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  1. (( Just a reminder, if a bid is made it needs to be public. Private bids are not allowed. ))
  2. -1 Not only would add more hurdles for something as simple as a bar fight, it'd create a bigger backlog of reports for us to go through. Let alone how unrealistic it'd be. I've been to many bars and clubs where people have punched each other for something as small as being shoved accidentally and spilling their drink, to people outright screaming at each other until a brawl kicked off between two groups, seen security guard getting their teeth kicked in, and I've seen guards best the shit out of the troublemakers. It happens, and it's natural when alcohol is involved. In a lot of these cases, police got involved and the venue was shut down for the night. Nothing stops them from opening another day, however. If people go to a business to exclusively troll and cause issues? Report them as usual, chances are they are not doing it just at ONE business, and if that's the case, their stay will be short as the punishments will be increasingly higher the more they do it for repeated offenses. Like Lomadias said, running a business isn't plain sailing. It has good and bad things. Sure, some people will troll and that's the people you need to report, but restricting roleplay behind more and more admin approval is simply not the way to go.
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