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  1. If it’s the discord I believe it is: the discord was a shit hole. I’ve never been in a more toxic discord than the illegal faction discord lmao.
  2. You can’t compare weather to nudity my dude.
  3. We all don’t roleplay murder, torture or drugs. Yeah, GTAV is an eighteen year old rated game. But there’s absolutely no reason to add this as a server mod. Add it clientside if you really need it for ”immersion”.
  4. this lol. I’m genuinely wondering if you’re trolling
  5. It’s all in character, you’ll need to hire a lawyer, If you can’t afford one / get one in time. Then you’ll be assigned a public defender.
  6. Another month another faction from crazy Russian hacker
  7. I really don't see a need or purpose for this at all, ngl.
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