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  1. @Gamble Rohan explained the rule pretty well. However, it's not LFM that decides who can handle these breakins. This is something that staff management/management would have to look into.
  2. LEGAL FACTION PROPERTIES LEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT Information Legal factions expand and grow over time, and to aid in that process, Legal Faction Management works alongside Property Management to make that process easier for everyone involved. Legal Factions need properties for different reasons, and as such we have put together a list of properties that may be requested through the LFM Properties process. Examples: Office Space; Training grounds; Safehouses; General expansions; Regulations This is strictly made for Official Legal Factions, i.e factions that have been approved and have made it past the unofficial groups process. Keep in mind that you may be told to go through the normal property requests process if we deem it more appropriate or if Property Management requests it. Some properties may be set up as leases and some may be set up as owned properties, this will be discussed between LFM and PM to come to a conclusion on what is more appropriate for the property in question. Properties set up through this process are to remain in the faction, and should the faction shut down, the properties will be returned to Property Management. Application & Process After you have submitted your request, it will be looked over by your faction handler and they will investigate whether it's appropriate or not. If the handler is happy with the request, it will be forwarded to PM for a joint discussion with them and for their approval. The request may be denied at any stage in the process, by LFM or PM. You may be asked for clarification on certain parts during the process if the handler or PM have any questions. Please send this to your faction handler as well as LFM leadership in a Forum PM. Title: [Faction] Property Request - [Type]
  3. 26 MAR 2022 Individual One-Time Funding Scheme - https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/71696-lfm-individual-one-time-funding-requests/ Individuals can now request funding from LFM if they wish to roleplay unique, creative concepts that lack script support for financial profit. More information found on the link above. Feedback Survey - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1lT9ktBALua5jbM2O8vP9VBOfnBNQnHEk-Hx3PQbbD6FL9Q/viewform LFM is still collecting feedback from the community on ways to improve the team and what everyone would like to see from us. We urge you to fill out the form if you haven't already, regardless of what your main avenue of rolelpay is. The feedback we have gotten already has helped us make numerous changes that have proven to be favorable by the community and we aim to continue to do so. Business / Faction Budget Requests Closing - https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/42001-faction-business-budget-requests-open/ On April 1st, we will be closing all new budget requests for 1 month, until May 1st. This is to ensure that our focus is given to the new individual funding scheme we have released, and to keep on top of the numerous requests we are getting on a daily basis, as well as direct our focus towards the other projects, ideas, and changes we're working on. If you are an existing business/faction budget holder, this does not apply to you. You will receive your payments as normal. 3 New Government Bills introduced - https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/353-san-andreas-state-laws/ Gang Injunction Act of 2022 Trespass Regulations Against Mischievous Persons Act of 2022 Shopkeeper's Privilege Act of 2022 Senate Elections - https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/71752-official-election-information/ The elections will begin during the month of April. A detailed schedule is in the link above. The voting will be held on the UCP on a panel that will be introduced in April, when the elections begin. Similar to the elections held nearly a year ago, this is an exciting time for the entire community that will impact everyone's roleplay and should be an engaging experience. We encourage everyone to read about it and get involved by voting, or even running for the elections. The elections are open for the public, meaning anyone can run as long as they have a good admin record, an appropriate character, etc. New Addition to the Team - Soup has recently joined LFM and we are sure he'll prove to be an invaluable member of the team. β€” LFM Moving Forward - Recently, Legal Faction Management has adopted a completely new approach as a team. We were once a reactive team, and in some aspects, we still are, but we aim to become a fully proactive team, pushing forward new changes and updates that will impact the community as a whole in a positive manner. These changes will be both internal and external. Organization and Handling Things in a Timely Manner - As many of you who have sent in faction reports, requests, or have had any form of communication with LFM, you'll know that sometimes it would takes us weeks and even months to handle certain things. While some issues do need time to be resolved and looked at, they do not need months and weeks. As a team, we are now constantly staying on top of our work, spreading out the workload in a much more efficient manner, and working together to respond to people and handle requests/reports in a timely manner. We have caught up on all our budget requests and have cleared out the majority of the reports that were pending. Moving forward, one of our priorities is to avoid letting the work stack up, and instead, we're handling things as they come in. Our Stance Against Toxicity - Moving forward, LFM and Faction Management as a whole will no longer be tolerating toxicity, bashing, and IC/OOC mixing of beef. Our zero tolerance policy will result in punishments if need be, and will no longer be handled lightly. This applies to Discords, in-game faction chats, and any other GTA:W platform. We have seen a much better stance from factions and faction leaders against this recently, and we're aiming to keep that going. Working Closely with Other Subteams - As a team, we are going to be working a lot more closely with other subteams, such as Property Management, RPQM, and of course IFM which we have always worked closely with. As we push for closer connections with other subteams, this brings along a lot more benefits for us and for the community as well. Things such as LFM Properties are currently being discussed, and we have set up a closer line of communication with RPQM to receive feedback from them regarding legal factions and their members.
