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  1. SiP, pouring one out for the homies.
  2. Some people here really hit the nail on its head. What I've encountered through 13 years of roleplay is that it boils down to OOC egos, i.e taking an L = ooc ego bruised. Whilst 99% of people will say that this does not apply to them, it mostly does, it's the root cause of play to win attitude and like @mj2002 said, a lot of roleplayers legal and illegal sided tends to only roleplay the good parts of their character, hence why the amount of drug addicts are extremely low, hence why most characters comes across as emotionless, almost robotic.
  3. You have to report inactive businesses or businesses being misused so that people that want to run said business can get a chance to do so. If people don't report it we won't see any changes.
  4. No, no and no. While on one hand there could for sure be amazing roleplay to be had with the restrictions removed, it'll be like stated above. Most of the stolen emergency vehicles wouldn't be up to par. As in reality, these situations happen, but on a broader scale, they are very far between, however with the restrictions removed on this server this will happen multiple times per day.
  5. Speaking of robberies, unsure if this has been mentioned prior in the thread but I'm gonna mention it again. One of my characters resides in Paleto Bay, and the amount of times that illegal roleplayers venture all the way out to Paleto in order to scout for cars to steal/lockpick, now granted, it takes 3 minutes to drive out there, that's not a lot of time, but realistically that portrayal is ludicrous, to drive all the way out from South Los Santos in order to scout for one car that's on a chopping list? Example scenario that has happened to me: Mobsters from Los Santos ventured out to Paleto Bay in order to locate cars on their chopping list, they found my car parked outside my house, went to lockpick it and the alarm beeped. (didn't run away either) I got outside, aimed a gun at the perpetrator, and told him to get the fuck off my property, if he returned he would be shot on sight. He left with bare minimum fear-RP shown. Only to return with his friends, lockpick the same car (this time knowing I am armed, knowing that I threatened him if he should return, but alas, came back to hit a quick lick to rob my gun.) However this time his friend who was armed was around the corner and when I stepped out with my gun drawn it turned into a firefight. I don't know about you guys, but that isn't really valuing your own life, risking it for the sole purpose of either: A): Get the car on the chopping list B): A pistol The second issue that I want to bring up is the roleplay of knocking on someone's door for the sole purpose of robbing them once they exit, now committing home invasions is fine, but at the very least, roleplay it properly. The robbers often (9/10 times) have exactly zero emotions connected to invading someone's home, putting a gun to their head, and violate their most secure space. Not to mention the grey area where the script restricts us into actually roleplaying the situation properly, as the windows of the house cannot me fully utilized since mapped interiors are on a different dimension from the regular outside world. Example scenario: Random South Los Santos gangbanger drives up to Paleto on a BF-400, black clothes and mask, drives up on my driveway and knocks on my door, doesn't scroll the weapon before I actually get out. I sneak out through the backdoor but he saw my nametag and immediately rounded the corner to the house and proceeded with a robbery consisting of 2 /me's... People only use this because it's the meta of getting guns, go to a house (preferably in a rich area or in the county = high chance of guns) knock on their door to lure them out or to get them to unlock, aim guns, swift pat-down get gun and leave. As multiple people have stated before me, it's not about the roleplay it's about the gain, the play 2 win mentality and not telling a story through the roleplay where each character involved can develop from the situation, be it good or bad.
  6. Gargam3i

    2152 Senora Way

    ((Can you post the OOC information for the property please?)) Offering your buyout for whatever price you decide on. ((Actively roleplaying in Grapeseed atm as I don't own my own property I stay with someone else))
  7. I got a single story house in El Burro Heights for sale. *A link to the ad would be attached in the mail.*
  8. * Advertisement would've been renewed to the pushed to the front of the online ad section. *
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