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  1. Pretty sure it was a sync issue, driving too fast to see us load in.
  2. A cop car tbones me at a red light and is going so fast they don't notice or stop.. Even after I pause my shadow play to get their name and pm them.
  3. It's 100% power gaming. Just rp you 're sterile man. That's only forcing something on your own character, so not pg.
  4. In a different rp medium our crew was literally all ck'd after a year of character development because of a handful of IC decisions made in the heat of the scene. I can honestly say I felt like total shit even if it's a game because in order to play a character a lot of people tread the line of empathy and disassociation. We put a lot of time and investment into the characters. That said, we commiserated and moved on. Everyone stayed friends. I've also had to kill friends characters and vice versa and I've felt terrible, but I'm just an empathetic person and there is nothing wrong with that. Rp is different for different people. Some like the drama and the story, some want a life sim and everything to go perfectly. So people are going to have different reactions. I wish people would realize that everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way when it comes to emotions. Feeling something about an IC event does not mean you need to "get off the game." That attitude is toxic and closed minded. Obviously Just like with any game or hobby if something starts to detract from real life or mental health then maybe a person should re-evaluate but not just because you feel emotion over something that happens in game. @GambloTwitch I appreciate putting your experience and opinion out there. I think a lot of people forget that opinion is personal experience, not fact. Just because it's what they think doesn't make it gospel and also doesn't mean it can't be shared in a productive way. So ignore any of the toxicity. On an final note and in the spirit of health discussion. I have to disagree with the replies saying that actors don't feel emotions about their character. We were always taught that if you can't channel your character or find something to relate to in order to at least empathize then your performance won't resonate. I think the same can be said of rp. You don't have to have gone through the same experience but there is a level of understanding that I think gives gravitas to some scenes. Being in the moment is a thing. It's just knowing when/how to turn it off and making sure to not let OOC effect IC. I also disagree that roleplaying is just like acting. It's more like a hybrid of writing and acting. Improv is a good analogy though where I see it failing is in the fact that a lot of improv is done with little to no understanding beyond the basics of the character and the scenario and it's usually a short term singular scene. This is why rp is kind of it's own niche. It's essentially reactionary collaborative writing. Just some food for thought/my opinions.
  5. Name: Sophia Comment: Not only is the service top quality but Ella and her staff are the picture of professional courtesy. I won't go anywhere else for my beauty services in Los Santos. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6. I still think no matter what happens they need to rebalance the housing and that might mean PM reimbursing some people who will never make back what they paid for it.
  7. From personal observation the only thing this 6 month rule has done is encourage inactive players do to bare min on that char to keep there house until they can flip it for a massive payload that only other characters who have that much money can buy. Existing players who already had their properties that long suddenly had the ability to charge ridiculous amounts that didn't necessarily go back into the economy if they put it towards a housing request instead. My suggestion: Add a price cap for the different areas to reflect the income levels properly for example. 2x MP + furn cost + area value = total cap. Though I thought this is was built into the MP already. Yes, some ppl might get screwed because it might be lower than what they paid but maybe PM could give them the difference to make up for the rule change since some of the money going into housing requests will disappear from the I game economy since resale of those houses isn't an option.
  8. I noticed in the stats section of the UCP character profile that "Commissary" - The in jail "bank" ...is spelled like Commissionery, Wasn't sure where to report this.
  9. So much no. Why would the community actively add a vehicle for toxicity? There is zero need to share negativity. If you you're point is for voting for things like suggestions.. There is literally a poll option.
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