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  1. Use /mycontracts and your old contract will be there, and still active - /cancelcontract the ID it gives you then you'll be able to set it on your new contract phone.
  2. Reach out with contact details.
  3. Selling a Vapid Dominator ASP with Vapid Performance Package, aftermarket security system and a number of cosmetic changes. Looking for $110,000 or very near offer. Willing to trade with cash either way provided offered vehicles weren't made 20 years ago.
  4. I've set up two business channels on the new Sandy community for the unofficial group - one for openings and one for hiring. If there's a business desperately seeking staff they can post in there for people to know what sort of roleplay is going to come from it and where to apply IC. If you're one of the business owners reach out and I'll give you the proper groups.
  5. Austin Harvey is a 38 year old Caucasian man from Las Vegas, he has recently moved to Sandy Shores in an attempt to get closer to family members living in Los Santos who have broken off contact with him because of his past involvement in criminal activities. In his head, he thinks that his past was nullified when he stopped doing what he was doing, and he firmly believes that they will forgive and forget. Realistically this is never going to happen. In his past life, Austin was a well-known counterfeiter in Las Vegas, specialising in providing fake ID for underage gamblers in the city of sin. While creating fake driving licenses and identification cards was by far his most lucrative industry, he also maintained a regular side hustle creating counterfeit prescription slips for people online in states where marijuana is restricted to prescription holders. Austin spent around 5 years doing this actively before he discovered several of his counterfeits had been confiscated in a bar owned a former police officer. Several his younger, foreign customers had attempted to use them to drink in a bar that was known in the area to be frequented by local police officers off duty. In fear of the potential repercussions of his actions, Austin fled the state to prevent any investigation that stemmed from a previous customer providing his falsified name and the location he favoured for picking up money. Unfortunately, he had just invested the main bulk of his profits on new equipment that he had no hope of concealing in his car during his evacuation of Las Vegas, so he collected up what money he could and destroyed the various printers, and computers that were used in the act of forgery. Austin envisions a better life for himself in Sandy Shores, even though he only has a a sum of unlaundered money stashed in his car, and a second-hand Karin Dilittante to his name. He intends to stick to using his real name and stay away from nefarious types as he settles down and hopefully finds a full-time job. He is currently living out of his car which can typically be found parked up near the abandoned, dilapidated motel structure with some blankets and a cushion in the back seat. He currently only has one set of clothes so it’s easy enough to spot him as he always looks the same, just gradually filthier as he gets back on his feet to be able to justify buying more clothes, or find a laundrette. While he does not intend to get back into forgery, it is his only marketable skill so unless he finds suitable employment it is entirely possible that he could end up back in that trade.
  6. After almost four months of only playing an LEO on this server - I'm yet to personally see PHMC report a gunshot victim coming in alone, and they treat everything for free. I'm not sure what the benefit would be going to someone else at this point, especially if it'd lead to far more regulation in how a person is going to rp afterwards. (Which let's be serious, you wouldn't have a hope in being able to properly enforce unless you followed them about for a month lol)
  7. There is a plan for myself, @SOCRATES, @Hollywood Boulevard and @Inked to put something like this into fruition. As three of us were heavily involved in Carson back in the day, and the other understands the current landscape of county roleplay on this server better than the three of us, we are planning to put something forward that is a little more confined than the existing community discords - with a specific level of roleplay expectations to afford a better experience in these areas of the map. We'll ideally be forming up a group of people interested in playing characters who understand that the group will primarily be people playing characters who are not outright criminals, and who understand that getting your hand held to create roleplay doesn't really work in this environment so they will need to be capable of creating their own. Perfect world the leadership will do their best to keep things moving and plan things out for the day for their character in a way that allows others to just constantly join in, but we need people who can self-direct their character development without relying on a common goal such as an organised crime group would have. If this is something anyone is interested in getting in on the ground floor on, and you have a character, or plan for a character that you think would fit into a dynamic like this? Feel free to get in touch.
  8. Please, it's been 5 years since i played sa:mp, but i still do this first every single time.
  9. The way the motel script works, rooms are not only rented to one person. As @mana has explained the server rules mention that things left in motel inventories aren't protected and anyone can take anything that's in the room they are also renting.
  10. And to add to this - these rules didn't just come into LFM's heads one day for a laugh - there was a clear pattern of behaviour that was noticed either via reports or observation. They wouldn't have come back with that ruling if there wasn't evidence of it causing issues and harm to others in the server.
  11. also including special feature It is forbidden to mug anyone when: you're using a vehicle in an unplanned petty mugging for quick cash, unless admin approved; you've travelled miles away from your characters' residential anchor to mug someone;
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