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  1. Added San Andreas Avenue Apartments - Lobby.
  2. Wanting to upgrade my house for a better one in Mirror Park. I am willing to add decent amount of cash on top for an upgrade. It has CCTV installed inside, comes with a large garage. It has a good view of the lake. This is not for sale.
  3. I have seen Mission Row Station in-game, amazing work so far.
  4. Glunar


    Is license custom?
  5. Auction closed, winner is @roymar
  6. Bidding will be closing in 2 hours. Highest Bidder: $110.000 (( @roymar @Noir ))
  7. Current highest bid is: $103.000 by @Noir, sale will be ended in 24 hours if nobody bid higher.
  8. Starting Bid: $90.000 Buyout: $140.000
  9. Added 1235 Mirror Park Boulevard.
  10. It's Framed Female Picture with Wall Art.
  11. Thank you so much! It makes me happy to see comments like this. 😃
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