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  1. The biggest loss of time over this will be a bureaucratic one. I.e, talking about the criteria to determine new prices and signing off on them before progressing the request. Regarding Development effort; This is very basic stuff. Anyone who is familiar with relational databases and the database they are working on can have it scripted within an hour with time to grab a coffee and check the forums. Edit: Add in your QA, any rolllback consideration/scripts, any updates to audit tables, execution etc and yeah, I’m confident this could easily be done in a day.
  2. OP is discussing car prices and how they relate to each other. If you want to discuss club prices, it probably belongs on another thread. Cars do suffer wear, that’s why you have to take them to a garage after so many miles.
  3. It’s easily fixed, it would take a day for someone to put the cars in a more realistic price structure and then amend insurances. If dev staff would prefer to keep those that complain happy, they could adjust peoples balances by the net amount their vehicle value changes. Personally, I think this is an excuse by some people to hold back a positive change to the server that just makes a hell of a lot of sense, and we should, as a community just roll with it. Each to their own.
  4. Have to agree, there would be a lot more businesses open if there wasn’t a paywall for blips. People who run businesses and factions are the servers ‘content creators’ and are, by and large are the people who make GTA:W feel organic. Without them, GTAW would quickly become stale and boring. The current system of blips almost forces these very same people to pay a monthly fee to provide a place / scene of roleplay to dozens (or even hundreds), of players. The way this is managed seems counter intuitive, if anything, your content creators are the very people you should be rewarding, not charging.
  5. It is a culture bred from the economy. In a world where housing was super cheap and you earned 5k / hour RL, then you could also care less about your job and leave on a whim. People have been saying the economy is unrealistic for well over a year and this is just another symptom of a broken system. That said, a lot of people don’t want to have to grind 20 hours a week and be subject to huge financial consequences because they fell out with their IC boss, which too is a valid argument.
  6. I mean, while personally I'd like there to be some US Sports scripted and working IG, that doesn't seem like much of a reason not to use what we do have available? In any case, we've known each other long enough across quite a few factions, so let's see if we can get a trial game going and see what interest sparks from there?
  7. As someone who’s spent time in LA, I can only tell you this isn’t true. The Americans in this forum are literally telling you this isn’t true so why even disagree? Soccer is not even close to relevant when comparing it to Football, Baseball & Basketball. You walk into a bar and you’ll have twenty or so TV’s behind the bar showing a multitude of games. You can guarantee that they’ll have a couple of college football games, a baseball game and a basketball game. Additionally, the only soccer leagues anyone cares about are European (and then almost exclusively, the UK Premier league). On the west coast, when the 3PM matches are being played, it’s 7AM in the morning in LA which makes it a struggle for even English immigrants to watch…..
  8. It takes a lot of effort to create something new & keep it interesting. I don’t think we’ve had a shortage of innovative ideas, it’s just the player base seems infatuated with clubbing and refuses to deviate & support other businesses to the same degree. It’s has to be extremely demoralising for a player to come up with a new idea for a business, put in all the effort to have it mapped, only to open it and no-one attend, instead preferring for yet_another_club_01. Until players branch out in their RP and realise it’s in everyone’s interest to support a wider variety of businesses, it’s hard to see much change to the status quo.
  9. Afaik, while in custody, you aren’t allowed to NC? if you can then I agree it shouldn’t be allowed.
  10. I’d actually like some politics of any kind. This isn’t a slight at gov, because it’s out of their control but Im of the opinion that LFM suspending elections is probably one of the worst decisions and backward steps for political RP the server staff have made. This removed a huge portion of political RP. Political RP was at its best when Halford and other politicians were out in the community lobbying for votes and making their campaign pledges - when communities would have the politicians over and have politicians answerable to the people. It was one of the few times I’ve seen legal RP flourish outside of nightclubs and bars - dozens of players would gather and meet / talk to their potential candidates etc. With LFM suspending elections, we’re no longer representative of the US and instead in some pseudo dictatorship where senators are neither democratically elected or representatives of the people. So we’re now in a position where characters can join GOV and create laws that they’ve no democratic mandate to do, and having spoken to a number of senators, something they’ve no power to fix. @cxn
  11. All supply and demand simply means is that given a demand for item X, the price will increase if demand outpaces supply and the opposite is true if supply exceeds demand. i,e. If there is a shortage of knives on the market, prices will be high but should there be a huge influx of knives tomorrow then prices will fall. That said, surely the problem here is that knives are extremely easy and cheap to obtain RL & you can buy one at many stores vs our current model which requires car theft & has a game loop in place to obtain them? Making knives commonplace & more like real life may disincentivise car thieves who currently use this as a source of income?
  12. Its not fear that makes your average player dislike medical RP, it’s that it’s perceived as unnecessarily drawn out and verbose. Sometimes precise detail does not make for good & engaging RP. Put yourself in a RL patients position. You’ve been shot RL and EMS is on scene, do you: a) Not care about what the paramedics are doing and just want them to get you to a trauma Centre asap because you’re dying and time is of the essence. b) Want them to explain in precise detail every medical procedure they are doing and take sometimes an hour+ to even begin to move you? Similarly, IG - If players had a button they could press when in such a situation IC, would most opt for: a) A concise quick scene where they get some high level medical RP before being whisked away to a trauma centre. b) Extremely detailed RP where they’ll spend sometimes an hour+ before even being moved to hospital and have plenty of medical terms thrown at them they neither understand or care about? Answer those honestly and it will tell you all you need to know. Alternatively watch any medical TV show and see how they make their programs interesting, because blinding their audience with medical terms isn’t it.
  13. What medical RP is: Treatment and diagnosis is excessively verbose and RP is symptom centric. What medical RP should be: Treatment and diagnosis kept concise and RP should be patient centric. Medical RP should not be a copy/paste of the same overly detailed diagnosis and instead focused around creating engaging and interesting RP with patients .
  14. Maritime RP is really quite niche at the moment. I don’t think making it harder or more restrictive to get into should be a goal right now. It would be nice to see more types of vessels, it would be nice to see the bug around ships/surf sharks randomly ‘sinking’ via a glitch fixed. Maybe like trucking, we could introduce a ‘shipping’ job between our island and the ‘new’ island which would create a script job for shippers and RP for the port authority AND a way for illegals to smuggle in their drugs via offshore suppliers. (Supervised by IFM).
  15. +1 You can’t hide behind the shield of ‘character development’ & relate to how RL gangs work when there is an epidemic of cop killing 13-14 year olds who are 6’+ and somehow as strong as super boy and able to outfight fully grown adult males.
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