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  1. Unfortunately, taking sports in season isn’t anything that’s really practical anymore than it is to have real length prison sentences or real election terms etc, there’s always going to have to be some element of non purism involved. I certainly do think it’s a good idea that ULSA works with both FM & continuity to agree college sports lore here on gta:w & ensure we find the best solution possible.
  2. I think a lot of this started from players creating sports RP that would be a bit of fun and doesn't impact the rest of the server, but that said, some points while a little purist are valid. If you want to hop on our discord, I'm quite happy to set up a channel with yourself, Cheeezy & the sports guys to help work out some guidelines.
  3. Criminals should have to spend time in prison not just able to switch over to Alts while their timer runs down. One of the key differences between role play and regular games is that actions have longer standing consequences and by evading those, you aren’t engaging in meaningful role play on a heavy Rp server.
  4. Username:AlyssaMcCarthy Comment: Go Spirit Squad, Go Team, Go Beavers!!!!! ❤️ xx
  5. I think your latter point hits close to the mark. It is the baiting RP, or players going out looking for a poor excuse to get themselves in a fight that is the issue, typically using disposable characters in the process. This really isn't a legal vs illegal issue but an issue of poor character portrayal and over all poor RP quality. I've seen the same thing happen on both sides. Bored legal players going into gangland and bored illegals going way outside their turf looking for trouble - the cause is usually the same, poor player quality.
  6. Here is something which is beyond a fact, it's called the US Constitution & I'd suggest reading it. https://www.senate.gov/civics/constitution_item/constitution.htm A US Citizen does not need to justify gun ownership to anyone and they are, guaranteed by law their right to bear arms. As for the difficulty to learn? That's nonsense. While you're not going to be taking a gun apart and giving it a complete overhaul, you can learn to load and fire a gun and hit a target at 30 yards in a single lesson. It's not rocket science and if any European on these f
  7. It would be great to see IFM make a statement or share there thoughts on what interesting and new avenues of illegal RP are planned in the coming months. As of now, I think Illegal RP is stuck in some place between 1930’s and 1980’s USA - and sadly, it doesn’t seem to be evolving and creating new options for illegal RP & a lot of the existing RP needs to modernise and become suitable for the USA in 2021. As an example, compare how far legal RP had come in the past 6 months: Los Santos city government ULSA Pillbox Hospital IG DA’s & court sys
  8. I think people should stop focusing on telling other players what is the right way to play and what is the wrong way to play. If you wanna pay some ghetto kid on the streets struggling to make ends meat who jumps some stranger out of desperation for a few dollars, that seems as legitimate as playing a mafia crime boss with a drug empire that spans half the city. Surely, this discussion is about broader issues than individual opinion on what is okay and not okay as character concepts for crime RP?
  9. Definitely no drugs on campus, absolutely not, that would be bad! ❤️
  10. With respect, it makes zero difference to me. It doesn't matter if it's one man or ten men, whether one has a gun or all ten of them do, the outcome is precisely the same. I'm not powergamey enough to even try and fight, so I just hand them my purse. I care less what guns people have, because I've no interest in winning a fire fight. If I did, I'd be a cop or a villain.
  11. I shouldn't have to post an essay to explain these principles..... If there wasn't such an artificially imposed limit, there would be more supply, ergo, there would be more suppliers at any given time, ergo, a buyer could purchase the firearm from whoever is selling it cheaper, ergo, the suppliers would be forced to lower their prices to compete..... The ~40k pricetag is entirely reflective of (in my opinion), a poor ooc rule that restricts and strangles what should be an otherwise free (yet very black), market. But don't take my word for it, ask the crimina
  12. Without going to deep into economics, illegal RPers don't set the price, supply & demand sets the price. It's a cute difference, but it's a relevant one. The OOC limit artificially restricts scarcity of an item and thus is responsible for hiking the price - which btw, is an illegal sale from one criminal to another - so it actually disadvantages the poorer criminal than the one selling the firearm. Without such artificial restrictions, the price would be far lower, lowering the profit for the seller but at the same time reducing the cost to the buyer. However, the e
  13. OOC rules seem to be a problem here for unrealistically restricting the economy. In case you weren't aware, the US gun market is flooded and since we're trying to portray a heavy RP realistic server, that's entirely okay. It's also why firearms are so cheap IRL compared to a 40k cost in GTA:W - which is precisely the issue people are talking about.
  14. Artificial restrictions, whether it's house prices, limits on guns you can buy or sell, are all economic issues that contribute to the whole issue that is a broken economy and in turn, a huge problem for criminal RP. The US is a capitalist society, it's economy should, except in some very limited circumstances be entirely run on supply & demand. My new char, should need a 100k loan to buy a few weeks rent and a starting car - who in RL actually buys a car without financing? If I don't got a good job, then I've got to get my loan from other sources - shady ones &
  15. Everyone (meeting the age / criteria reqs), should be able to buy and own a PF license until they've an IC criminal record that excludes them from owning a weapon. That is a fundamental constitutional right of being a US Citizen.
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