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  1. MikeTheMike

    I've also never had an issue with GTA Online whilst I had RAGE installed. You should be fine aslong as you don't modify any game files.
  2. MikeTheMike

    dont od in my fuccin car next time PAL
  3. MikeTheMike

    oh fuck i almost died
  4. MikeTheMike

    I wouldn't mind an extra line.
  5. MikeTheMike

    Username: slimeboss273 Comment: yall got examples or nah?
  6. MikeTheMike

    Welcome back.
  7. Jdiggity73: Oh my gosh! Is this true? Where'd you get this information? I can't seem to find any other articles & our state isn't listed on the official outbreak map?
  8. MikeTheMike

    Locked upon request. Let us know if you ever want it back.
  9. MikeTheMike

    Locked upon request. Let us know if you ever want it back. o/
  10. MikeTheMike

    Locked upon request. PM us if you ever want it back. Good luck to what-evers next.
  11. MikeTheMike

    Archived due to inactivity.
  12. MikeTheMike

    Hi, Unfortunately, we have to keep a strict stance on these sort of names and do our best to outline these restrictions in our rules and applications process. You have to understand that while there may be 'Heaven Leighs' in the real-world, there's also tons of Bill Gates' and Steve Jobs'. To protect the integrity of the gamemode, we have to remain strict on these issues -- if we make an exception for you, someone else will also expect an exception & it'll cause immediate issues. This was discussed with you at length, and if you have an issue -- feel free to follow the avenues given to you to appeal the decision.
  13. MikeTheMike

    Thank you & Grats to everyone else!