want to remove any gang from anywhere I just want a realistic portrayal where they mind their own business and I mind my own, if I don't even make eye contact with them why would they come and try to rob/kill me in a populated area. I don't know how others got into problems with the gang but me and most of my friends/tenants that got into problems were just living there and minding their own business.
  14. The problem IG is that in the start everyone gets around 200k starter money which hasn't been earned ICly, this way people actually afford places in Vespucci and other richer areas such as Mirror Park, also let's not forget that many of the places could be bought for Market Price which is really low for this area. And no I don't mind having the gangs in my neighbourhood, but I hate being camped in front of my house only cuz I spawn my cars when I'm IG, and I hate being attacked by 16 year old chars who don't RP having any fear. I know there are gangs in Venice, but they don't kill/rob people in the middle of the day.
  15. To be honest, my worst experiences roleplaying is with the gangs in Vespucci, they think they are unstoppable and many of them RP underage char which are not afraid of death and roleplay 0 fear, I've pointed a gun at a player who was roleplaying a 16 y/o and trying to take my friends car, the guy just ran in circles and started to punch us which is not realistic at all. I think there should be more regulations ICly and OOCly because trying to murder/rob someone in such a packed area is pure sh*t RP.Also there would probably be cameras in every corner since we are 2020 and not stuck in the past as mentioned above.
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