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  1. Get a savegame with radio disabled. Or do it yourself by going to GTA online (NOT SP)
  2. Still for sale.
  3. First owner, roomy 5-door SUV with all the basic upgrades. 1200 miles on clock. 6.75L Twin-turbocharged V12, 8 speed automatic gearbox. 4WD. Price; $480,000 firm. Contact; ph #9250
  4. Fking hell I hope this gets taken seriously cuz I see tons of reasons why the server rp quality keeps going down. Imo admins should punish for unrealistic driving, its not that ricers every once in a while do 100 in the city but everyone does. Unrealistic af.
  5. Sounds good, I don't have much time today but tomorrow for sure. Gonna wait till Thursday with bids.
  6. Selling this lovely terraced house, peaceful area (Bay City Avenue). One bedroom, two floors. Fireplace, balcony etc you see on photos. Private parking lot under the house, fits 2 cars. Contact [email protected] or #55000 for viewing. Starting bid : 500,000$ Min. increase : 10,000$ Buyout : 850,000$
  7. Raisin

    [SOLD] L&A

    I'd like to see the place is person before bidding more. Number is.. 55000.
  8. Raisin

    [SOLD] L&A

    Wait so whats the buyout? 400 or 600 Either way offering 330
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