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  1. Having blips behind an OOC paywall is anti-rp, stifles creativity and is bad for the server. It was, and is, a bad decision that should be fixed.
  2. Incorrect. Things do impact the cashflow of any buyer on the server. * Total playtime on your character has a direct impact on your available cashflow. * The job you have on the server also has a drastic impact on your available cashflow. * Plenty of people run hustles, legal or otherwise - they impact cashflow. * Taxation is a thing, it's just alot less than RL - but it does have a lesser impact on your cashflow. Not all players / characters are equal on the server. Some are millionaires, many are not. This means some characters can afford 5M on a house, most can not. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, there is everything right with that.
  3. The only thing which stops you affording property RL are your finances. The same applies here. Obviously finances are extremely simple here, though for the record, I've always been in favor of more thought out economy. It's irrelevant in the sense that what your describing doesn't impact a cap on what a seller can theoretically ask for a house. (which is what the OOC limitations are). What you describe impacts the available cashflow & finances of prospective buyers. - and there is a very distinct difference.
  4. None of that is relevant. If I want to sell a house in the US for 100M, I'm welcome to try. If I want to sell a house in GTA:W for 100M, I'm also welcome to try, I just have to wait 6 months. The only real discussion point is the relevance of the OOC enforced waiting period, which I think is a completely over-engineered, elongated and unnecessary solution.
  5. OOC restrictions like this are bad, they don't in anyway help make the server feel like America. America is a capitalist country and it's economy based on supply vs demand. That's exactly how we should operate. Meaning, if someone wants to sell a house for 100M and someone is silly enough to pay that, let them. There will be tears when they lose it to inevitable inactivity at some point, but hey, that's life. Also introduce a monthly total wealth tax (only needs to be small), That will help the economy far more than you'd imagine.
  6. Every legal faction gets to set what it's corruption standards are, some are more lenient than others because each needs to be looked at on an individual basis rather than all follow the same set of standards. Using ULSA as an example - any student is allowed to involve themselves with recreational drugs and things categorized as a misdemeanors without any request of corruption perms, because we acknowledge these are regular occurrences for RL students - obviously if they get caught, there are real IC consequences and they risk getting arrested and/or suspended/expelled. The only time we ask for people to request corruption perms is for felony crimes. That said, if you wanna be that chemistry teacher or student who grows drugs in the chem lab or become a fraudster or hacker, don't be worried about shooting us a request, because tbh, we're usually pretty okay with most perms so long as sufficient thought and backstory has gone into your character. I can't speak for all legal factions, but there are plenty of corrupt legal characters - they just don't make it super obvious - though some of us do remember the cocaine new years party back in 2020/2021!
  7. I'm unsure if people know about the SA Port authority, but essentially they're a faction who hosts 'dock work' for their members and any illegal RPer who wants to do a 'slice of life' RP and get some character development that isn't centered around direct illegal activity - just day to day life at the docks, where they RP their shift and get paid for it. If there are minor's who'd be interested in the RP, we could try similar around the basketball scene. ULSA would set up an academy for upcoming talent, targeting 14-18 year old characters (illegal or legal). Characters would be able to sign up for the academy and partake in some basketball RP, ULSA would award prospective talents with grants and you'd get paid from our faction. Based on popularity, this could just be a red vs blue type game or it could expand into a small league depending on demand. I'm happy to work with folks to help set this up if there is interest.
  8. If a faction's leadership are stepping away from the faction, then what happens to the faction in the future is really no longer much of their concern. If they don't believe anyone is good enough to take over and/or won't portray it adequately, sure they can request to FM that the faction be closed, but FM should do their own due diligence and see if they agree with that assessment or not & make decisions accordingly. However, this step should exist because for all anyone knows, the leadership could just have had a blow out with it's members, got salty, and decide to quit the faction and rather see it burn out of spite, than let those that remain continue to enjoy themselves.
  9. To just add - what is the point of a faction or group of players arranging a 50 player led peaceful protest when you know OOC that admins won't allow the protest to have any impact and/or that the current government can just ignore you because they aren't held accountable? In a free and fair democracy, if someone led a large group of players and wanted a certain law / action to take place, then realistically the government players have to at least consider this because if they ignore it, they could very well be voted out of power. Instead there is no need too, because the senate is not accountable IC to their voters, they're instead accountable to the OOC approval of admins, which completely breaks how a democracy functions & thus makes protests entirely futile. All of this reduces available political roleplay when allowing a democracy would actually enhance it.
