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    A legal up to date Grand Theft Auto V copy is required to play Rage Multiplayer If you pirated the game, there's no fix, buy the game as Rage Multiplayer does not support pirated versions of the game. Try all of these following steps, not everything in this list will help, but 90% of the time one of these will resolve your issue Verify your game files, Reinstall RageMP Make sure you have a clean game, no mods should be installed (To make troubleshooting easier) Reinstall GTA V or verify the files through Steam/Social Club Run RageMP with Admin rights Make sure you have the required redistributables (This and This) Install RageMP and GTA V on the same drive Install RageMP and GTA V on different drives. Disable any overlays (For example, Steam overlay, OBS, Discord overlay, Overwolf). Make sure you have a save file(started Singleplayer and saved the game). Uninstall all other GTA V Multiplayer Mods. Disable your firewall/antivirus or add an exception to your firewall or antivirus so it doesn't do anything to the RageMP exe files Right click on ragemp.exe and select Troubleshoot compatibility (NVIDIA USERS) Disable Shadowplay (STEAM ONLY) Completely close Steam, and then launch RageMP and let RageMP open Steam. Go into your game folder and delete 'GTA5.exe' and then use 'PlayGTA5.exe' and run the game. After this you may be able to play RAGEMP. System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005) Disable any antivirus software or add an exception in your antivirus to not do anything with RageMP files on your computer and try to install Rage again. This error is most common with users antivirus software removing RageMP files. If disabling your antivirus/windows defender still doesn't fix this, right click on RageMP and select 'Troubleshoot compatibility'. This has also been said to fix the issue ERROR: Your game version is not supported by RAGE Multiplayer. If GTA V has just updated, this error will show, wait for RageMP to update, if there has been no update, upgrade your GTA V version as you're running an outdated version. https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115014280127-Verifying-system-files-on-your-PC-for-GTAV System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '...' is denied Run RageMP as an administrator. The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found Install the below 2 packages https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=52685 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53344&desc=dotnet462 System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (522) Origin Connection Time-out. Happens when the servers are down, keep checking back or wait for an announcement to let you know when they're back online. undefined:0 Right now there isn't a clear answer in this, however, some have fixed by allowing RageMP through their firewall, and some fixed it by closing all programs on their computer to free up their RAM/CPU and then loading into a server. As of ~0.3.6: If you're a Windows 8/8.1 user you'll experience this, no fix for this as of yet as it may be software not supporting Windows 8 Game launching into Singleplayer (Steam Version) Completely quit Steam, then run RageMP and let RageMP launch steam and the game and you should load into the game. This, however, doesn't always work for Steam users but has worked for some. OR Make sure you have the Visual C++ redistributable 2015 (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145) Game is crashing before it's even launched Some players have reported if you have another GTA V Multiplayer Mod installed inside your GTA V folder, you should remove this and it has been known to fix this issue. NVIDIA USERS: Disable Nvidia Shadowplay and see if that stops the crashing, some players have reported issues with this. Game is crashing once I join a server(As soon as it says 'Multiplayer started') Try moving your RageMP to a different drive (For example, from C:\ to D:\) If the server has voice chat, disable anything that may be blocking your microphone or any voice changers, this causes you to crash. System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden Your IP is blocked and if it isn't done on purpose, you should use a VPN to view the master list. You can disable it once you begin connecting to a server. Failed to retrieve the install directory This can occur if you've selected the wrong directory, or possibly that you have an outdated GTAV.exe/GTA V files. Make sure you're selecting the right directory, it should contain your GTAV.exe file. If you're sure it's the right directory, it has been said that you can try reverifying your game files as you may have an outdated/corrupt/modified GTAV.exe that RageMP isn't picking up. RageMP freezes each time I click on a server This happens when the directory you've selected doesn't contain a GTAV.exe most of the time. Another reason can be that if you have a Steam version, that you aren't logged into Steam so it's unable to launch GTA V. I launch RageMP and nothing happens Disable your antivirus, this can happen when you're missing files. If you don't have one installed, try reinstalling RageMP again. I'm getting frameskipping while playing on any server If you run autohotkey, try turning it off before launching RageMP. If you run on a 144Hz monitor, lowering your FPS/Hz to 60 seems to stop this from happening. GTA V starts up with a black screen and then suddenly closes/crashes after clicking 'Play Now' If this is the first time ever using RageMP or you have just reinstalled RageMP, this will make your client crash as the 'Play Now' button is used to reconnect to your last connected server. Please use the 'Servers' tab or the 'Direct Connect' tab to join a server first, then you can use the Play Now button to reconnect to your last joined server. My game is crashing when I'm out there the construction zone/middle of Los Santos This is a known crash zone, look at the image below to confirm you're crashing in this area. However, it is possible to get this fixed by doing the following Go to Documents / Rockstar Games / GTA V / Profiles Highlight all of the folders Optional: Send to -> Compressed folder (zip) [So you don't lose your campaign progress] Delete all of the folders Restart your Game When you restart, it will ask where to get your save file from, click 'Local Only' Map of the crash zone Source: https://rage.mp/forums/topic/1816-client-troubleshooting-tips-fixes/
  2. MikeTheMike

    woa! Oaks?? Is this about my 4x4 2 ton extended cab?
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    Thank you! & Congrats to everyone else!
  5. MikeTheMike

