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  1. Aside from this type of abuse needing to be a permaban, quite easily, considering the clear malicious intent, this could be a thing. However, as this can only be intentional, I'd prefer seeing a system where the commands in prison are logged specifically so abuse can be dealt with more appropriately and players involved in it banned.
  2. this should be against the rules tbh. (Sounds like power gaming to me, so it already is) You can’t retcon claim an entire neighborhood that did not have your gang present, we’re almost 5 years into the server at this point.
  3. No. Don't define common sense, raise the standard. And no, you can't hold someone at "Brassknuckle- Baseballbat- wrench-point".
  4. wouldn't call that reliance, point is simple, you need to give people time to type their response. If you can't wait 2 minutes, chances are your character was stupid enough to risk too much or the player is just impatient and doesn't want the interaction to carry any sort of weight and value for development.
  5. 2 minutes is fair enough, this is text roleplay, stop rushing everything. people might need to look something up, translate something real quick, etc, even during situations. Nametags shouldn't need to become like sirens.
  6. I find this quite odd. Considering they would ICly not have gotten the items if they roleplayed properly (robbery against the rules for example) or ICly have lost the items if the situation had played out ("losing power or wifi or computer crashing" at the most opportune moment), or OOCly cannot be trusted with an item if they use it to DM for example. Isn't the first thing that comes to mind correcting ownership of things they gained or kept unrealistically? Maybe that's just me. Even with a harsher punishment you hand out, the items should still be removed, in 100% of proven cases of logging to avoid or deathmatching etc. Otherwise, like you said, there's always those that see a benefit in it.
  7. Honestly, this just comes with the territory of having to punish much harsher. Certainly when it's a recurring issue with a player, just make it an account wide full asset wipe when punishing. If they leave the server because of that? Nothing of value was lost.
  8. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. In fairness. If it realistically should be easier, make it easier. If people can't behave on the server, there's other means of dealing with that.
  9. Rule 2 - Powergaming Never heard of this one and don't immediately see why you can't, as long as you're not using it to actually be in a conversation with others, we're not on a voice RP server. As long as it's hyping up or something there's nothing wrong with it. But you might as well prerecord stuff like that for your own benefit in that sort of RP. There's something to be said this skirts on metagaming if you use your own voice though. Heard of copyright? Has nothing to do with the server. The world exists, you're going to get called out by people for claiming someone else's work. Since the original artists can't ICly sue you, I would classify this under rule 2 as well.
  10. You cannot write everything down, it will cause people (like you are now tbh) to say: it wasn't in the rules. The natural standard of roleplay should be high enough for players to use their brain and exhibit common sense.
  11. Honestly, if a player even needs OOC rules to know that's an extremely dumb location for crime, they are already far below the standard of roleplay we should have on the server. Proper punishment can help a lot in these situations. "But I roleplay a dumb criminal" is also an absolutely atrocious excuse. It's a thinly veiled argument to ignore rules and basically copbait, maybe not through doing donuts to provoke a chase but still in forcing interactions towards you that aren't necessarily natural.
  12. No, been discussed before. If this is needed, that just shows how low the standard of the server has become. Deal with the low quality of roleplay through reports and rule enforcement instead of stooping to the level of needing a crappy alias system, which this suggestion entails pretty much.
  13. Not going to happen. It will lead to powergamed stash Tugs, Marquis and RVs (RVs work the same) that get powergamed to all hell. (these will be impossible to strike against because of /vp) There's a reason vehicles with weapons in them can't be /vp'd. And yes I'm sure people find ways around this by abusing automatic despawn or server restarts. Detail: RVs, Tugs and Marquis interiors don't work the same as other properties, they're temporarily usable and don't get saved.
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