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  1. Pursuits are usually too dynamic and fast paced for an admin to respond during the course of the pursuit. Over the past two weeks, every report I've submitted during a pursuit has been handled after the pursuit was over.
  2. That's wild. Why would you risk a felony kidnapping charge over a robbery charge for a couple hundred bucks??
  3. Okay, is this a new meta? I've responded to two or three hostage situations over the Christmas period, and each time it was a robbery where they took their victim out into the county.
  4. These failed robbery videos are satisfying. Can we get a thread for them?
  5. Has anyone managed to get an S on Raid yet? Is it even possible?
  6. Shamelessly stolen from the RoN discord.
  7. Didn't this exact thing happen with the SWAT breach on the casino a few months back? AFAIK an entire stack was force CKed.
  8. Tactical Emergency Medical Services TEMS candidates are evaluated on the first stage of their training. Successful candidates are invited to attend and observe the LSPD's latest SWAT school class.
  9. That's fair, but that relies on the information being relayed OOCly, especially if there's no properties on file for that character on the MDC.
  10. It's not necessarily an issue, only when it is pushed in a way that is powergaming. For example: - Police officer stops car driven by 16y/o. - 16y/o evades. - 16y/o is RO of the vehicle scriptwise. A warrant is put out for their arrest. - When arrested, they claim powergaming as the vehicle wasn't in their name 'RPly' and was their parents'.
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