    Update the gang affiliation, silly!! OT: Cool thread!
  6. MikeTheMike

    My 1060 runs the game at 8x MSAA - with everything maxed at roughly 40 FPS or so. Have you updated your drivers recently? I down-graded my drivers to a build from a few months ago as I was having really bad frame drops.
  7. I prefer the current system & I'd rather not have the majority of the supply come from PFs. This boosts illegal faction roleplay and will make the system more fun/complex, reliant on connections rather than a friend applying for a PF, this also restricts less-than realistic roleplayers from supplying factions with legal firearms.
  8. MikeTheMike

    Thank you @KV for being the goddess of character creation, turning my character from zero to hero.
  9. MikeTheMike

    I'd really, really, really like to see more frequent rain - how-ever, I wouldn't be a fan of the snow.
  10. MikeTheMike

    Actually really cool! Thanks.
  11. MikeTheMike

    Might check it out! 😮 Sounds like fun. Good luck.
  12. MikeTheMike

    I'd say a good 90% of 'finishers' in the BW mode that I've done, or have seen others do ends in a headshot. These players are definitely not just shooting and running, they aim to kill, I, personally dump more than what the script needs as realistically, if I'm already committing to murder someone - there's no chance I can allow them to survive the encounter. and this is something that happens very often - it's not a one-off scenario. Go watch more videos and you'll see. If this was implemented, you bet your ass everyone would dump clips into people. If you're only worried about gang shootouts in broad daylight, there are many other ways to prevent this from happening. Faction Management is already more than happy to listen in on any quality complaints and direct it to their faction if it holds merit - the faction can then either change, or be shut down. Watch this as an example, this player put a person into BW, kept shooting even before the bullets would register it as a death - and even after he had truly died by the script. This is what I do in 90% of situations, and what I also see others do in personal experience. The first video in the last reply was simply an example of a situation the suggestion couldn't hold up.
  13. MikeTheMike

    We're roleplaying in the fictional city of Los Santos and certain real world comparisons such as this one hold no merit. & If someone has a proper reason to kill someone, they're likely to make sure they're dead. Watch videos of how killings take place here: Tell me how many of these people could realistically survive - not to mention, the majority of shootouts already do end in executions of the losing party. Go watch any DM video and you'll see the same thing over and over. These people are not getting back up. In these rule abiding and realistic scenarios(Despite a bit of excessive shooting in the first), if this rule was employed, you now have all the people they've killed able to attack back knowing the entire scenario if 1 of them survives. Screwing with illegal roleplay, plotholes, the works. It simply doesn't work and never will. Or, should we just force-ck everyone that died in the 2nd video? Lose the faction they've likely spent months building up just because of this one situation? No-one on the illegal side would care about the character they've created. RP quality would get worse. Paranoia would cause more and more deaths, people act irrational in situations where something they hold onto is at stake.
  14. MikeTheMike

    It accounts for - meaning it allows for in the scenario it'd be acceptable. That doesn't mean that you can get shot 6 times in the head and be revived by paramedics. The server also allows for players to PK without being in brutally wounded mode. The point is if you're killed according to how the script functions your realistic chance of survival is at phenomenally low. In the majority of cases someone is shot 6 times, it'd be safe to assume their odds are survival are low. & The point is, if I hit someone with a headshot, there should be no realistic expectation of that person having anymore than a fraction of a percentage chance to survive. There's no need to check their pulse, they're definitely dead. & If you want people to roleplay injuries off the situation they were PKed from, then they're missing half their brain for the rest of their life and look like Frankenstein. Headshots are very common. But, that means every death can result in a CK. No-one wants that, the topic has been argued numerous times and always reaches the same conclusion. You also can't deny the realism of the script in one sentence then argue that the script does it, so it must be fine in another. No-one's ever roleplayed coming out of the hospital after a PK. The hospital is a safe-zone, it makes sense to be teleported to one to collect your bearings and keep you away from whatever you died until the situation that had gotten you killed has concluded. The difference between a CK and a PK isn't the effort put into the killing. It's the circumstances, reasoning, background, and situation, what his death would contribute to the development of the interaction and how vital it is for things to move forward. It's hard to explain to you as I'm fairly sure you don't have illegal roleplaying experience. Me roleplaying the murder of someone for a year and a half doesn't automatically transition it to a CK. Well, yeah. They're dead. And, it's fine for their roleplay to be deleted in that instance as it doesn't harm their bigger picture 99% of the time, and if it is a very impactful death that directly conflicts with the fundamentals of their character - they should CK. 75% of murders are unsolved in Chicago, LS is a big city, CKs happen often enough, can't you just focus all your really in-depth roleplay onto these cases? There's more than enough room there to keep you occupied. It's flexible in the fact that it can account for 99% of situations, exclude bugs. Therefore reliable. The health system is simply something that says; stop, that's enough - you're definitely gone right now, pal. If you die by things that are roleplayed and not supported by the script - you can PK under the circumstances if you'd realistically be dead. Hypothetically speaking, if I were to for some reason kill someone with a fork, or by smashing their head to pieces with my car tires, we'd roleplay, then go our separate ways with the agreement of a PK without actually respawning/using the script to actually kill. It does. If you want every 'well roleplayed' death to be a CK, you're going to have a ton of reports, complaints, admin interventions and the same goes for PKs. I can already hear the complaints in my head. You have extreme views on how things should be carried out, and therefore are apart of a minority of people who actually want this change. Not every death is in the heat of the moment, this system yet again doesn't account for another scenario - making this even more confusing and filled with more loopholes than the current. The vast majority of PKs have a proper reason behind it, if they didn't, then people'd be getting ajailed every 3 minutes. This just means no-one's going to have a character for more than a week. You'd effectively kill illegal roleplay if they even tried to do this. They probably are, yeah, but there are people who go between serious roleplay and trolling that fall through the cracks, and trust me, you don't want your well developed character to encounter them if everything's a CK. I've provided more than enough specifics to how it'd play out and what's wrong with what you've suggested. The system is flawed, and I'm doing my best to educate you on your shortcoming of understanding and information. If the information I've given doesn't show you how ineffective and sloppy the implementation would be then I'm sorry, but, you do need to experience more situations from my side of the fence and I've been on yours. I figured I could maybe give a good backlog of information large enough to prevent this topic from being made again, and again. Sorry for saying that was my last reply, had to clear up some confusion from it.
  15. MikeTheMike