  10. Unfortunately, the fundamental problem with this lies with server management and they step in OOC and don't let RP flow it's natural cause when there is no good reason to do so. Any attempt to make political change IC is taken OOC and then a handful of admins make a decision as to whether to 'allow' the RP to happen. There are far too many OOC discussions which are allowed to override / cancel and void perfectly good roleplay. In short, the admin & management team does not let perfectly acceptable IC roleplay flow it's natural cause because they listen far too much to an OOC vocal minority who complain . As an example, I had strong interest in politics on the server, sponsoring and hosting political events, but since OOC voices are allowed to silence, void and cancel IC actions, the entire process is pointless & now the entire political scene is disappointing because you know that OOC fiats are always going to trump any roleplay you do. The results of this are outstandingly poor. How anyone can look at the fact that in the US, we now live in an Authoritarian state and think it's a good OOC decision, is incredible. It's something we should honestly be somewhat embarrassed about. This isn't a knock on the current gov players, because they too have no say in the matter - all this is forced by the management team and the refusal to hold free and fair democratic elections. It also reduces our 'politicians' to pen pushers when some of the very best roleplay is to be had going out and meeting your voters and trying to persuade them to vote for you. When should admins intervene? I firmly believe that if a bill, law or protest goes ahead IC, then the only time the admin team should OOC Void / refuse or cancel such a movement is if such an action would be entirely unrealistic in the modern day USA. i.e., if a bill was suggested to entirely remove alcohol laws, or drug laws, then of course admins should step in. However, to cancel democratic elections and deny them is extremely poor decision because you are putting OOC decisions ahead of IC roleplay, and that should not happen. If you do not want government to be run by players, then the admin team should assume full control and dismantle the senate as a player faction rather than have us live in an authoritarian state. The USA is a democracy, why can't the admin team let democracy flow?
  11. Businesses It seems extremely counter intuitive that business owners, who are essentially Creators of events / roleplay for their many customers (who then get RP fed to them), are the ones who have to pay to advertise it. Mapping The same is true for mappers - People who create some of the nicest interiors the server has to offer have had to pay for the privilege to do so - Imagine how many developers we would have if the dev team was told it had to pay to add a new feature to the game. If anything, both the above people should be rewarded - it just feels odd the status quo is that they are having to pay to do the server, a service.
  12. Pretty much all factions suffer from player shortages from time to time, the obvious exceptions being PD / SD / ULSA & perhaps, FD. Why? I think if you look at what the above three factions have in common, is that they hit a lot of tick boxes in terms of 'appeal' - the first two, are law enforcement, they're bound to appeal in what has traditionally been a cops vs robbers game - let's face it, it's also where the excitement exists for many players - who'd think that people enjoy car chases and shootouts in a GTA game! 🙂 I can probably speak a lot more about ULSA having led the faction since conception (Though just stepped away due to a new RL job), but what made it successful is that it isn't focused around sitting in a classroom, but a much wider campus life - so it's wide ranging from lectures, field trips & educational RP, but we've hosted political debates, sports events, charity fundraisers, lots of clubs, fraternities, sororities, camping trips, outdoor activities and of course, parties. FD is another fairly large faction - though it has a heavy emphasis on medical roleplay, and of course they get to be involved in 'on scene' activities and roleplay along the PD / SD who are securing scenes and making them safe. I think this is probably what makes them more popular than say, a more static medical faction like PHMC. After those factions, things become considerably more niche - either their scope is far more narrow and/or they are heavily forum involved and far less IC based (JSA for instance). Overall, I think you have to look at what kind of roleplay you're looking for - their is an obvious draw in joining a bigger faction that I don't think anyone has mentioned btw, in so much that when you login to play, it's nice seeing alot of members online - it's pretty demoralizing to login and see you're the only person online, so do consider that too!
  13. I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to use NPCs to facilitate your roleplay. Im unsure why we let this slide, it seems a virtual PG to fiat your parents to letting you (or you taking their keys), as a means of having a car that is also expensive. Also, how are these parents of gangbangers affording 100k + cars? Gangbangers are mostly from poor and/or single parent families who struggle to pay the bills. Unless I’m missing something (and apologies if I have - please correct me), this seems like extremely poor portrayal.
  14. "I remember him when we were both 21." "How old am I? Oh, I'm 22 next June." "Him? he's now 36."
  15. How about a change to the existing void rules when LEO’s are on scene? When a scene is voided, all players wrongfully injured or impacted should be released from the RP as if the scene had never happened. However, If LEO’s are on scene, the offending party should receive both OOC sanctions from admins and continue the RP with LEO’s as if the crime had still been committed against an npc(s), (unaffiliated with any faction- to avoid further escalation), without opportunity of pleading anything but guilty when arrested. This way players face both OOC and IC punishment for their rule violations and while it’s not a perfect solution it does seem better than a complete void for LEO’s who get caught in a lot of void cases and also means that their are IC consequences of such actions too.
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