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    Locked on request, PM me if you want it back.
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    Good luck with whatever's next, PM us if you ever want the thread back.
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    We don't condone OOC recruitment, it’s a tricky subject as of course we appreciate that factions need their foundations set but advertising on the forums is not the right place for this. The process should be natural and require least possible ooc interaction to grow your member base and develop relationships IG. Good luck, hope to hear from you soon OP. Regarding women in jail, @Henning hit the nail on the head.
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    Guitar & vocals, nothing too serious but do a bit of performing in a band now and then
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    Archived on request. Should you ever want to bring this back, PM me.
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    Thanks, appreciate the feedback
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    West Coast Winter Series - Race 1 The Los Santos Marina Yacht Club would like to thank the fourteen (14) participants who came out and attended our first regatta of 2020. After meeting at the clubhouse and enjoying a catered brunch, the sunny albeit chilly winter day quickly turned into an exciting day for racing, with yacht Midlife Crisis taking home the trophy. We hope to see you return for race 2 in two weeks time. As always, if you're interested in membership, please contact Mr. Joseph Campagna on 351-0221. This regatta was governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). US Sailing Prescription, RRS82 did not apply.