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  1. Feel free to post any offers under asking.
  2. Ubermacht Sentinel SG3 Sedan - $95,000 Vapid Dominator ASP - $105,000 Hawick, LS Contact: 4728323 / [email protected] / PM Images: SENTINEL Images: DOMINATOR Vehicle Details - Sentinel Vehicle Details - Dominator
  3. Reminds me of Username: 69thstcholo Comment: Ey vato, u and ur whole gang bitches, we comin 4 u so watch ur bacc **IP hidden by VPN**
  4. Anyone who roleplays a gangster. Anyone who roleplays law enforcement. Anyone who roleplays as a woman. Anyone who roleplays British. Anyone and everyone who plays on this server is cringy, and you're especially cringy if you think that you can call someone else out for being more cringe than you. You're roleplaying on a modded GTA server for fucks sake.
  5. You have to remember this used to be a server with the roleplay standard of driving up a mountain in your Comet to mine some iron with an asspulled jackhammer, afterwards speeding over to the refinery to sell your iron during the 50 percent hourly bonus that was broadcasted to the server in global chat.
  6. Really looks like crap tho, could use a rework to make it less laggy and obtrusive with that ms paint looking badge, as well as expand it to more factions
  7. Go to this discord. https://discord.gg/CXKZc825 Go to #points-of-contact channel, and all the info is there. Am going through this same exact issue so I understand the frustration. Good luck my friend
  8. Dont vote for red cross they some scammers
  9. We need a megathread for removing misplaced objects like the old thread to remove For Sale signs around the map
  10. Can we get a morbidly obese MP male
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