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  1. Even as far as Americans go - people actually born in Los Santos. Outside of gangs it's not entirely common to meet people who haven't come from another state as an adult.
  2. Phased

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    you are one of maybe, four people on this server i'd piss on if they were on fire if that helps ❤️
  3. All black eyes and 5 fingers excluding thumbs on each hand. Clearly missed out a line that said they are a fucking alien.
  4. Then there's not really a concern of accidentally doing that. What you're describing is very different, and is already against the server rules. If an underaged character comes at you trying to do this, you can report them. Blanket banning a large group of roleplayers from developing their characters in a realistic fashion because of a couple shitlords is the most counter-productive thing you could ask for in this situation.
  5. I've never in my life accidentally ERP'd with a child character. I cannot fathom any world where someone needs to be concerned with accidentally ERPing with a child character, like your character is going to trip and fall on them?
  6. What a reach, that's impressive. What I'm saying is that teenagers catcall girls. Acting like it's some alien concept cause y'all spent your teenage years pretending to be lesbian women on the internet has you all fucked up if you think this doesn't happen a lot in real life.
  7. I feel really bad for your mothers, as you two must have come out the womb as full blown adults if you're not aware that kids chat the biggest amount of shit, and teenage boys catcalling grown women is a very regular thing in real life, even if a lot of it is quiet, the vocal ones who think they are the utter shit (aka, kids who are a part of a fucking actual gang) will not see a single issue doing it loud and proud. Just because a teenage boy shouts out to a woman to suck him off, doesn't mean the woman has to do it, and it most certainly doesn't make it flirting. It's an ego thing and not one of these teenage boys doing it expects the grown police woman to actually respond in a positive manner to what they say.
  8. It's the pesky crimers!!! Grinding crimes!!!!
  9. Great detective work, I don't roleplay in gangs though, I just know that none of you do either and you're crying over spilt milk in someone else's house.
  10. Wondering if you read anything other than underage in that sentence... In relation to the actual topic - I've never had any sort of fucked interactions with underage characters, and nobody I play with has either. I'm willing to bet that anyone who has, has got themselves into that situation, or they are projecting on a story they once heard about their uncles goldfish's best pal. Also, a teenage kid who thinks they are the utter shit cat calling a woman isn't some taboo thing and it most certainly isn't flirting.
  11. This should be mandatory reading for anyone wanting to start an MC on this server.
  12. Start from the back on player reports and call out staff who cherry-pick. There are people there waiting over 14 days for a report to even get picked up. One at thirteen days is based of an interaction that involved an admin in game who already gave a ruling, so could easily be closed already but it's been left to stagnate. I can't imagine how annoying that would be for the reporting party or the person being reported having to check back for 2 weeks to find out nobody has even taken the time to look at it.
  13. The man makes a solid point - getting into the support team shouldn't require forum activity, it should require game knowledge. If you push away people based on these variables you push away a potential goldmine of support staff who would dedicate the time to get things done. Casing point; I got tester on LS-RP with a brand new forum account, and between me and @Inked we were regularly the only people responding to things while those who had loads of posts on the forum were just flaunting the red name for their faction threads and screenshots. Anyone can be active on the forum, and that's no indicator to whether or not they will actually work, or how good their roleplay is. No point having a factor for your decision based on forum posts if they're gonna do the bare minimum and accept people with background stories right out of an action movie.
  14. I have never in my decade across ls-rp and gta:w heard of "grinding crime". I have however witnessed many, many people grinding script jobs to gamble to buy businesses to open it daily to make more pixel money. The key difference between going on a crime spree and "grinding" is that there's usually development happening during a crime spree that can't be seen doing /me smiles every two minutes in a 24/7, or min-maxing the autoholics run in a Pounder. There's the odd shitter that goes out to try and rob PF guns but they are an absolute minority of criminal characters. Stop chalking up your personal experiences on the server as what is happening everywhere all the time.
  15. Quite frankly, I'd rather the metallurgy stuff was gone and it was either cash payment for chopping, or purely components for the garage to profit off later on top of this change.
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