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  1. That was unnecessarily pedantic of you. Subway / Light Rail that goes under ground, you knew what I meant. We're on the same page and in agreement. I'll rephrase. If there is a way, ANYWAY to get a passenger train of SOME description, be it mods or the current one that's native to GTA 5, on both the track in the city and the one that goes out to Paleto then I think that would be awesome
  2. If the subway passenger train works on what's typically the "freight train" route then that would be awesome.
  3. And yet we have the cable car?! Don't be a negative Nancy.
  4. If it's NPC'd to allow a 24/7 service in the same way the cable car is then yes I'm all for it. Being player run would be awesome but you'd never guarantee a continuous service sadly.
  5. Hello, Rafi Habeeb from Habeeb Transport Union here. Since April-sh 2020 we've had recovery vehicles to tow the missing taxi's back to the depot. From an IC point of view Rafi would have learnt how to correctly load and strap vehicles. Over the two years i've done a few private recoveries for people on the side, I never advertised it as an official thing we do, but to IC friends etc because "Rafi has a tow truck." Fast forward to Janurary 2022 I was told ICly that SD had a towing contract on offer and since for the most part the towtrucks just sit around and do nothing. I thought it would be a great way to make use of our flatbed that spends 99 percent of it's life parked up and also to offer some extra ROLEPLAY. Anyone who's RP'd as a taxi driver knows that sometimes calls are very few and far between, I thought it would be a good way to encourage some extra RP and to offer it as a sort of career progression with in the company. Not /anyone/ in Habeeb Transport can take a towing call. Everyone who is put onto the towing contract undergoes a full background check ICly and is subject to a week of training. So to answer one of your questions we do fully hand pick and train the people we put on the SD contract. It's NOT open to anyone in the company. We even made a little training plan, this is for select drivers to do, for people looking to "move up the ladder" etc etc. It was done primarily to give us something more to RP in the dead hours of taxing. We even made a cute little guide: I didn't mean any harm by it or to piss anyone off by doing this or to overstep our reach as a company as I thought it was with in the sphere of transportation. If anyone from staff has any issues, just let me know and i'll stop towing at once. I am sorry if i've caused distress to anyone.
  6. ABOUT US: Established in Los Santos in 2017 Habeeb Taxi is the most well known taxi company in San Andreas. Habeeb Taxi offers fast, efficient and affordable transportation across the entire state of San Andreas. We strive to be the best, there any many aspects that set us apart from our competitors, using fixed fares, and talkative drivers, the residents and visitors know what to expect. Taking a Habeeb Taxi is an experience, a relaxing end to your day, an informative tour of the cities attractions OR a hilarious banter filled conversation on your way for a night out! In addition to the taxi service, we offer exclusive discrete no questions asked VIP transportation and soon to be offering regular adventure tours to small groups of thrill seekers. About the role: We are seeking a dedicated HR assistant to help recruit drivers and manage the day to day activities of the company. Your primary job role will be seek out and hiring new drivers into the company using a range of creative techniques. By posting regular advertisements and using more creative methods to hire. In addition to this we will at times need you to preform other basic HR duties such as resolving driver complaints, conflicts and queries regarding pay or raising any reported vehicle defects. While we understand the need for a work life balance we do expect you to be available and on call from time to time and to pay attention to the drivers taxi radio. Job duties: • Actively recruiting and hiring new drivers to the company. • Staying in constant communication with the owners and other manages of the business. • Managing day to day operations of the business and ensuring drivers are adhering to our procedures. • Reporting any defects with taxi's to management • Preforming basic HR duties, such as resolving driver disputes, conflicts, pay roll issues, keeping company records up to date. • Actively advertise the company and services to members of the public, • Supporting on shift drivers by being a point of contact on the radio and either resolving or passing on any problems to management • Be flexible and being able to assist on tour groups and in other areas of the business and sister businesses if required (Nut Buster Kebab & Koffee, Xhoti, etc) • Being flexible and to assist the owner with any other duties and requests that may arise on an ad-hoc basis. About you: • Must be at least 18 years old • Valid San Andreas driving license • Must posses High School Diploma/GED (or equivalent) • Good social skills, you must be a people person • Right to work in the United States • Self motivated and the ability to motivate others • Share the passion and the Habeeb vision • Previous experience in a similar role is ideal but not mandatory as full training provided • Flexible and available when needed Benifits: • Free transportation at any time • Use of certain company vehicles for personal matters • Free food and beverages at our sister businesses • Discounted beverage at The Blue Lion • Performance based bonus scheme • Company radio provided on top of what was listed we like to have fun as much as the rest of the city. For your handwork and dedication you will become an integral part of the company and automatically invited to any events at our sister businesses. Being a manager at a high profile company like Habeeb comes with rewards and networking opportunities you never thought possible. One day you could be sitting on a roof eating shawarma with Habeeb and Ramy, the next day you could be sitting in a private hot tub in La Spada with the elite of Los Santos. This isn't your regular 9-5 job. Salary: $4,000 per hour BASIC + a $3,000 per driver hiring bonus. If you think you're right for the job do not hesitate to call #1010 or click APPLY or EMAIL - [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) a copy of your résumé and a short covering letter explaining why you think you'd be a good fit for Habeeb Taxi and what you'd bring to the company. Disclaimer: We reserve the right to refuse your application at any time during the application stage with out reason. Employment is "at will" and subject to termination by either party at any time. (( The use of discord is needed to help us keep track of new employee's, very very basic data entry on discord ))
  7. I fully agree with the suggestion. I want to say FUCK on discord, please and thank you. This is GTA not Roblox.
  8. There's a market for this? Hmmmm. 🤔🤑🤔
  9. Ah, a taste of what it's like to be a taxi driver.
  10. No. That would be powergaming, Rafi doesn't talk quietly.
  11. I should have hourly rewards. My RP is second to none.
  12. I disagree with the removal. I feel as if people are looking for things to be "disgusted with." It's all IC, you surely can't be genuinely offended by this.
  13. What if the vote isn't to see what we think Panda Points are, but the vote is to determine if they actually will be fake or not?
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