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  1. Username: Ayzee Comment: I like the article, Miss Holter. We shall see what the future holds. Kudos to our law enforcement agencies for their efforts in combating human trafficking.
  2. Experience, time, and observation. That's the way I improved. Truth is, you'll need to surround yourself around other good roleplayers to see where you might lack and can improve on. If you're around people that have poor character development or roleplay in general, you might not see the need to improve, but once you expose yourself to how others roleplay their characters, you'll be amazed at how in-depth some people are. It might inspire an individual to want to be better. I started out on a medium RP server and didn't even know what roleplay was. Eventually, I switched to heavy RP and cringe every time I see videos of the medium RP server I came from. Quite hilarious.
  3. You may have tried this, but I would reach out to Property Management because this is their 'expertise.' I personally am not aware of what goes on within the subgroup.
  4. Usually this is from admin discretion. If you're seen to project poor roleplay during robberies or break ins, you may be informed by an administrator that you'll be barred from that roleplay for a certain amount of time. Though, I have never seen people rejected simply because they have a record.
  5. Username: Ayzee Comment: Well developed, though I would find it sus/weird if someone just started recording me.
  6. Username: Ayzee Comment: THATS MY BOYYYY WOOOOOOOO
  7. Just as a notice (for everyone also), the SAPR have very heavy restrictions on themselves with regards to how they exercise their law enforcement powers. Yes, the San Andreas Park Rangers are a fourth law enforcement faction. By definition, this is true. The agency is a state-level agency and they provide for a lot of roleplay. They don't answer calls unless it's park/forest related, within the bounds of what SAPR should be handling, if it happens right in front of a Ranger (because otherwise, imagine a Ranger driving away as you need help), or if they're requested to take the call or assist.
  8. Username: So So Scandulous Comment: Ur just a news reporter hunny. Stick to writing. Maybe focus more on a more appealing title to grab readers rather than making false promises. xoxo MWAH
  9. Username: Ayzee Comment: Please explain how the sex work bill failing explains how her father sold her into sex slavery and her husband is a pimp. Facts were presented, passing that bill statistically shows more abuse in women because it’s legalized and easier to claim legitimacy. I feel like I’m the only one that heard these facts being presented during the hearing. Also. Political bias?? We can never have unbiased news reporting.
  10. Currently seeking either a graphics designer, a website designer, or both for recurring projects. Pay will be discussed per project. Great opportunity for anyone looking to put their name out there. Several projects planned. Contact via email.
  11. My take is that I suspect more people do this type of roleplay than they don’t. There’s rules surrounding it so I’m fine with it.
  12. The San Andreas Park Rangers are a law enforcement agency under the (federal, I believe) Department of Fish and Wildlife. They have a Director. They aim to protect and enforce the laws within State Forests and Parks. Legislation has to be drafted for them to enforce these laws. That's kind of like saying the LSPD can make laws for the city of Los Santos. If we wanted municipal governments, we'd require one in Los Santos, one in Sandy, one in Paleto. I personally like the idea of a State Government. City Governments could be a good idea but it really does require a lot of effort. The current State Senate I see now is very active, so I like what I'm seeing.
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