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  1. Rumbunctious

    People are free to roleplay as famous as they want, but they'll probably find that, without promoting themselves through businesses/facebrowser, not many others will acknowledge them as famous. The best way to RP famous is to, well, get famous by IC means. Additionally, I'd only want celebrity RP to be done realistically. For example, I'd never want to see someone RP a high profile person who also sells guns on the side, or who personally visits others to demand money from them. Just my two cents.
  2. Rumbunctious

    I would rather see an application system so that these houses can be sold to characters that would realistically be able to afford such places. They should go to people who are either IC celebrities, if you will, or to people who run/have ran very successful businesses. If they're put up for sale for a set price, they'll be bought by miners.
  3. Rumbunctious

    User: McDonaldsLiberal Comment: These people are UNBELIEVABLE! Who in the hell charges $25 for a MARGARITA pizza?!?!? They don't even have a Hawaiian option! People, put your 1-star's to work on yelp!
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    Hey you, out there in the cold Getting lonely, getting old Can you feel me? Hey you, don't help them to bury the light Don't give in without a fight But it was only a fantasy The wall was too high As you can see No matter how he tried He could not break free Hey you...
  6. Rumbunctious

    SOLD ((can be archived))
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  10. Rumbunctious

    My post wasn't aimed as a direct response to you, but rather as a general statement for everyone else reading, too. Thanks for clarifying, however.
  11. Rumbunctious

    No. The point of the thread is to tell an uncomfortable story, and people under 18 (such as Mia in flashbacks) will be featured in the backstory. Mia wasn't created from nothing; Hours were put into research and if anyone is interested I'll gladly send them a few links to read for themselves. My DMs are always open. This is the brutal reality of some of what actually goes on in the human trafficking industry between Mexico and the US, and I encourage people to read the thread to see a story somewhat unusual compared to what you might normally see. However, if you're outright offended, I'd of course advise you to stay off the thread entirely.
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    enjoy slim waist haunting u, bitch