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  1. WANTED A house or trailer. Preference goes to the following locations within the County. - Paleto Bay; - Sandy Shores; - Stab City; - Harmony (Other locations are considered) House; - Two bedroom; - Dining area; - Garage/Driveway; - Garden (optional); - Furnished/Unfurnished Trailer; - Furnished/Unfurnished; - Anything will be considered Contact information; PH# 06080988 / Email [email protected] (( @CobraEleven ))
  2. You can come pick it up for $270K. Contact me on 053 62 622.
  3. Albany Presidente V-STR (( Out of Character ))
  4. Offering $475,000 for your Ocelot Pariah.
  5. Offering $475.000 for your Classic Cheetah.
  6. Still hiring. Also looking for musicians/comedians of all sorts for live performances on stage. Reach out to us privately!
  7. All sold. Can be locked and archived.
  8. White Obey Argento has been sold. Black Obey Argento has been sold.
  9. Hi there! Not here to argue your fun away, but it is definitely something that bothers me. This is one of those days that something catches your attention after being put in a situation where complaints had been made by a party about insufficient roleplay in regards to injuries, while all they participated in was smashing their left mouse-button repeatedly during a fist-fight with little to no roleplay emotes whatsoever. Especially after instigating the so-called ''brawl'' in an open business, while being surrounded by a large number of other players that are trying to actually enjoy their time in our community, they suddenly get swung at without even having to be involved in said situation. Pretty annoying, right? While I have no problem with brawls when they are for events such as martial arts, boxing, or involve illegal circles where beat-ups are required behind closed doors? Go right ahead. But when your character has an issue with another player's character inside a club, lounge, or restaurant and you instigate a brawl over properly roleplaying out the emotes to have a fair game for both parties rather than having 18 year-olds knock over someone twice his age, is sad and unfortunate to see on this community. More depth, in regards of this particular situation... it was handled very well by the administrators, however, other than it being a petty reason to take the entire bar hands up there aren't any rules whatsoever to promote roleplay over scenarios like those and heavily kick down the roleplay standards I believe we would like to achieve. With that said, prohibiting ''brawls'' from happening in public areas would be ultimately the best solution, and at the very least have all parties involved to agree so they know in what kind of cluster-f*ck situation they will get themselves into. Personally, it is displeasing and uncomfortable to see everyone in the room running around while they swing about like a chicken without a head. 4) Deathmatching Killing another player without or with poor reason (or roleplay) to do so. This also includes you provoking others, followed by performing aggressive actions such as shooting, fighting or killing and (or) the provoked party ending up dead. A character may only run over (ram) another player over if a character's life is at risk. This should not be done excessively A fist-fight (brawl without roleplay emotes) may only take place if all parties involved give consent to such scenario. A fist-fight must be put in roleplay emotes at all times at crowded locations such as open businesses. E.G. Shooting at a player because he is black and your character hates people from Afro American backgrounds. Calling a player names for them to come after you so you can shoot them. .Instigating a fist-fight with or without poor reason or roleplay to do so, without consent.
  10. We're currently hiring bartenders and security officers! Experience is preferred but we welcome fast learners! Are you looking for some quick money, with availability for part-time and full-time work? Stop by or reach out now! Signing up with Pipeline's bar staff and Security Team means you get to work at our distinctive lounge with colleagues we treat as our family! And the best part is, you don't have to work EVERY.. DAMN.. DAY! We're seeking a professional, curious, passionate, driven, creative, and exciting bartenders and security officers to join our team. Average time per opening: 2 HOURS Average Salary: $5000/HOUR + *BONUS Job Description - Bartender Qualifications: * Must be at least 21 years of age. Responsibilities: * Properly handle all cash payments * Enforce all liquor laws * Verify and account all liquor inventory * Maintain proper sanitation of work area * Follow proper safety practices in the work area * Provide pleasant and efficient service to customers Duties: * Reports to location at mutually agreed time in unified clothes * Prepares all beverage items for sale at location * Sells to customers, charging amount indicated on menu * Receives and handles cash payments professionally * Accurately verifies all cash and liquor inventory with supervisors * Follows all rules and regulations which apply to the beverage operation * Requests identification for every guest purchasing liquor (If under 27) * Performs other related duties as assigned by owner Job Description - Security Staff Qualifications: * Must be at least 21 years of age. * Must be in possession of Guard Card. * Must be in possession of Personal Firearms License. Responsibilities - Doorman: * Positioned at all doors wearing a distinctive uniform. * They are well-trained for the post and knows every regulation. * Must maintain control of access and venue entry lines. * ID verification for legal age prior to admission. * Verify prior to entry that the person is not obviously intoxicated. * Verify that the person is not carrying a weapon or contraband. * Use an optional metal detector or pat-down or bag search. * Enforce the dress code and refuse objectionable attire. * Refuses admission to known troublemakers. * Direct communication with bouncers and management. * Access and egress control and fire safety duties. * Calls the police to report criminal acts, as required. Responsibilities - Bouncer: * Work primarily inside of a venue or at the door. * Patrols exterior and parking lot sometimes. * Wear a distinctive uniform and is highly visible. * Positioned in a room with an unobstructed view. * Monitor patron behavior and level of intoxication. * Enforce venue rules often with early warnings. * Removes obnoxious and offensive persons. * Always professional when asking patrons to leave. * Implement a policy to ban persons who like to fight. * Use force only in self-defense or detention for police. * Calls the police to enforce criminal acts, as required. If interested in one of those jobs, you may email us with the format below on [email protected] (( Forum PM @CobraEleven & @rasbruu )) --- TITLE: Pipeline Inn | Bartender/Security Application - Name Pipeline Inn Great Ocean Highway Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos <Today's Date> <Your Name> <Your Address> <Letter of interest, feel free to go wild here with ambitions, interests, hobbies, previous experiences, strengths and weaknesses and most importantly, why you want this job.>
  11. Bid format (Example) Name: John Doe Vehicle color: Black/Grey Phone number: #123-456-78 Comment:
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