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  1. Very disappointed that you have had to suffer a timewaster who has not only bumped the price significantly through this process but also failed to honor the contract they have struck. Being a lawyer, I hope you sue them. @Bedford
  2. Simple one wlukd be for cops taking easy steps to trigger searches for weapons during minor traffic violations. Equally simple step would be for criminals players to not shoot dead cops that stop them as a first resort. I just pick this up from the significant amount of reports and cases the above triggers
  3. People took it too far and it became a overly used theme of poorly roleplayed and ill thought out situations.
  4. The shooting someone by accident is something that baffles me. So if you get the right person it's a good shot, if you get the wrong person "void" especially if their friends kill the original shooter. It's just power gaming and enabling the use of guns where they probably shouldn't have been used appropriately
  5. Yeah, it's far too cynical and call of duty like. "We had a fun shootout, we lost too many guns, let's pretend it didn't happen."
  6. The offer has been in for over 3 days so don't need another 5 hours
  7. Sorry, but withdrawn as the sale seemed to have gone cold.
  8. Are you sure it's not a network issue?
  9. 132.5 is still on the table right now.
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