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  1. Ah, I see your stance. Because there are bad illegal RPers, it's nbd that PD allows anyone to keep their rank as if they were OOCly in the faction. Thanks for clarifying.
  2. Faction management hasn't "adapted," PD management has. They've adapted to solve the problem of "Shit! My buddy buddy at a high rank just stormed a target's house alone with a rifle and somehow got CKed. Fuck it, stick him back in his old rank so he doesn't quit."
  3. Any illegal faction that brings people back to their rank / fast tracks them through after they've CKed is equally as bad as the PD, no one is saying otherwise. PD obviously isn't the ONLY offender here, they're just the most glaring when their members constantly post about how they're cops, not their characters.
  4. Okay, that's the third time you post that so let's take it from the bottom. You don't see the problem in being allowed to keep your rank upon CKing?
  5. How did I call out the wrong people if they're the ones representing the opposite side of a discussion? I don't have a list of who is in PD and who is not, and I don't intend to - I have enough OOC work on my plate with my own faction, so to speak, heh. The point is however that regardless of who I should be calling out and who I shouldn't, you guys let people come back to their previous ranks, and thereby previous lives, after they CK. We don't. That's the difference.
  6. And you spent less than twelve hours researching your illegal characters? Might explain why you switched to cop RP...
  7. Here are your examples: Seems pretty evident, those are just the ones in this thread where cop RPers claim they're working, not their characters. I'm sure I could find many, many more if I looked through other threads, no? Sorry to call you guys out, btw. Naming and shaming, as previously suggested.
  8. Sorry buddy, you have no idea what you're talking about. Look into how long it takes to become an actual member of any of the big illegal factions. Hint: much, much longer than PD.
  9. I don't keep track of PD, that's just the only conclusion I can come to when I see cop RPers in this very thread defending the concept of keeping their rank because they put in the work, not their characters. And the big illegal factions don't do any OOC work, amirite guys.
  10. Lol. If the concern is that the faction will completely die because all the characters are CKed, perhaps they should care for their lives a little better / take precautions to ensure they don't constantly get CKed and essentially play the same character across multiple names over and over?
  11. No, it's not you working, it's your character working. Because the character was killed?
  12. The new renting system is good in theory, but not really thought through from an economic standpoint; you now have renting based freely on supply/demand, but there's still an invisible limit on how much you'll need to spend to actually buy a property. As the server grows and demand for real estate increases, rent will go up while house prices forcibly stay the same. Eventually no one will be renting because even in the short term buying will be cheaper.
  13. Believe it or not, not every single member of every single illegal faction is a stellar roleplayer. Matter of fact, I'd say the majority aren't. Limiting a system to "anyone in a scripted illegal faction" is arbitrary; some "official" factions don't even use the script system. Why would they? Only thing the system is good for is OOC banter between friends, but that's a point for another thread. There already exists an application based system, i.e the supplier system. Some suppliers are only given melee weapons including ones you mentioned - knives, knuckles, etc. Bats, crowbars, hammers and so forth can already be bought at in-game stores.
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