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  1. Bombie

    I'll see about putting one of the recent guides into the acceptance message, I just need to ask the people responsible. If you were wrongfully banned, you will be unbanned in no time. There is also the option to go through a staff report and get it expunged from your admin record if applicable. It's just we are experiencing a highly unusual intake of players, both old and new. Of course this also means more reports and a more thinned out admin team as previously mentioned.
  2. Bombie

    Hi, sorry for the late response but the prices will be adjusted without the ability of a refund so far and if that changes, we'll let you know. We still are going through all the properties and it'll take us even a longer while to go through all the refund requests that come with them.
  3. Bombie

    The business is re-launching soon! The information on the pages will be updated overtime, including the contact info. If you have any questions, refer to the email. We are not doing any deliveries as that part of the business venue is currently too expensive and ambitious - and we'd rather restart slow.
  4. Bombie

  5. Bombie

    (( Hi, we do refer to vehicles outside of the GTA universe. Please edit your listing to fix the name. Thank you ))
  6. Bombie

    Hi, F12 is for Steam based games that's why it is isn't working. I recommend something like ShareX, PuushIt, Gyazo, etc. Whichever you prefer.
  7. Bombie

  8. Bombie

  9. Bombie

  10. Bombie

    Seems already done