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Staff Update - June 2022

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Hello Gamers!


Welcome to the June 2022 Staff Update.. Can you already believe it? Six months has passed since our first 2022 Staff Update. Time flies when you are busy! 

We hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer (for those of you that get warm weather) and are enjoying the few weeks of break that we get from University/School. 

For the Staff side of things, Staff Management has went through a slight revamp. First and foremost, @Wally has been assigned as the position of Head of Support. We believe he will make great strides in the position he has been assigned and believe he will do extremely well with the upcoming assignments we have. I (Pillsbury) have been working with Wally for over a year now in Staff Management and he has done nothing but impress me with his abilities within the team. I strongly believe that the promotion up to Lead Administrator will assist him in his upcoming duties. @Pepper has been assigned as the newly developed Head of Staff Relations, which will be in charge of Staff morale, surveys, events and the overall betterment of the Staff Team as a whole to improve the experience for community members. We believe Pepper will make a great fit for the position that he has been assigned to currently and will continue to work as hard as he has been.

With Wally leaving his former position, @Björk will be retaining the position of Assistant Head of Admins. @Zani has transferred from the Support side of Staff Management and has undergone his training for the Administrative side of Staff Management. @Sharvit & @Adv have also joined Staff Management and have been assigned as Support Management. 

@Banks has also been assigned as the Interim Head of Legal Faction Management. We wanted to wish him the best of luck with Legal Faction Management and his future work for the team! And also to @Boots for making Head of Mapping.

On the Development side of the community, we have seen multiple changes throughout the month of May, from UI systems, to quality of life updates and firearm updates. Our Development Team is working around the clock to continue to push out updates for the community that gives an enjoyable playtime experience on the server. For the new UI, our Developers are pushing out new "updated" systems that remains compatible with basic text on the screen and now also allow having an interface to display and be able to adjust settings properly (like the new death system, faction vehicle spawning and settings menu's). Our new weapons update allows factions to add key components like scopes, muzzles and camo to firearms of choice. And recently at the end of the month, a new update was released for the boombox/radio station, allowing for a new and clean look while listening to music. We suggest if you want to keep up to date with all the updates that were pushed through in May, to glance at our game changelog.

As we always do so, we want to give a shout out to all of our Staff that continue to do amazing work for the community. We continue to watch over the amount of dedication, effort and work you all put into the community and Management cannot be thankful enough. Keep up the great work everyone!

We hope everyone has a great month and we look forward to seeing you all in July!


GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotions

Senior Administrator to Lead Administrator

@Wally (Head of Support)

Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator
@Sharvit (Staff Management - Support Management)


Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2


Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1



Senior Support to Trial Administrator




Support to Senior Support


New Support Members:




We thank all those who have applied to support, but only those who are accepted or placed on the reserved list will be contacted in the coming days. You can check the status of your application on the UCP and in the event you were denied you may request a denial reason there. Please note, in the event that you were denied you must wait two months prior to re-applying from this Staff Update on, unless otherwise stated in your denial reason.

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