    This'll be my final reply. That wouldn't be powergaming as the server already employs PKs/uses the new life rule previously explained. 1). It takes 4 shots, minimum to kill someone & a fifth to finish them off if they're in brutally wounded. The current system already accounts for players being able to realistically survive their injuries. If a player just 'runs off' without ensuring that person was dead, then they'd be perfectly capable of receiving medical attention and surviving if they're in this state. Gangsters don't check pulses, they just aim for the head. I'm not sure about you, but, I love watching videos of shootouts, and I assure you, you can reasonably predict if someone's still alive after a shooting as if you want someone dead, you're probably going to keep shooting until they stop moving. Furthermore, if they were to receive any headshots(which a good number of deaths do), this'd break the idea completely. Keep in-mind this also doesn't account for every situation possible so the system is flawed regardless. What if I just legitimately make sure he's dead?.. Which does happen, believe it or not. This also doesn't account for how they'd make it to the hospital. And, deathmatcher? Well.. I'd never.. I haven't been punished on a roleplay server in around 5 years :x. Currently, out of the 4 characters I roleplay, only 1 of them has ever murdered someone. It's not really piss-poor roleplay, not only did I kill that person for what-ever reason I did in accordance to server rules and standards - NOW I have someone walking around who I attempted to murder, Making me even more shook and desperate to get this person off the streets. If that's poor roleplay in your book, idk what to tell you :x. I've roleplayed in government, gangs, PD, SD, law detectives, private detectives, mafias, cartels, you name it & understand there's many sides to the coin, your suggestion only benefits one side & even if I was a gang detective here at this very moment, I still wouldn't support this system as it's unfair and cannot realistically account for most of the deaths that occur on GTAW. You're right, players are absolutely required to roleplay out their injuries & I'd bet that if you were shot 6 times you'd be as good as dead without alot of luck, and prompt medication attention - but, again - this is a game and the 'health' system is simply a way to make the game fun, and fair. When you dig too deep into a game, you're setting yourself up for failure as you will never - and i repeat never - see a game that can perfectly emulate real-life. Some real-life concepts are ignored for the sake of everyones sanity, and seamlessness. (Admins like to RP too!) We let the death/health system implemented to make that decision for us so it's fair to everyone across the board - without it - it'd be chaos. You're an extreme minority on GTAW, and it'd be realistically impossible to develop a proper game mode, and find the active playerbase that truly plays by the rules, doesn't manipulate them and administration willing to baby-sit everyone, and overlook everything that happens. It's impressive what's already been accomplished here & I assure you, it wasn't easy. Your system relies on the fact that they can't 'confirm they're dead', this, in-turn would influence everyones decisions and unfairly 'check' and over-roleplay situations to ensure everyone they killed was a CK, since they have the 'confirmation', this turns something stupid into a valid CK. There are people here that play on the 'borderline' of the rules, and people who'd make characters specifically to kill others on - you'd need a whole team dedicated to make sure people weren't abusing their power/making new characters when-ever killing everyone bit them in the ass & roleplaying on that same character as-if they were the last one with no consequence. I think you're inexperienced in the grand scheme and don't completely understand how much of a dramatic negative mess this'd bring. We're here to have fun, whilst taking into account others' experiences. I know the system you're proposing won't work for the simple fact that I've been in situations where I 'thought' a player died, and this lead to me actually killing them for the second time(The player had no complaints and recognized my right to from the start). The fact I was forced to murder someone today in a fashion that wouldn't be covered by the system you've wrote. I think you should just sit back and wait to see how the body system plays out, it may fix many of the issues you have with how everything currently works. Look at the bigger picture, don't scrutinize trivial things on an online roleplay server based off a modded GTA5 client