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  1. I'm Baking A Cake For Him
  2. Meh, I see nothing majorily wrong with it. People do drive bys on bikes, it's a thing. One man shoot's one man drives, your "opps" aren't shooting you in the back of the head, most can barely hit a stand still target while they themselves are standing still much less hit a moving bike. It's a tactic I feel is best suited for only two people, with nothing more than a small sized SMG/Pistol at the most(Someone using a compact rifle on a bike? Sheesh.....). The convoy part is what confuses me, are there groups of people riding out on bikes shooting up shit? That's where I'll have to draw the line. If it's done right I feel it should be left alone, but Sanchez's, BF's and the like? Foh.
  3. Kuma


    What Daquan above me said. I just don't think it fits the server, and most people won't use it. Now saying that you won't benifit, a lot of people benifit from the niche roleplay. I personally would've used a realty company as I said before if it was a hard to sell property, I think it's perfectly fine as an idea, but I don't think a system should be scripted into place to add to it.
  4. Kuma


    I understand, but at the same time how many people actually RP those actions? Outside of the garage which forces it, everything else is roleplayed only when someone is there around you. Deliveries still drop off components when people aren't looking without roleplaying, neither do all the farmers or fishermen fully roleplay if it's just them by themselves. All of those have alternate options, I'm not saying that you can't roleplay a realty company, but with the server having the /sellhouse command, people are going to choose what they want. I myself would probably use a realty company, but I don't blame anyone who wouldn't.
  5. Kuma


    I love the idea, and the RP it could add, but why would I pay for something I could do myself? It's something that's been done for years. I could see myself using if it was a difficult property to sell and the realtor company would get me a much better price than I could get for it myself, but I don't see a true need for it.
  6. A Mans Gotta Eat (Been a bit busy, more to come soon. Also apologies on any mistakes, I'm usually doing multiple things when I edit.)
  7. You sound like my prez Trump. I want those details!!!
  8. I had this issue early when I first started. The way I ended up making it was just going to a business opening, and just chatting someone random up while making a purchase or something, eventually you see that person again at a different place, and boom. That person introduces you to someone else, and before you know it you find yourself roleplaying with people.
  9. This topic was never started with the intention of it being derailed into a Yakuza/Albanian thing, hence why I never mentioned any specific factions in the first post. It's about the "continuity" of the server, what it means, and what it means to factions. I'd like to steer us away from the Albanian topic, but while we're here a sec. The server has already had an Albanian faction(s). It's not about the realism, it's about continuity. Also the lil' wiki post you cropped out, that same post right above it shows the numbers have been increasing in Albanians in the US in general. (Not to mention, the numbers would be WAY off, due to illegal immigration, and people generally not doing the US census.). Now you take that number, add that at a consistent rate, which seems its been trending upwards. You think 100K+ Albanians wouldn't be somewhere in LA, one of the biggest cities in the US and a major port? You think those out East guys, don't have any connections out west. Two, the same page, had Albanian Americans to be exact right above, which they also have a little sentence showing where they are, one of them being L.A. specifically after they use the words "Southern California". So regardless, they' are there. Nobody is RPing a fresh off the boat Albanian. Now, I'd likely won't be responding to anything specifically Albanian or w/e. Anything else you can PM me, or whoever else I guess, but let's keep the specifics out. Now, to the topic at hand. What's is the servers continuity, what's been done, what's allowed and what's not?
  10. All good. I posted some threads on the edit, we were basically a small Albanian crew, but the main topic is true, this isn't the first instance. I just wanted to create a discussion to help clarify what others feel as well.
  11. How big do you think we are? Nonetheless, the topic at hand still stands regardless. lol. Nice to see you pop up only when you got nothing to add. -Edit to add. (These were some of the RP screens of what we were attempting to do.)
  12. lol @ everyone thinking we're ONLY talking about the Yakuza. I even gave a few examples in the first part of the thread. Since everyone keeps assuming we're talking about Yakuza (even though we are, they are one of the banned/unofficial ideas). I actually was taking part in starting an Albanian gang/mafia/mob.
  13. Yeah I have. Also, every man should believe he's a king. I believe I'm a king? I carry myself with that confidence regardless of what I do, if you don't feel the same, then theres nothing to say.
  14. Because not every one is a follower, some like to branch out and do something that other people aren't doing. To answer for myself, I'm not interested in the current state of the black gang RP due to my background. I don't wish to be a Sureno, possibly down the line but I've never had much interest in it. The others just don't spark any interest, maybe an MC but who knows.
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