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  1. I'm a legal RPer. I do not feel disrespected.
  2. I usually play at night time so it's easier to be immersed when it's night, since everyone would be realistically sleeping?
  3. I think it just makes sense as /getfuelconsumption shows MPG and gallons for example. I understand the argument of "but the non Americans," that's why you got the KM/H option, but if the speedo is displayed in MPH then I think the fuel should be displayed in gallons.
  4. Detailed Description Display fuel quantity in GALLONS. In America, fuel is sold in GALLONS not liters. Relevant Commands/Items dunno How will it benefit the server? Immersion and FREEDOM
  5. But we all know it's not fear RP to shoot back like this LOL
  6. Name: Rafi Rating: - 5/5 Comment: Great location near highway, selling lots of products, international and local, lots of parking. The best grocery store in San Andreas,
  7. Why are people in the PD getting offended and upset that we're asking for a different system? No one is suggesting you don't put effort into processing the application, but you're defending a system that isn't fit for purpose rather than coming to the conclusion "hmm, this does suck, it does take a lot of time and effort, maybe we could have a better system that makes everyones lives easier." Sure the exam isn't inherently hard, but it's cumbersome and time consuming for a game. I assume very few people ENJOY logging onto your FLD website, writing an application and trying to justify why their character should even own a gun, making up false scenarios and then stressing if it'll get accepted. Very few people enjoy doing this after a long hard day of work/school etc. Most people just want to log on and play the game, not jump through hoops for something so basic and let's be honest, i'm going to make an assumption here, i'm sure you guys in FLD would much prefer being IN GAME also! We shouldn't derail this and make this thread and make it about should civilians have guns. We live in a Republican run state with a crime level higher than Haiti and South Africa. Realistically, we'd be allowed to open carry our AR15's like in Texas or Montana... but this is a whole different argument.
  8. I'm against this, if you have a group of 10 people hiding out in the woods, you don't want suddenly that to show up as an active area on the UCP if you're out in the county. /badblips already point people into areas of commerce and where activity is.
  9. Gotta think of it as writing a movie script rather than a novel!
  10. I have mixed feelings because IRL people would foritify their homes like in South Africa: A quick drive on Street View in Joburg will show plenty of examples. But since we CAN'T physically secure our houses like the above examples, maybe we should introduce some restricted crime zones for the PROPERTY themselves, NOT the streets. On the other hand I don't like limitations on RP, maybe let us legally buy assult rifles, that's another good option too.
  11. I don't understand the "we have evidence of why we think your character is bad, but we're not allowed to show you." People can take things that are said completely out of context with selective editing of screen shots and paint a very different narrative, especially since it's hard to convey tone and context over text as it is.
  12. Nope, but my game almost crashes when I EXIT an interior. Happening a lot lately in the last month. Never happened before.
  13. I could think of nothing worse than sitting down at my computer after a long hard day of work IRL to write an RPQM report about someone because I don't like that they have a super car or wearing cat ears. We have guns IG for this reason do we not?
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