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  1. Username: noob scientist Comment: mountain lion next?
  2. Maybe you should reach out to Nervous about this. Not sure anyone else can help!
  3. My char was gonna buy something from Davis LTD. Some guy started randomly flirting. Some other guy called him out on that which kinda pissed the first guy off. He threw a punch and the second guy pulled out a pistol and blasted the first guy to which his friend responded by blasting the second guy. The second guy's friend then joined in as well with some automatic and made sure everyone stayed dead. He was later killed by the cops.
  4. You tried checking if using a VPN makes it better for you?
  5. You're running Rage as admin, right? Also, you tried closing some unwanted processes that could potentially cause conflicts with Rage?
  6. Speaking of pizzas and pineapples, they should implement some hunger/ thirst level in the game
  7. It's kinda sad seeing no one using the soccer script. I imagine there won't ever be some basketball script with how clunky it'd be, but it'd have been a nice one. I haven't seen it being done RP'ly yet.
  8. Yeah, even though my char has CCW, she never carries it anyway, because getting into those situations is actually fun. Escalating it into blasting them only makes it weird and unfun for me. But you know... that's just me. Others might not really be liking that kinda RP, cause in the end, it's what they like to be doing in the game.
  9. There's like only 20 Nagasaki Caddy's out of 80k cars in GTA W. Golf gets no love ⛳
  10. You are able to interact with them during some special events, but yeah. I think despite their work being forum-based, they're usually around as well.
  11. I gotta endure watching my pet disappear on a monthly basis
  12. I haven't done much RP out there in the county, but every time I do, it's a nice experience. I do agree that it could use more communities and subsequently more RP hubs. I think there are in fact a bunch of factions there, but to really get into county RP, you gotta be a part of them. Otherwise, it's going to be the typical business management. Though I think creative businesses could help in that area.
  13. I don't know why, but when you join the server for the first time, RP feels a lot more enjoyable and fresh. Not that it sucks now, but the first month of RP definitely felt like a whole new experience, despite the fact that back then server was crashing every 5 mins 😄
  14. It is particularly fun living in the chaotic world of GTA, but I guess it depends on your mindset and motivations before even playing. Though, regardless of what people think, the whole state can't be changed that much in my opinion, because it's trying to maintain that balance. If that state is common, it'd be realistic for the companies to adapt like you mentioned. So, I won't really call it fictional or immersion-breaking!
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