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  1. Bobcat Security (or BCS) was born in La Mesa in the distant March of 1969. The company initially started as an armored transportation company with only two trucks at the time. The company at the time counted just five employees counting its founder as well. As the years passed, Bobcat Security built up its reputation in being offering reliable and secure transportation for all sensitive goods to small and large corporations in need of specialized transportation needs. We aim to be the best in the security sector and this can only happen with the best people in the industry! For more information about our company? Feel free to check HERE. Do you want to schedule an appointment with one of our recruiters? You can do that HERE.
  2. Just to give my two cents, I don't see the difference in doing "/me hands out a catalog" or "/me hands out a flyer with a QR code". Don't want to say much my local auto parts store indeed uses a QR code. And personally I do not see this as the issue at all. The big issue here is that a customer come and gives out a whole wash list of stuff they want done to their cars and if it takes longer than a minute, they start to get impatient. Then we have the customers who just leave if they do not get attention after a minute. Then there are also the customers who respray their car every other day, like that is realistic. Doubt the point over someone typing the word catalog or the word flyer/QR is the issue here.
  3. These :') SmoothBrains Eslut RATPACK
  4. Can we have the UI pop up moved? I'd rather have it in the top right corner because when you have the phone out it interferes
  5. Thanks for the recognition. It's more work than you think 🙂
  6. Short description: Pretty self explanatory. There is a command which is there but I have never seen it work Detailed description: There is a command which is here which is /greet and gives you a possibility to greet people in a certain way like with a handshake, kiss, hug and stuff. That command has been in there since I can remember but I have never seen it work. Maybe with 1.1 it could be fixed? Commands to add: It's already there. Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? Would make it quite cool and interactive looking when an anim is applied. Looks a bit more "alive" than just 2 people standing there facing each other not doing much. Additional information:
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