  4. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” NOTICEBOARD β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” LEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT This thread will be updated with important changes regarding legal factions and any notable information and can be used in reference to any current updates. It is highly recommended you follow this thread in order to get notifications when an announcement has been made, this may apply to all players regardless of their faction status. β€” Head of legal Faction Management: @Sharvit β€” Senior legal Faction Management: @Phased β€” Legal Faction Management: @Hood @Nora @JayPeezy @Mediva @cxn @Gigabyte β€” Legal Faction Management Support: Notes from LFM β€” Updated 01-AUG-2022 We are actively working on improving our infrastructure and wait / response times, this is expected to gradually improve over time. Most recent announcement β€” Updated 01-AUG-2022 01/AUG/2022 Hi everyone! July has been an eventful month as we have a fair few things to mention. Firstly we would like to give a big shout out to the team, they have done a fantastic job this month and their continued hard work shows in volumes. We would like to give an exceptional mention to @Red. this month who has shown a great level of dedication, willingness and fortitude, Red has been extremely active in a lot of lengthy discussions between factions which has been nothing short of outstanding. @Hood has also done exceptional this month, Hood has really stepped up as a newer member of LFM and it doesn't go unnoticed, amazing work this month! Promotions and New Additions - @Viscaria - Legal Faction Management - Senior Legal Faction Management @Hood - Legal Faction Management Support - Legal Faction Management @onefortyseven - Legal Faction Management Support Updates & Changes - A bunch of MDC updates are now live courtesy of @Biscuit, thanks for your hard work! - Implementation of a Permission Management System for Faction Leadership. - Ability to define certain warrants as "Sealed" or "Unsealed" (can only be viewed by issuing department). - "WANTED" bar that will show up on the very top of a person's record. - Many more bug fixes. Faction helicopters can now utilize the helicam if not in an LEO faction, this must be approved and added by us manually. Courtesy of @Strobe, thanks! A new bail system along with a penal code reform has been recently approved by LFM after an extensive discussion, this is currently awaiting approval from management. We're currently discussing some changes and new methods in order to improve our infrastructure to make it more accessible to both players and our team, we're expecting this to improve wait times and be less confusing to players, some of this new infrastructure has been actively worked on this month and people can expect to see gradual improvements until we get to where we would like to be in this regard, more will become apparent regarding this as more is changed and improved. Funding Requests - We've had significant improvements this month in regards to the response time of funding requests and expect this to continue to improve in the future. We would like to congratulate the factions and concepts that have been accepted this month once again and we hope to see your roleplay shine further with the help of this funding. We've seen some wonderfully thought out concepts and roleplay surrounding some of these and look forward to seeing more from everyone. Funding requests are still currently open. Faction Video Competition 2022 - We have seen some amazing submissions this far, Los Santos Sheriff's Department keeping their cool in high tense situations especially when chasing a group of women, Los Santos Fire Department showcasing multiple sides of the roleplay on offer after watching TopGun and Baywatch, Hang Ten Adventures making their return to the server in style and offering their clientele a meal with killer whales, Our newest official faction San Andreas Motor Racing Association showing the server how they "roll", Prestige showing off their fashion statements and a life of luxury as successful models and are currently hiring poodles specifically, San Andreas Park Rangers displaying their hot dance moves, chasing fidget spinners and engaging the dangers of wildlife "Augh!... shoot it!", ULSA showing the daily lives of university students and some strange girls front-flipping down a waterfall, Los Santos Police Department made a great video matching real life audio with in-game scenarios and showcasing some high tense situations, nice job LAPD. All lighthearted jokes aside, every single video submission has been nothing but outstanding, all of these videos makes me want to get involved with each faction and regardless of who wins the competition I hope you're all proud to be a part of your respective factions as every one of these submissions gives me shivers and brings me joy to be a part of Legal Faction Management. Los Santos Sheriff's Department Los Santos Fire Department Hang Ten Adventures San Andreas Motor Racing Association Prestige Global Network San Andreas Park Rangers University of Los Santos, San Andreas Los Santos Police Department Legal Faction Leader Statements - This month we reached out to legal faction leaders albeit short notice this month giving them the