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  1. @Lomadias @Cheezy Thanks! 😄
  2. I think the biggest problem with this suggestion is that if such a thing existed every single criminal RPer would just tune directly into the station when they suspect they'll get into a pursuit. Pretty rare for criminals in the real world to be toting around police scanners because as was said before TAC channels are encrypted but also it just wouldn't be that useful. In the real world pursuits don't go 120+ mph through city streets you'd have traffic to contend with. Just wouldn't functionally be a great idea sadly.
  3. I definitely think the standard for a CK to be approved needs to be fairly high. CKing someone over some pretty simple beef, or just because someone called the cops on a character who is actively breaking into your home and what not isn't really conducive to great RP. I think that a high standard on CK applications should exist to ensure that CKs aren't just throwing out someones character development over something that in the grand scheme of things wasn't very important or even very well roleplayed. Especially since some CKs are most definitely OOCly motivated rather than ICly motivated.
  4. I can kinda see why they keep it in since many people don't really roleplay drawing their firearms at least that way there is some form of text stating that a weapon has been drawn. I do think the Animation look similar to other animations and it probably would lead to even more shootings since people would just always assume its a weapon. It's probably best for the text to stay in, but I can definitely see the issues with people meta-gaming the text when they shouldn't even ICly be able to see it. Probably best to just report in those situations.
  5. Mediva

    Buff SMG

    Completely agree with this suggestion. The SMG needs some love.
  6. Together, we rise Dear members of the public. The Department is proud to announce two important messages. We have established a new community station at Vespucci Beach. The station will serve as a way for members of the community to reach officers in the area with their concerns. Its establishment will lead to a higher presence in the area, ensuring a higher level of safety for visitors of the beach and nearby residents. The Department has been aware of the rising crime rate at Vespucci Beach and has taken appropriate measures to combat the problem. During the month of October, citizens of Los Santos may be able to see a specific vehicle in white-pink color with a pink ribbon painted on its hood. The purpose is to point out the topic of breast cancer. Do not underestimate the danger of breast cancer. Breast cancer prevention is no exception. Our Department actively takes part in the awareness program. For example, officers working from Mission Row Station are holding a fundraiser. We are aware that many women are truly unable to afford mammography services. We are here for you. Written by Lukas Schneider
  7. Chief Goodwater's Appointment Ceremony On 19th August 2021, at 20:00, several members from government agencies accompanied by members of the public gathered at Galileo Observatory to witness the swearing-in ceremony of Chief Branch Goodwater. Chief Goodwater is the 59th Chief of Police. Chief has been with the Department for many years. Working his way up from being a patrol officer, to his promotion as Assistant Commanding Officer of the Air Support Division as a Sergeant. Chief successfully became Lieutenant and led the Air Support Division to what it is today, eventually rising through the ranks of Captain, Commander and Deputy Chief, leading our Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau. Chief has served this city and its people well. His experience and passion make him beyond qualified to represent our Department and the men and women who have sworn to protect and serve. The Department would like to thank Mayor Marcus Cambridge, City Operations Officer Robert Strenge, City Treasurer Isaac Kerner, President Pro Tempore of the Senate Noah Wade, and Senator Adrian Rossi for attending on behalf of the City and State. Deputy Fire Chief David Sullivan and Battalion Chief Kurt Holland with Los Santos Fire Department. Chief Fire Marshal Jordan Wright with State Fire Marshal's Office. Superintendent David Lawson and Commander Roan Gellar with the San Andreas Park Rangers. Especially for their enormous presence and support. Presiding Justice James Connelly and District Attorney Melanie Cromwell with Judiciary of San Andreas. Director Danielle Shaw with Pillbox Hill Medical Center. Chief Goodwater, we are looking forward to seeing the Department grow under your leadership. Thank you for what you have done as yet for the Department and especially the City. Written by Lukas Schneider.
  8. I get a pretty big FPS loss in the county around Banham Canyon, Mount Vinewood, and other areas where there are lots of trees. Also seeing pretty decent frame loss in the city around jamestown and mirror park.
  9. Chief Goodwater's Appointment Ceremony The Los Santos Police Department would hereby like to invite the community to the Appointment Ceremony of Chief Branch Goodwater. The ceremony will take place on 19th August 2021, at Galileo Observatory at 8:00 PM (20:00) ((Server time)). Press is highly encouraged to attend as well as members from our sister agencies. Public event. Location Written by Lukas Schneider.
  10. Username: tacticoolcop Comment: Not surprised by this. Lights are frequently seen in the county; if you don't think visitors are here you're not paying attention.
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