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  1. Well surely the way to resolve that isn't to create a 2nd proposal with exactly the same issue. You fix the problem, not replicate it.
  2. Fast forward to the drama this idea causes on these forums. “Why isn’t my faction official? Why is X faction official? they’re terrible RPers, followed by accusations of admin biasness.” This idea just seems to give no real benefit and seems a landmine for future forum drama. If you want to know who the good Illegal factions are, go RP with them for 10 minutes, you’ll soon notice the difference.
  3. When you’re RPing around a quality illegal RPer you know it immediately- you don’t need some badge stating it. IFM approve of all their factions because if they did not, they’d close the ones they did not like, down.
  4. This is a completely IC issue, as are the solutions. Laws can easily be passed given enough support to make gambling illegal in the city or across the state or to add huge taxes to winnings. Just do some research on what gambling laws are actually like in the US to give yourself some idea of the options available.
  5. I understand the 'fun' argument, but it's inherently a poor argument to make - the next time some davis gangbanger annoys you and claim's it's for fun, are you going to be forgiving because fun should trump realism (the argument you are making here), or are people playing the 'fun' card here suddenly going to start crying fowl? I'm pretty sure I know which it will be. And no, it's not just snow outside (which would be frustrating but something we can deal with), every mapped internal, some of which people have paid $100's of RL dollars for platinum and/or to increase their slots are impacted and covered in snow inside.....
  6. Simply Beautiful, the attention to detail is wonderful and a piece of art ❤️ Thankyou so much for all your hard work!
  7. Forgive me father for I have sinned... Oh the confessions!!!
  8. Money and a Mary Sue background does not make you rich on the server. If you want to be rich, find a great group of players to RP around and have fun with. All the scripted IG money means nothing compared to the fun, wealth of experiences and enjoyment you’ll have when you find a good group of people to play alongside.
  9. FYI, are you aware this already exists? 🙂
  10. I understand what you are saying but the point is prices as hugely different in their RL to IG ratios. Additionally, it's perpetuated by script items not following the rules you linked. Despite what maybe stated, there isn't a consistent 1:10 ratio when it comes to prices and there are some very obvious examples on things that are purchased via scripts in game that players might bring up in RP. Forgetting about cars and houses, look at the below example of a bottle of water. Here, a Water Bottle costs $3 to buy IG by any player from a script that isn't in any players control to change or alter. (A very RL price). If a player buys that and mentioned it in conversation when in a restaurant who's trying to charge say, $30 or $50, it's perfectly reasonable for the players to call out how expensive their water is - in which case the entire 1:10 conversation may well arise. My point here is that there isn't any consistency - I don't really mind whether a dollar is worth the RL equivalent of a dime, a quarter or a dollar, I'd just like there to be a consistency because there are contradictions which make this entire conversation difficult to have and I fully understand the OP's confusion as there isn't a single answer that's correct. And to answer the OP's subject question 'What's the economy like'? I think can be summed up with, it's complicated!
  11. The reality is, in some places the market might be 10:1, in others it's 1:1 and in others, it's far less than 1:1. We're not just talking player businesses here, we're talking the economy as a whole. Just looking at consistency in the script pricing is difficult: A bottle of water can be bought from a furniture item for a very similar price to RL. (1:1) All houses are underpriced to be even 1:1, let alone 1:10. Car prices are all over the place - some are close to 1:10, some are far closer to 1:1, some I think, are less than RL. A full set of clothes, accessories and decals costs $100 - that's far less than you'd pay RL. Player wealth is unrealistic, Children are handed 200k, welfare in a US state is $500 / hour, and a job at LTD is 4k / hour. Now, I understand there are some very good reasons why perhaps script prices were set to the level they were. That doesn't mean however they shouldn't be adjusted, if the purpose of such a discussion is to fix the economy rather than just quote server rules which i'm unsure are in anyway helpful to the discussion of 'What's the economy like'?
  12. There's always more than one way to fix an IC solution. Sure, you could go to a turf war, but if you want to avoid conflict you could also sit down with other crime bosses and agree a fixed price. Then you'd be able to focus your efforts on keeping your turf free from independents. If you can fix the prices and run a black market through negotiation and avoid too much violence, then that feels very in fitting with crime syndicates.
  13. I respectfully disagree. You're asking for a scripted solution to be made to provide a work around for an issue that should be resolved IC. Reduce the number of drugs on the market and the prices will rise. Keep the market flooded and they will fall.
  14. There is two different issues here. Firstly of course you can apply supply/demand to drug use. All's an addicted person does is to create more demand for whatever drug is is they are addicted too. The second issue is how addiction is mirrored in GTA:W - That's a mechanical issue that I'd agree needs addressing - if i'm taking drugs, I should be getting addicted - the addiction number just seems to bounce between 1 & 0 and currently does nothing? perhaps that's something that needs work. However, back to the issue of drug prices and there being no market - that's entirely an IC issue - there are far too many people selling drugs for their demand - so my belief is that it's up to the criminal world to accept that or to do something about it. i.e. Why aren't the mob/whoever going out, torching other peoples drug labs / weed gardens and removing the opposition? How often does that actually happen?
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