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  1. Looking to purchase a house in the city of Los Santos. Budget is not a problem. Please contact me via phone at 44775 or, via e-mail at [email protected] ((Forum PM / Discord Drop#4732)). Also interested in other properties, contact if you have any.
  2. Would like to schedule a viewing, please contact me at 44557 or via e-mail at [email protected] ((forum PM))
  3. Name: Jason Hills Phone: 44557 Bid: 1,100,000$
  4. I have one for sale located in Morningwood at Elgin House Apartment Building. The apartment has two bedrooms and is located on floor thirteen. Selling price is $200.000. We could schedule a viewing if interested, please reach me over e-mail ((Forum PM)) or at 44557.
  5. Drophd

    [4SALE] Comet SR

    One hundred thousand.
  6. As there have been no other offers, I am offering two hundred thousand for the Carbonizzare. Get back to me if interested.
  7. Offering a Dominator GTX for either the Elegy or Comet. Can add some cash to the deal if interested.
  8. I will get it off you for 250.
  9. Drophd


  10. Willing to pay three hundred, if interested please leave me your contact details.
  11. Drophd


    One hundred twenty thousand.
  12. Drophd


    $100.000 over here.
  13. Willing to buy the car for 100 thousand if not sold yet! Contact me over at 1901596 if available.
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