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  1. (( This is an IC thread, please refrain from posting OOC comments or starting OOC arguments. Any issues or rulebreaks can be brought up to the administration team as any other. Please keep this thread IC. On another note, @Bagacius please include a screenshot of the /pinfo showing all the necessary information, namely Market Price, Furniture Price and Purchase Date, as per advertisement rules on the forums. ))
  2. Located in Sandy Shores, at the end of Algonquin Boulevard by Liquor Ace, Sanders Garage is looking for people willing to join the team. Given the location of the workshop, we are looking to offer priority to LOCALS to the area of Sandy Shores and Grapeseed. Sanders Garage reserves the right to not consider an offer from anyone residing outside the county at this moment in time. Sanders Garage is HIRING. What are we looking for? * Experienced mechanics willing to work on a regular basis. * New mechanics willing to learn and improve their skills through work. * At least 20 years old or older. * We are currently not seeking for apprentices. * Our priority is LOCAL RESIDENTS. What do we offer? * A great working environment. * Monthly bonuses. * Employee only benefits and discounts. Sanders Garage Employment Form: 1. First Name: 2. Last Name: 3. Date of Birth: [DD/MM/YY] 4. Phone Number: 5. Address: 6. Certifications/Previous Experience: 7. Job Goals and Expectations: [Brief description of your goals and expectations on the job] ((OOC)) * We are looking for people willing to Roleplay realistically and to a high standard. * No previous knowledge is required, but having some is always welcome. We want people willing to learn and people willing to teach those who don't know, keeping a chill and friendly environment both IC and OOC. * We are NOT looking for people aiming to earn money quick or cheat their way around to make quick work of vehicles. Extensive Roleplay around them is a must. Doesn't mean doing incredibly long emotes, but rather detailed ones. * This will be checked and monitored. Not meeting those requirements will result in an instant removal from the business. 1. Discord: 2. Short Character Backstory: 3. Donator Status: [Yes/No] ((Forum PM: @JackieH and @BertoV))
  3. Simple and helpful idea, I like it. +1
  4. Rest well, buddy. My condolences to the family.

  5. (( Business shut down by Property Management due to it being unauthorized. ))
  6. (( Locked pending Property Management investigation ))
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