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  1. ☑️ Bid acknowledged. Please, email your business plan to [email protected] before your bid can be verified and processed. (( Forum PM me your business plan. ))
  2. ⚠️ You have been outbid. ☑️ Bid acknowledged.
  3. The Cherry Popper Starting bid will be $400,000 Increase bid is set at $5,000 Buyout price is $750,000 (This listing will close on the 1st of February, 2021 - Unless buyout has been reached) Detail Cozy and authentic ice-cream parlor from the known franchise The Cherry Popper, located on the Del Perro Pier alongside the Del Perro Beach. I'm selling this business since I am more occupied with other errands these days. If you are interested in purchasing this establishment, make sure you are able to provide the seller with a business
  4. Short description: Providing options through UCP to file account issues, donation issues, refund requests, player reports, staff reports and other. Detailed description: Easily accessible click and plug options where formats pop up and will be listed accordingly in a private section that is only visible for administrators, the reporting party, and possible witnesses that would be subscribed to certain reports if deemed by administrators. Commands to add: Not Applicable. Items to add: Not applicable. How would your suggestion improve the server?: This would make it e
  5. https://prnt.sc/winiw4 We're seeking a professional, curious, passionate, driven, creative, and exciting bartender to join our team. Are you looking for some quick money, with availability for part-time and full-time work? Stop by or reach out now! Salary: + $5000/h Average time per opening: 2 HOURS Job Description Qualifications: * Must be at least 21 years of age. Responsibilities: * Properly handle all cash payments * Enforce all liquor laws * Verify and account all inventory * Maintain proper sanitation of work area * Follow pro
  6. Price adjusted. $650,000 firm.
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