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  1. Staff applications for the June 2020 batch will open using the following schedule: Open: 19/May/2020 Closed: 26/May/2020
  2. Staff applications for the May 2020 batch will open using the following schedule: Open: 21/APR/2020 Closed: 28/APR/2020
  3. KV

    What I look for when it comes to assets as a whole, and bear in mind that saying assets here is generalizing a whole lot from a very general example: the RP around the character has to be able to justify owning and maintaining what they have and what they want through their overall portrayal of the character being played.
  4. KV

    We can't spend all day every day in-game. What we can do is convey to people what our characters do in their off time. And so while you don't have to work for a solid 8 hours a day, it's safe to say if a character touts having a full-time job, they at the very least can RP the satisfaction, stress, exhaustion from such work. If they work two jobs, they can add to that the mental juggling of schedules as well. Hate to break this to you but having a rich mommy and daddy background story isn't going to get someone a house any faster than being a hard-working individual who made something out of themselves from nothing. What does matter is the overall portrayal of the character being played, quality of roleplay. There's more at play here than just the numbers you see in the top right corner of your screen. I'm not going to touch on the PD issues with returning to the next scene here. Keeping assets after a character dies and name-changes, what I will say on this is that while we allow it, the player does need to come up with a way to explain these. I advise people if they're cking, they should try to get rid of player-specific assets such as cars. At this point in time, we don't have any rule in place for assets post name change beyond the rule stating characters should be unique and not like your other characters. You stinker! And at the end of the day, admins have a lot going on for them. We try to juggle enforcing server rules, standards while also being players ourselves. We can't watch over everything at once and so we have to go by what's reported to us on some matters. I don't spend my off time when no reports are coming in to cruise around looking for sports-car fishermen. I like to RP too. Enforcing quality and realism isn't just about money and assets, but the overall portrayal that comes with these, and the process by which people obtain their wealth. Yes, a person can work two jobs. But how much physical and mental stress comes along with that? Owning a small business can be lucrative. But in owning a business that runs and operates full time, it's going to be a 40-60 hour workweek in and of itself. Obviously we don't expect people to actually work this. We want people to portray it though in how it affects their characters emotionally, physically. And yes, everyone can handle this differently, it is subjective to an extent. But if a person doesn't show this at all? Doesn't incorporate it into their character's demeanor and the story, then isn't it at that point just grinding for money at the top right of your screen?
  5. KV

    10, I like the art style
  6. Username: KDT Comment: This is EXACTLY WHAT IVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT! The hypocrisy displayed here is nothing short of aberrant and disgusting.
  7. Staff applications for the April 2020 batch will open using the following schedule: Open: 20/MAR/2020 Closed: 27MAR/2020
  8. I see nothing wrong with acknowledging that it's a thing happening in the world, and subsequently RPing either the concern, panic or even apathy associated with it. Stick to your character's mindset and how you believe they'd react. We've made the decision to not allow any cases, and because this is an OOC decision, characters can still carry on with that fear of something they believe to be very real to them even though we all know OOC nothing will come of it.
  9. Where is my Rockford Hills house? I'm friends with ALL of PM and I don't have one yet 😞 On a serious note: seems like this thread got derailed a bit into bickering and so I'm going to give it the single opportunity to keep it on track. The discussion at hand is what sort of things qualify as realistic RP for someone portraying a wealthy character. Only warning and then it's locked forever. If you want to make it a proper discussion, don't make it about specific people (and by this I mean yourselves.) There are a lot of people who don't know who you are or how you RP and so you're going to obviously be met with immediate criticism. Instead, leave the opportunity for there to be a legitimate discussion.
  10. Staff applications for the March 2020 batch will be open using the following schedule: Open: 17/FEB/2020 Closed: 24/FEB/2020
  11. KV

    Ya see.. what had happened was..
  12. KV

    If I don't call a cab, I like to swap to the first-person view and drive around for drunk driving. I already suck at driving normally and this makes it 10x worse for me. I agree it'd be nice to see more people utilize taxis or simply RP the effects realistically.
  13. KV

    "Jonathan" Woods The youngest of Duke's brood, Jolene Woods lost her mother when she was young and was subsequently raised by and doted upon by many of the older members of her family. Her obedience and demure nature made her easy to handle, something that extended into her 20s. Her relatives are still oddly protective of her, sometimes making her go by the online persona of "Jonathan" to avoid online predators. "Them city boys only after one thing, Jo!" Most of her adolescence was spent in admiration of her older brothers and cousins, and only now is she starting to come into her own. Despite rarely straying far from home, Jo's beginning to test the waters of independence and is striking out for new things. This 'wild side' though is kept contained by convictions that are rooted deeply in her love for God and her family. Jolene's an avid fan of any offroading, loves classic rock, and being outdoors. She also has a blind devotion to her older sister Sally and will side with her no matter the circumstance.
  14. I'll lock this if it gets out of hand. As it stands, we have the OOC consent rule in place for this sort of RP that safeguards people who don't wish to take part in it. This suggestion was designed to amend the offensive RP rules to prohibit the sexual RP of characters under the legal age of consent. In order to ensure this discussion can take place, I recommend maintaining civility and composure while providing constructive feedback.