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  1. Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly? Experience a life in the sky with qualified instructors and an amazing training program with Blaine Aviation. Be apart of a life changing experience! Become a pilot now! ANYONE CAN BE A PILOT Blaine Aviation is here to help anyone become a pilot, whether it is to start an aviation career or just to start a fancy new hobby. Our team of flight instructors will take you from the first step and teach you everything you need in order to become a pilot. We offer you the opportunity to become
  2. No benefit comes from this rule change, it's better to keep it as it is imo.
  3. As a member of LSFD, I bump into people on daily basis who are shot in the head and simply wish to RP surviving, however, on the other hand we have the Legal FM who have issued a rule for FD that we cannot revive people if they've taken 45 damage to the head and that they should RP dead. As mentioned by @Jess WIlliamssomewhere above, this causes a lot of hate between the faction and the civilians because nobody wants to die. IMO, there should be a specific rule written that is seen by the entire community, and not just a post in LSFD's private forums that only tells the Firefighter
  4. Username: Lumberjack samurai Comment: The firefighters are pretty! ❤️
  5. I can relate... Make us two 😏
  6. The asked price is mentioned above, I am unwilling to accept your offer.
  7. 1 Rub Street - Floor 1, Room 1 Location: The apartment is located in the Vespucci Beach area, the beach is under a minute away on foot. The complex comes with a big parking lot as well as area to park your boat as it has direct access to docks. Description: The apartment is decently sized. It consists of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen with living room, as well as one more room that's currently art oriented. Market Price: $80,000 Furniture Value: $69,281 Asked Price: $200,000 Contacts: 91639612
  8. Please do implement this!
  9. @DoomedAmerica Hey there o/ As you may suspect - I am member of the LSFD faction and I heavily disagree with your statement here, and I wanna bring up one thing that you haven't done and you should be doing before doing random posts of such sort where you just trash talk FD without providing any solution. Next time you decide to post such a post, please go to the internet, do your research on how things work for the department we're representing, and then go ahead and make a structured post where you explain the issues clearly. Once you do all that, go ahead
  10. I am loving this suggestion and considering that I am flying aircrafts on daily basis in GTA WORLD, I'd love to see this come to life.
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