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  1. same, I've barely used it. imo adding this would give people more reason to use it and probably remember it's existence
  2. Detailed Description Add 3 new methods to examine other players. - /Examine by itself should examine the closest person to you - /Examine mask_id should examine the masked player (this used to work not sure why it was removed or if it's bugged? You can examine them if you know the name of the masked person though) - Add an option on the click menu (F3 and click player) to examine them. Relevant Commands/Items All commands and the click menu already exists, just some small changes to the current functionality. How will it benefit the server? At the moment you can only examine people by inputing their name or part of it. Adding these additional ways to examine another character would be a pretty nice QoL change, and also help us examine masked characters, and later identify them based on any unique things that stand out int heir description. The rest are just desirable QoL changes to make things easier and more streamlined. Check out my other suggestion!
  3. Makes the most sense. Should be handled similarly to undocumented characters. As far as I'm aware undocumented immigrant characters, upon being arrested, are CKed and icly sent back to their country of origin. If an underage character is roleplaying not having any parents, send them off into the system or something. That being said, there needs to be more clear guidelines on what can and cannot be NPCed
  4. Pretty broad statement. Just because situations aren't reported, doesn't mean all other avenues of roleplay on this server are flawless
  5. The issues go far beyond this. Don't think staff-led events and DMs would solve this at all.
  6. Dashing

    New UI Discussion

    Just give us a /clothes, /barber, /tattoo and similar commands to /surgery so you can use the original menus for all the different customization stores. The new menus look nice and all, but the customization menus didn't need changing, they were fine as they were. The new menus just make things more difficult and awkward.
  7. This is not something that needs a script in my opinion. Sure, if this was added then people might make more of an effort to RP with FD and medical staff at a hospital to get whatever script meds they need, but I'm willing to bet that the RP will be subpar and very "gamey" more often than not. I'm not in favor of this, just leave it to people's discretion to RP whatever sickness they want and when they want. You can't fix an issue with player RP habbits by adding a script that forces players to do something.
  8. ((On hold by Property Management. Please bear with us and do not sell/trade this property until further notice.))
  9. 1) ROE is basically a means of taking steps towards initiating a CK war. Conflicts must still abide by the ROE. 2) Not really sure what you mean here, if your faction is "at war" then I'd assume you'd know who youre in a conflict with, right? If someone in your faction brought on the conflict themselves, it doesn't make you immune to getting attacked by the rival faction if their reasoning is justified. 3) If someone has been PKed, no they shouldn't be targeted again. But yes, if there is a completely valid reason to target faction members based on affiliation then you can get attacked. 4) That can only be done through a CK war.
  10. Assuming that if you don't have a business script, the money would still go to your property cashbox? Either way I'd like to see this added. It's more or less an IC issue if your managers are dipping into your profits, handle that accordingly.
  11. Melee weapon supplier has been a thing, and if you have a valid and realistic reason to apply for it I'd say go for it next time the supplier applications open up. Personally, I don't think all of the other melee weapons should be held behind the supplier role though, or even behind this system. I agree that wrenches, hammers, flashlights, bats, crowbars, switchblades, knives, golf clubs, pool cues and broken bottles should be easily obtainable while the rest could be reserved for supplier positions or something similar, some of which you should be able to just purchase from specific stores.
  12. Would love to see something like this implemented. The overlay pretty much ruins any attempt at making an immersive ic video. While we're at it, add the ability to use /camera when you have a phone in your inventory. Don't think I've ever seen a smartphone without a camera.
  13. Great stuff as always. The Tug Boat looks perfect
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