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  1. 😂 Lowkey most excited about this.
  2. KV

    Big congratulations to everyone, well deserved.
  3. KV

    There's nothing wrong with stealing a car where the player is online. If you think about it, you're going to get more RP that way anyway when they report it stolen. And that is what we're here for! And yeah, as Fenrir said, there are plenty of people who leave their vehicles out. For me personally, for the most part I leave mine spawned unless I have to log quickly and am in a spot that makes no sense for my character's car to be.
  4. KV

    Menyoo affecting the server? Only in the sense people use it to stage things that never happened, all for the sake of likes. And spend HOURS doing it. And you will find there are people who rarely RP in game but have this overly busy life on FB in pictures. Most of their RP is on FB. And don't get me wrong, Facebrowser is great to facilitate RP and to meet people in an otherwise big, barren city.. but it shouldn't be where most of the RP takes place. As far as custom clothes/things and inconsistencies in character looks.. I can live with people's avatars not looking the same IG because that's an IC issue. People photoshop and use filters all the time IRL so how is it different there? Can be sure as hell I'm going to be taking it IC though.
  5. KV

    Love love love what you do Adero 🙂
  6. My personal opinion here on the matter? The RP should come first. Always. I have never liked the idea of people typing out a quick shitty emote and then rushing in for a script attack just to have an advantage, or to drive in the point that their character is a badass. While I can understand that some situations will give people the advantage over someone else, 'rushing in' for an attack is absolute bullshit. You can SEE a person coming, you HAVE time to react. And it's up to the defending player to react accordingly and realistically. Adding to it, going straight for a script punch eliminates the ability to react from the person, and forces the outcome on them thanks to how the targeting and combat works mechanically.
  7. KV

    Super cute 10/10
  8. KV

    L&A by request.
  9. KV

    Nicely done everyone, and welcome to the new support! Big congrats to @Syrike !
  10. KV

    So this is what goes on when I'm not around. Interesting.. Looking good though, keep it up.
  11. KV

  12. KV

  13. KV