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  1. That was me, Rin. <3
  2. Kaz

    Map changes

    At least change the interior, it looks so weird.
  3. Username: kabuki Comment: Some say the Bagman only appears when someone has been murdered on Mount Gordo, and he will seek his next victim until the clock strikes midnight on the following Sunday.
  4. Since there's only what, two piers in the city? Could probably make those zones a fishing area too. I can't see the need for SAPR policing a fishing pier in the city.
  5. Kaz


    Pretty much this.
  6. Same as any MC really, go to their business and hang around.
  7. Keep but remove the random objects.
  8. Where's it at? Also I had maybe around 10-15 fps loss, lowered shadows from very high to high and it is fine again.
  9. Already requested via LFM channels.
  10. A dev did actually make a command to hide tattoos, but I believe it was denied by Panda. I think he specifically wants clothing to cover it rather than magically hiding tattoos.
  11. No, that's such a silly response.
  12. Undershirts won't work for LEOs as they use them for belts. I did make a very crude texture mod. I'll try making actual separate sleeves tonight. As for the suggestion as a whole: It was already pitched by the LSSD and accepted as far as I know. It would be best under the torso options.
  13. Kaz

    [4Sale] Deathbike

    Lowered to $60,000.
  14. d61a264e5bb5cf3a0d46bc9107e9320b.mp4
  15. Takeo Hashimoto and Kenji Hashimoto. @Kuma and I had a rivalry with those brothers. They used to always try to one-up us in Akuji-Kai. I'm in that screenshot. Reiji Itami.
  16. Sold. Contact me please. ((Forum PM to see when I'm IG))
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