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  1. As much as I find amusement with this misfortune, I do agree it would be good so not everyone and their nan has PTSD of the time their car fell on them from the sky. (I spawn my car and run away personally)
  2. Lilypad

    Habbo RP

    I wanted to try Habbo RP, but was put off after finding a daycare and the excessive amount of w's being added to words. I managed a little on some retro servers though, that wasn't so bad.
  3. Transaction complete, good to L&A!
  4. Thank you for the offers of trade - unfortunately the sale is due to expenses, but thank you regardless! Accepting buyout offer - contact will be 63619305.
  5. Vapid Caracara 4x4 SB: $80,000 BO: $95,000
  6. My apologies, the property has been sold but thank you for the interest!
  7. Accepting BO, will be contacting shortly.
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