chance to give a brief statement with any significant progress, news, updates or changes. In no particular order; Aurum Energy - "We've had a busy month this month and a few things have come our way. First being LFM monthly funding which is a huge milestone for us. Secondly the Polmav w/ custom livery!. Thirdly a new livery for the Speedo. Fourth thing is the wage script. Finally we have added the security buffalo's to our garage. Been a great month, shout out to Hood for putting up with our requests!" Prestige Global Network - "PGN has been thriving these past few months, new members coming, we purchased Bobcat Security and more. The standard of roleplay overall has been exciting and fulfilling, where now we're somewhat of a family rather than just a usual co-operation. We gather together every so often and build general social roleplay and with outside friends and family, like creating small events like pool-parties, barbecues, gatherings and more. The creative roleplay our members have been producing has been amazing and it's only getting better. The main focus now is to be consistent and expand on the more public view for the faction. We're planning for more public / open events that create more immersive and unique roleplay for everyone to participate in, this is just the beginning." Los Santos News Network - "K-LSN is not just the only, but in fact the leading local tv channel with a market reach of average 12% for /news broadcasts. The idea is not just appeal to a niche, but create a program where there's something for everyone at one point. This is why the channel recently has ventured strongly into the e-sector with talk shows such as OG Talk with Reezy and The Boombox with Miss.O!. The respective shows are nightlife and street-themed, more are soon to follow. Nextby we're not forgetting the information-sector either, with the Evening News as pillar of the program since now nine months again. Thanks to 92 viewers during the Davis riots (top count for this month) and for watching in general."
  5. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Non-Lethal Weapon Requests β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” LEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT Certain concepts or groups may require access to non-lethal weapons that are not otherwise available through the script in-game. At the current time Legal Faction Management provides the following types of non-lethal weapons through this scheme: Batons / Nightsticks. Groups and concepts that may apply for these weapons are as follows: Security Companies. Rules surrounding these non-lethal weapons are as follows: A minimum of 10 of the non-lethal weapons must be requested. Batons / Nightsticks may be resold; however, they may only be sold to characters in possession of a Guard Card. Written approval from the Los Santos Police Department’s Firearms and Licensing Division must be sought prior to the request. Non-lethal weapon may only be supplied to staff related to your own group or concept if they also possess a Guard Card. The minimum time to wait between each request is 60 days for official factions, and 80 days for other businesses. Requests may be made by sending a Forum PM to @Sharvit and @Phased utilizing the following format:
  6. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Individual One-Time Funding Requests β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” LEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT We understand the need for more niche individual roleplay requiring a method to obtain funds due to a lack of script support, and as such as offer the opportunity for these types of characters to apply for individual funding. Examples of this could include Influencers, Streamers, Youtubers, Athletes, Musicians, Artists, Actors, and many more. There is scrutiny to this process, and jobs, industries, or concepts where a character/player could feasibly make ends meet on the server without this support may be subject to denial. In-depth roleplay and development are expected to be demonstrated for persons involved in this scheme. Rules 1 - You may only apply for a budget/payment on the same character once every 3 months. 2 - We will only offer these budgets to people who take their roleplay seriously and create unique and fun roleplay for the community as a whole, rather than just NPC their roleplay. 3 - You need to show consistent activity on the character you're applying for the funding on. 4 - The amount we give you may not always be the amount you request, we will take into consideration how long your character has been in the trade for, their fame, their status, etc. 5 - We will not provide funding for concepts that can make money in-game. This should only be a last resort after you had already attempted to generate money through IC means. 6 - The money you receive will be roleplayed as payments from the job you're doing or whatever makes sense IC for the concept you're taking part in. 7 - All applications are subject to a full review by the Budgeting Team. There is no guarantee a Budget Request will be accepted, all decisions are final. Application Please fill out the form below and send it to @Sharvit and @Phased and we'll get back to you with any questions we've got or an answer:
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