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  1. After several withdrawn bids, this apartment is still available. Please do not waste time bidding if you are not going to follow through.
  2. Selling a fully furnished apartment, conveniently located near Legion Square. One bedroom, one bathroom, with a comfortable living area. Starting Bid: $135,000 Buyout: $200,000 Photos Are As Follows: Exterior: Interior: If necessary viewings can be arranged via the following email.((ForumPM)) @ [email protected] Bidding will end and at buyout or on May 3rd. ((OOC STATS))
  3. If we're going to remove the projects, lets remove the dozens of LEO vehicles that also cause crashes, I have a damn good set up and as soon as cop lights go on I get booted out of the game, you don't see me complaining about it. No point in adding a mega mall back that NOBODY used. Lower your settings, remove the tons of mods (I'm assuming) that you have (whoever). What about the people who actively RP in the area, are they just supposed to quit their characters/factions?
  4. YES! Yes! Yes! It is annoying to own a bike at times. This & /kickstand or any combination of.
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