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  1. Every good thing comes to an end, and so does Jacob's story at this point. It was an absolute blast playing this almost year old character, and I take a lot of good memories with me after his passing. Mad respect to everyone in the faction, they are amazing roleplayers and people OOC, and it was an absolute pleasure to bring this character as far as it went. Maybe I'll come back, maybe not, only time will tell but for now, keep this going as well as it's going, because I can only say good words about it. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Jacob's story, in a good or a bad way, it's bee
  2. My boy hipsxn. Take it far bro!
  3. I'm not saying that kind of patrolling happens every day, or every night, my bad if it came off as that. Also, I'm not claiming it is OK either, as I agree being forced into that kind of militancy is not good RP and shouldn't be happening in the first place, I'm against that idea and I wish it didn't need to be done. It, however, happened a few times that I can count with one hand and I'll have a few fingers left, at least the ones I've witnessed myself. That being said, it's not a common occurrence at all. Most people don't patrol Sandy armed to their teeth because they are bored. I
  4. As someone whose RP takes place in Blaine 95% of the time, this sure is an issue and comes in waves. Robberies sky rocket, then die down. Then they get out of hand again, and slowly die down again. However, it doesn't make it less of an issue. As it's been said in the thread already, this has been taken and addressed IC, making people organize IC as well. Constant flow of information, reporting suspicious activities happening, keeping and eye on unknown vehicles/people. All of it happened because of this, which in a way it's cool and creates some RP, but on the other hand it became such a h
  5. Speaking for myself and in this case for my character, it all happened IC, gladly. Used to be in the city for a good month or so before ending up in Sandy!
  6. Just figured I'd give my two cents, given I've been RPing in Blaine and particularly in Sandy since June, give or take. It's true that some characters may or may not feel like your stereotypical redneck from a comedy movie, or from those videos seen on the internet from time to time. However, that's not the majority of characters that reside in Blaine and there's actually a lot of variety among them, and I can say that most of them are great RPers. My character, personally, wasn't born in Blaine, or Sandy in particular. He was born in Louisiana, planned to live and RP in the city, but du
  7. JackieH


    Fully support this. +1
  8. JackieH

    Sanchez liveries

    Yeah, I support this! I'd love to see a more variety with the Sanchez's liveries.
  9. I dig it a lot, gonna keep looking 👀
  10. To follow this, my list is going to be almost like DF's one, really. To start, @DF - For the long run, and I hope it is even longer! Always amazing to RP with you. @Shanks, @Lewwwy, @HeeBive and @Seaward - Greatest boomers, good leaders and awesome guys to RP with. Great people both IC and IRL. @Japanac - One of the persons I've spent more time with recently, and loved every minute of it. Great RPer and always a good laugh to be had with you! @Karner - My boy, such a good RPer. Always enjoyable to be around you, you cheeky cunt. @SULLI - What can I say, one of t
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