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  1. I think it does apply but in certain ways. Even the way you’re allowed to drive, we legislate that. For example, the Freeway Safety Act, Parking Definitions Act, etc. They’re all niche in a way, but over time the Senate has proposed more and more laws which relate to particular roleplay or situations. Take for example the recently re-installed death penalty law. The democrats abolished the death penalty around 2021 or so, and just about 2-3 weeks ago, my character passed the reinstatement of it, albeit in a very watered down version. So, you could end up facing state-sanctioned death if you end up falling into the right category. There are many other things as well. Fishing laws, hunting laws, etc
  2. It isn’t only about laws but political actions, such as government investigations or statements made about particular notorious incidents. The more you involve yourself and follow politics the more it becomes clear of what goes on. Even the things we do which have no inherent power (opinions, statements, resolutions) can be fun. Also, here’s the forum where all laws go. You can also hit ‘legislation index’ thread for a collective list of them. https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/353-san-andreas-state-laws/ Thank you for mentioning this. This needs to be read by many people in the community.
  3. I think everyone should realize that the Senate has had open arms for the entirety of its existence. What I mean by that is, even after elections, we've brought people in the faction who are interested in roleplaying politics. I myself didn't know how to write bills, I didn't even know the process of how a bill becomes a law. I didn't know any motions or processes of government. I didn't fully understand the scope of a Legislature in the first place. And yet, I was brought on, and because I was driven to learn, I did. I asked questions, I got answers, and I got a lot of help from both Democrats and Republicans on an OOC level, because while we may have disagreements OOC (no need to mention IC here), we get along very well. Anyone who says that politics is a clique could not be further from the truth. It is completely wrong to ever state that. The truth is that you don't find people interested in politics. When we opened up candidate elections during the last senate election, we didn't even have a handful of interested persons. We can't even find people to staff our parties. We have 10 seats in the Senate and we can't even fill them. Also, anyone who wants the Senate to be exactly like California's should just advocate to abolish the in-character Senate and rely on California law in this server. It's as simple as that. If you don't want to do that, then you have to have an IC Senate and an IC senate can go either way. Copy-pasting California is not creative roleplay. Because that means we'd have to adhere to what California does at all times. And if you have the notion that we can divert from California after we copy-paste its Legislature and laws, after 1 election, it'll likely revert to the way it is now, and we'd repeal all those laws and turn it red, so what's the point? This is a non issue and there is no basis for the argument.
  4. Username: GodsWarriorOnEarth Comment: Christianity has abandoned you. Embrace Islam.
  5. Username: Agent Z Comment: Excuse me? How about you do your research, because you have 0 knowledge of scripture. The Qur’an is God’s revelation. There is no human error involved. You don’t speak for God and you don’t speak for Islam. Try misleading people elsewhere, Satan.
  6. Username: Adrian Rossi Comment: I had plans to speak with other reporters about it. I don’t entertain biased journalists like yourself. If you cared to read through the comments on this article, you would know of my statement. But it doesn’t matter with you, because even if you did read it, it goes against the misleading narrative of yours to paint the GOP in a particular light. You’re not a messenger, you’re a fearmonger, and you’ve been fearmongering along with your party and caucus members in a desperate attempt to gain some sort of popularity. While I’ve already explained and justified my actions, YOU are the one that just failed to respond, but that’s because you can’t, because you and I both know that you’ve been using your position in the media to aid one political party over the other. You have 0 credibility to your name, because the only time you ever did write was when you felt you needed to spin a narrative, and that’s quite frankly disgusting. I wish you all the best in your new career.
  7. Username: Adrian Rossi Comment: You can continue to spread false information like you always have. If Diana Jones wanted to support the LGBT community, she would have reached out like I did to her. See what I mean? Plus, I already gave a statement on this, but you wouldn’t ever do your proper research, would you. Just like you never did when you worked for LSI. And let’s talk about that. All of your releases were either promoting figures like Avery Lafayette—who has been accused of money laundering and has made CLEAR RACIST REMARKS—or the democrats, the latter usually being a form of damage control. Everyone saw how biased and politically leaning your releases were. So why don’t you answer how you used your position within LS Insider to promote a party agenda? And don’t try and deny it, because you’re a democratic caucus staffer now.
  8. Username: iBleedRed Comment: Truly a great day for the patriots of this country and a sad day for the criminal sympathizers. Everyone wants to talk all this talk but have no experience out on the field regarding just how horrible these people really are. The only regrettable thing here is that the bill is not strong enough. It’s a stepping stone in the right direction though.
  9. Username: Conspriacieesss Comment: Wait how the hell did this guy find out that 38% of republicans voted for him? Insider information? Get an investigation on this guy ASAP. Probably some unalived names on the ballot for this guy’s candidate too. Shameful and disgusting.
  10. Username: God’s Warrior 33913 Comment: That’s a fake ass verification tag lmao??
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