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  1. There is no such rule, it can go under powergaming if the admin deems that your actions are unrealistic. Like popping a wheelie while unloading a magazine into whichever poor soul. I don't recommend doing that approach, anyway, as I've seen plenty of reports where people in vehicles unload their gun into a victim and said victim does not receive any damages, thanks to Rage's desync.
  2. Those apps are once again open, if it applies to your char. feel free to send in a request.
  3. LOA - Back October 7th. Won't be able to respond to forum PMs until then, so please check PM discord for information in regards who can help you with what. ✌️


    1. KV




    2. Cobra



  4. Please include MP + Furniture worth in the future.
  5. Hi, I'll look into it for you 🙂
  6. The house applications exist so we can be sure to give those unique and expensive properties to people who actually, genuinely wish to roleplay around them. If you somehow roleplay a mechanic that became a millionaire from putting spoilers on some random sportscars, or say from passive income you have gained over a few months, I of course will not give you a house that's worth over a million. I personally put the house in the Mirror Park Cul-De-Sac to be unownable so myself and the rest of Property Management admins make sure it goes into the hands of someone who is going to utilize the house for roleplay, and not simply for the sake of having one. This is exactly the mentality we're trying to avoid: The "3x limit" was necessary to stop houses from going over the top with pricing. I agree some houses are expensive, but I still believe they would've been even more expensive had the limit not been put in.
  7. Not for sale. Owner will be contacted
  8. Due to the increased volume of requests, these requests are now closed. Once we clear up the current applications we'll open it back up again. So if you were writing your application, keep working on it and send it the next time this is open.
  9. Appreciate you guys ❤️
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