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  1. True. I would just ignore it whenever someone RPed it around me.
  2. I ain't watching all that. Write a post instead.
  3. You shouldn't get faction kicked / banned for using it to read a plate. Only if you metagame the rest of the info.
  4. I will private message you my contact details.
  5. Price: $220,000. No modifications or added security.
  6. This is a terrible take I've heard countless times. ICly there are tattoo coverings for this reason. The mod or command is there to make it obvious to other people without you spamming /me is wearing tattoo covers.
  7. We originally had a command for this but it wasn't approved, probably because it's kinda weird having tattoos just disappear. @ExodusOggy should have it.
  8. Kaz

    Map changes

    At least change the interior, it looks so weird.
  9. Username: kabuki Comment: Some say the Bagman only appears when someone has been murdered on Mount Gordo, and he will seek his next victim until the clock strikes midnight on the following Sunday.
  10. Unlikely to purchase a script from that guy. I did speak to Strobe a while back asking if it's possible on Rage. Now that a custom animation tool is being developed for 3DS Max it could come closer to reality.
  11. @cxn@Shanks Would require LFM approval also.
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