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  1. Rumbunctious

    Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul easily top my list. Westworld follows closely behind and would have been #1 hadn't it been for the slightly-lower quality season 2.
  2. Rumbunctious

    To add onto the points above about the lack of properties in the right areas, I'd suggest a review of market prices across the map is also in order. As an example, an apartment in Chamberlain costs the same as one a stone's throw from Vinewood Blvd. A rundown house in East LS, between two industrial areas, costs the same as the aforementioned apartments combined. Additionally, I'm not sure if I agree that houses in the canals should qualify for a pitch auction. In terms of the properties on GTAW, they aren't really anything special, especially considering how many are already in use. I'd rather see them added with a more reasonable market price. Instead, I'd think pitch auctions should be for properties that stand out (more). Think some of the lone houses scattered around the map, such as the ranch by the lighthouse, the farm at the foot of Chilliad, some of the nicer houses sporadically found by the coastal roads, as well as simply nicer homes such as mansions, penthouses etc in the city. Pitch auctions would actually be a good way to get a few higher-end stilt houses or mansions out there, while also canceling out the concern many have that they wouldn't fit the character they're going to. Finally, I'd like to see a considerably larger amount of pitch auctions be held for properties than what has been for vehicles and businesses. It's better to put a house up for pitch auction for a while and take it down if no one has an adequate reason to acquire it, than it is to have one a month or even every few months.
  3. Rumbunctious

    Update 12. January Our next opening has been planned and revealed! Thanks to your feedback, we've managed to make minor tweaks to the staffing and drinks available. We'll see you back here, at Les Bianco, tomorrow SUNDAY 13. jan @ 9 PM. Come enjoy a drink on our Upstairs Balcony! PS.: There will be a prize for best dressed.
  4. Rumbunctious

    Update 11. January Thanks for coming out, Los Santos! We had a great night, and hope you did too. Below are a few pictures from the night. We'll see you next time for an even bigger party!
  5. Rumbunctious

    Good looks.
  6. Rumbunctious

    Update 09. January Les Bianco are proud to partner with Thin Blue Line Brewing Co! Les Bianco will indeed be offering the finest craft beer in the state at the bar. Swing by this Friday @ 10 PM! Just a friendly reminder that if you want a business relationship with Les Bianco, give us a call on 2772 or email us at [email protected] ((Forum PM)). Additionally, the winner of our $10,000 competition has been found and contacted. See you on Friday!
  7. Rumbunctious

    @Franelli 😉
  8. User: [email protected] Comment: Interesting statistics found in this article! PS if anyone from the government licensing section is reading this, please do shoot me an email or call me on 2772. Would love to have a quick talk about some licenses. Thanks!
  9. Rumbunctious

    Update 07. January The amazing view from our upstairs balcony. See you at our grand opening this Friday, 10 PM!
  10. Rumbunctious

    Update 06. January Hi all! In light of our Grand Opening this Friday, it's competition time. With that said, find the picture below on our FaceBrowser page and follow the steps on the picture for your chance to win nothing less than $10,000! Good luck and see you on Friday!
  11. Rumbunctious

    ((This is an IC website with comments disabled. Please do not post IC responses to the thread, they will be removed.)) ABOUT US Les Bianco invites you to the classiest nightclub in Los Santos; Located right by the Del Perro Pier, with us you'll not only find the best quality staffing and catering, but you're also able to enjoy a fantastic view of the beach from our upstairs balcony as you sip on your exotic cocktail. The club is managed by Tony Leone, a man in his thirties who felt other nightclubs lacked small things that add up to make the best experience, as well as the most crucial thing - atmosphere. At Les Bianco, you'll find welcoming staff, the best in catering, the most modern and best facilities, as well as a sexy, exotic and festive atmosphere. We're proud to be partnered with businesses all across the city. Les Bianco aims to bring an extravagance to the night scene, although always maintaining our singularity, our particular style and spirit. LES BIANCO FM By using our own radio, Les Bianco FM, you'll always find the best in dance music at Les Bianco. With sets by DJ Paul and Crookers, we hope to see you for our Grand Opening this Friday the 11th. Business Inquiries Any business inquiries can be forwarded to the club manager, Tony Leone. email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) phone: 2772
  12. Rumbunctious