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  1. This is assuming it ever comes out...............
  2. I think this also boils down to a lack of the information/ infrastructure for this type of detailed roleplay. As said above, there’s no class bravo airspace for LSIA (or really any airspace designations aside from restricted airspace), no published standard approach, standard taxi, standard instrument approach, etc. Blaine Aviation does have their manuals and lessons which they do a great job at but in the end nobody is going to make you a certified flight simmer. If we’re going to start having FAA style investigations into pilot deviation this kind of info needs to be out there and I’m not sure if we want to go full Flight Simulator 2020 here. A balance should be struck - confusions are bound to occur, like the touch and go scenario. It’s an easy mistake for someone just brushing up on the landing types to make and it would not be fun or beneficial to the server to yoink licenses because someone confused taxiway Alpha for Alpha 1. If there’s proper groundwork for what will and will not be enforced and expected of pilots, and the above is addressed, then I would be in favor of giving the Aviation Authority some power. I would just hate for it to sour aviation RP and scare people away by being too daunting.
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