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  1. like you did for your 200k? OT: clear-cut case of main character syndrome, shit's truly out of hand.
  2. Username: IIIIiiiIiiIiiIIiilliII Comment: LOL SO TRUE!! ** Comment is written by a wall of proxies created in a botnet that leads to a crypto wallet hosted in Bulgaria, these transactions are done via a VPN while using the Tor Browser that leads to a company in Sydney, Australia, hosted in a google cloud account by the name of [email protected]
  3. Sim


    Feel free to throw this to the archive. I've no intentions of returning to the Sheriff's Department unless my dishonorable discharge is rescinded.
  4. pretty good game needs more malkavians
  5. You misunderstand what happened. After a few questionable events unfolded which left people with a sour mouth taste, they left. Simple as that. Nowhere was it said that it was an OOC power move, people just simply didn't wanna be there, they hold no obligation to be in an environment they don't like as this is a videogame and not a full-time job. Most of the people that left want the best for the sheriff's department so leaving the faction was a hard decision for most, if you firmly believe that people left just to get the former Executive Office booted out you'd be dead wrong and I implore you stop with the assumptions and don't clog up the thread with OOC complaints and passive-aggressiveness towards people following events which were out of their hands.
  6. hear me out how about cking those that do that for lack of fearrp 😳
  7. long socks strike again..
  8. Sim


    I'd like to thank the academy.
  9. Sim

    a big guy

    out with a bang
  10. Username: cornball274 Comment: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/701628030455644210/970103817351876608/RIP_THAT_FARMERS_HEAD_OFF.mp4
  11. @hometown toke thought this could be helpful for you
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