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  1. Staff applications for the April 2020 batch will open using the following schedule: Open: 20/MAR/2020 Closed: 27MAR/2020
  2. I see nothing wrong with acknowledging that it's a thing happening in the world, and subsequently RPing either the concern, panic or even apathy associated with it. Stick to your character's mindset and how you believe they'd react. We've made the decision to not allow any cases, and because this is an OOC decision, characters can still carry on with that fear of something they believe to be very real to them even though we all know OOC nothing will come of it.
  3. Where is my Rockford Hills house? I'm friends with ALL of PM and I don't have one yet 😞 On a serious note: seems like this thread got derailed a bit into bickering and so I'm going to give it the single opportunity to keep it on track. The discussion at hand is what sort of things qualify as realistic RP for someone portraying a wealthy character. Only warning and then it's locked forever. If you want to make it a proper discussion, don't make it about specific people (and by this I mean yourselves.) There are a lot of people who don't know who you are or how you RP and so you're going to obviously be met with immediate criticism. Instead, leave the opportunity for there to be a legitimate discussion.
  4. Staff applications for the March 2020 batch will be open using the following schedule: Open: 17/FEB/2020 Closed: 24/FEB/2020
  5. KV

    Ya see.. what had happened was..
  6. KV

    If I don't call a cab, I like to swap to the first-person view and drive around for drunk driving. I already suck at driving normally and this makes it 10x worse for me. I agree it'd be nice to see more people utilize taxis or simply RP the effects realistically.
  7. KV

    "Jonathan" Woods The youngest of Duke's brood, Jolene Woods lost her mother when she was young and was subsequently raised by and doted upon by many of the older members of her family. Her obedience and demure nature made her easy to handle, something that extended into her 20s. Her relatives are still oddly protective of her, sometimes making her go by the online persona of "Jonathan" to avoid online predators. "Them city boys only after one thing, Jo!" Most of her adolescence was spent in admiration of her older brothers and cousins, and only now is she starting to come into her own. Despite rarely straying far from home, Jo's beginning to test the waters of independence and is striking out for new things. This 'wild side' though is kept contained by convictions that are rooted deeply in her love for God and her family. Jolene's an avid fan of any offroading, loves classic rock, and being outdoors. She also has a blind devotion to her older sister Sally and will side with her no matter the circumstance.
  8. I'll lock this if it gets out of hand. As it stands, we have the OOC consent rule in place for this sort of RP that safeguards people who don't wish to take part in it. This suggestion was designed to amend the offensive RP rules to prohibit the sexual RP of characters under the legal age of consent. In order to ensure this discussion can take place, I recommend maintaining civility and composure while providing constructive feedback.
  9. Let's keep the discussion relevant. This is in regards to underage characters and sexual RP regarding those characters.
  10. KV

  11. Staff applications for the February 2020 batch will be open using the following schedule: Open: 23/JAN/2020 Closed: 30/JAN/2020
  12. Property has been sold, thank you for the offers.
  13. Looking into offers for this large, two story home overlooking the ocean. Home boasts two bedrooms, one bath, two car garage, back deck and private entryway. Equipped with state of the art alarm system in both the garage and the house, with CCTV installed. Starting at 400,000. Please leave serious offers here. Exterior Garage Interior
  14. KV

    I'm not really supporting this. It seems like it would encourage or facilitate ERP. Go to events and businesses to mingle with people in game, or connect through the already established IC social media.