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  1. I don't see 50 stars on that flag.
  2. Username: ARossi Comment: Good effort miss Yunisa. One thing though. Towards the top you wrote ‘tracking stop’ but I believe you meant traffic stop? Keep up the great work.
  3. Username: ARossi Comment: Lovely article. Enjoyed reading and working with the Daily! Big shoutout to Miss Yunisa and all others who worked on this piece. Keep it up!
  4. Good quality photos. Look forward to seeing more!
  5. I think this would be better if you went to LFM about it. I tried to get full confirmation to push a new OOC alternative until traffic lights are synched, but never received it when I was in LFM. I support the idea but you're probably better off suggesting to fix traffic synch rather than an IC law change in forum suggestions. TLDR: Suggest/request it from LFM. They can put an OOC notice out.
  6. Republican Party of San Andreas PARTY ADVISORY: REPUBLICAN PARTY'S LEGISLATIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS (SECOND SESSION) APRIL 15, 2022 The San Andreas State Senate has officially gone to a recess on March 29, 2022, bringing us close to the end of the Senate's current session. The Senate, as you may know, is comprised of forty lawmakers. The Senate Republicans representing districts of the State had managed to secure a split Senate; 20 out of the 40 total seats. This is because our Constituents made their voices heard and pushed to bring about a balance to the Legislature. Then-Senator Noah Wade was elected to be the President Pro Tempore of the San Andreas Senate until eventually securing his position as the Secretary of State. Since Wade's departure in late October of 2021, Senator Adrian Rossi was elected as the President Pro Tempore until the end of the second session of the State's Legislature. COMMITTEE DESIGNATED CHAIRMEN Committee on Public Safety Senator Rudy Benson Committee on Appropriations President Pro Tempore Adrian Rossi Committee of Rules and Ethics Senator Rudy Benson During the second session, the Republican-split Senate managed to achieve a strong list of LEGISLATIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS; Passed the Domestic Violence Act of 2021. Led the charge against gang crime by passing the Gang Injunction Act of 2022. Ensured that homeowners may protect themselves, their families, and their property with the Defense of Habitation Bill of 2021. Introduced laws to allow for easier transportation of handicap persons. Pushed legislation to further outline and establish public safety laws. Proposed finer legislation to assist business owners with trespassers. Frontrunners for bipartisanship on legislation. Pushed to investigate possible corruption or misuse across government agencies. Enabled protections for beach and promenade goers. Passed legislation in support of entrepreneurs and merchants on their premises. Expanded further on the Landlord-Tenant Act of 2021. Established protection for first-responder canines. Protections against forced prayers during the Senate prayer sessions. Established the premise which allows all types of clergies from any religion or denomination to be permitted to offer the Senate prayer. Introduced violations to the Health Code of San Andreas, failed to pass due to Senate recess. As we mark the end of this term, we ask our Constituents of the State of San Andreas to look at what we've managed to accomplish in the Senate with the Republican leadership. The Republican Party is committed to working closely with local agencies, businesses, and our voters and Constituents to find the most effective solution to every issue we face. We ask for your support in order to bring our State to a better place. Help us achieve this goal! Sincerely, Rudy Benson Senator GOP Chairman Republican Party of San Andreas Adrian Rossi President Pro Tempore GOP Executive Member Republican Party of San Andreas Elise Calvet GOP Secretary GOP Executive Member Republican Party of San Andreas FACEBROWSER | WEBSITE
  7. I would liked to have seen more professional clothing in terms of more dressy clothes. We're still on the same suits as the vanilla game to be honest. The vanilla suits are so hard to work with. They're either really baggy, really wide, or really skinny/ankle showing with improper match up of shoes. We have only one pair of weird red-colored suspenders. I'm not sure what's out there but it would have been nice for more professional clothing environments.
  8. I’m deeply sorry to hear about your niece’s condition, and you’re amazing for reaching out to people seeking help.
  9. Full Name: Adrian Rossi Signature: Adrian Rossi Comment (optional): I love it. Physical activity and sports is what our youth need to clear their minds and stay healthy. Let’s get it done.
  10. The topic of elections are extremely complex for a roleplay server, and while I definitely understand the argument, I think that completely disassociating with or failing to participate completely just because of that is not the right way to go about it. I think that people need to take advantage of what's currently available. I actually want to say that this is true and was nice to read. Here in my city, the Department of Sanitation will just not pick up people's garbage and the curbs get full and the mayor is pressured to make changes that they want.
  11. I would agree with one point and disagree with others. Firstly, the riots that occur do not do the roleplay scene any good when they turn the way they do. Like others have mentioned, protests become an excuse for people to go crazy, which is unfortunate if there's a crowd of people wanting to form up ICly to protest something, because a peaceful protest (consistently) will apply pressure to the government. However, when it turns violent, you can bet that it would only push the government further away from any sympathy. I don't think it's a good break up of the 'general stale meta' of the server when it's unreasonably violent. What I do agree with is topics like crime; the truth is that the IC government probably can't do much about crime. These matters are handled on an OOC basis by LFM and other admins who try to keep a balance of legal and illegal roleplay. Otherwise, the government would pass bills that allow for more efficient policing tactics and people would be getting locked up left and right for long sentences. Everyone tries to make this claim but then again my character's inbox is nearly empty from any constituents. Senators emails are public (join the discord) and so anyone can reach out for any issues, but no one does. We hear this a lot but people never make the effort to get involved. It's very wrong to say that the State government is disconnected as we have held innumerous sessions in-game for people to attend and possibly interact with. Most of the attendees come for fun, which is okay, but the majority of the population do not care about in-character politics.
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